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i found a few good ones by marco bucci. they're kind of helpful but i'm sure there is so much more i can learn about this.

I found pic related, and i feel so inspired. i have to get this good no matter what it takes.

i know the character is a dude. i don't care. i found exactly the style i want to learn. ill buy a new computer. ill spend hours grinding. i just need to know what work needs to be done and i'll do it.

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this was the bucci video. it's very good, you should watch it f you haven't yet, but im looking for more


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hard round brush

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Loomis brush

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Largest redpill every created inbound

Prioritize your line work skills first. If you cant make pretty faces with lines alone, they won't be good rendered after hours of tutorials either

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im pretty content with my drawing ability, ine quality anyway, but only in trad mediums. when i try on my wacom it looks like i tried to draw with my foot and when it comes to rendering i can only really do shitting simplified cel shading. i usually dont bother, i just use flats because its embarrassing to post bad render. but i wanna get past this awkward stage.

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i have to upload a trad drawing and then add color on the computer. pic related is basically the best i can do, but its really bad, and i haven't been improving for a while. pointless to grind bad technique. looking for new lessons to try.

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Rendering is directly related to your ability to see planes and forms. You need to work on your drawing ability to get to your op pic's level, and that doesn't necessarily mean line-work. It means structure, so Vilppu, Loomis, Bridgman are not meme answers for you. They're exactly what you need.

Also, if you want to draw in a specific style, you need to put aside time to study and draw from their work.

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ive drawn a billion asaro heads dude, it does not tell you how to render. i need to learn how lihgt and shadow and color works. and actually i think your approach is ass backwards. you shouldn't learn to render on a complex shape like a head. i would want to start on cylinders and spheres first so i understand the principles and then can apply them to more complex shapes like heads. thats what im looking for.

But i don't understand pic related and just copying it doesn't help. I need a teacher to explain why some parts are lighter or darker so i can logically figure out what values to use on each plane. but i can't find tutorials or books like that.

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Color and Light by Gurney

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I think you should just jump into rendering the figure. Rendering primitives is a fine first step, but rendering the figure or head teaches you to use tone to sculpt the figure. You'll find yourself intuitively pushing and pulling the planes of the figure as you paint. I learned it from Vilppu mainly, he has you lighting the figure from the front, to help you maximize your molding, pushing, pulling, mashing, and sculpting of the figure.

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>Color and Light by Gurney
does it actually teach you anything or is it just a bunch of nice pictures?

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OT but your style is pretty sick

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tl;dr: before even looking at anything else, go through 1, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 15

I think your main issue isn’t rendering, it’s that you have no idea how digital brushwork works
watch ctrl+paint
as for rendering in the sense of light affecting surfaces and materials, the sam neilson class is very good, but it’s also literally nothing like what you’re after, so only do it if you want to get into autism of rendering
honestly you should be good with ctrl+p and watching japanese illustrators work to pick on the meme techniques (eg the hair in op looks literally nothing like hair, and the highlights make no sense, but it looks good and learning the physical properties of hair and how it distributes light will not make you able to recreate that)
generally illustrators don’t operate on knowledge of light, they operate on “I saw this other guy do this and it looks good”, and getting too deep into rendering might actually be a disservice since you will need to put in effort to learn it, and then again to unlearn it
it’s a good approach if you want to be very flexible and conscious about what you’re doing, but it’s a waste of time and effort if you just want to draw animu
there’s a shitload of conventions to learn and a lot of them run contrary to how light “should’ be portrayed

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I thought it was pretty good. here's the table of contents should give u an idea

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what's the name of manhua pls

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refer to >>5016130

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good answer imo, my hair started looking better once I started doing what looks good instead of what is right
same with my folds

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Not OP but how crippled will my painting be if my tablet doesn't have pressure sensitivity.

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You won't if you mean quality of work, but in speed you will somewhat. Drawing is another story, you won't be able to draw the same, or ink unless you use a vector program or CSP

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a lot
you can get around it through opacity, flow, blending modes, alla prima color control etc, so indivually you can make good paintings, but it will be a massive time drain and your output will go to shit
on the other hand, it will be a great learning tool if you apply yourself
remember to work on massive canvasses and downscale afterwards

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Watch every Sinix video and your rendering skills will sky rocket.

I literally had no idea how to render before watching his stuff

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It depends on the style. Your choice of style will be severely limited unless you intend to work on one subject for 8+ hours
Scott Flanders makes gorgeous art with just a lasso tool, no pressure sensitivity there.

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>I think your main issue isn’t rendering, it’s that you have no idea how digital brushwork works
that is also true. its both i need to learn how light and color work as well as how the tools work. thanks for pointing that out.

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what is OT?

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how can a mousefag get such knowledge?

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off topic

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are you retarded? do you see any variation in strokes there? how about you actually try drawing instead of making retarded posts

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no, i dont see any variation in the writing, either the anon has shaky hands or used a mouse to write that

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Anon probably has Alzheimer's, don't bully.

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oh thank you anon. im trying my hardest

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I've litteraly drawn the image you redlined, faggot.

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>I’ve literally drawn the image, uploaded it to a stock image site, then downloaded the watermarked image from the site and posted it on 4chan

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redpill me on folds

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thanks fren btw i found it on e-hentai https://e-hentai.org/g/1635282/cc0b0dcf82/

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