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Help a retard here.
How would you draw this is a comic style, or at least not in a too realistic one?

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boi I sure do hope this thread aint gonna die without any replies

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Sorry anon, away from any kind of drawing material for at least two days but try tracing it but with shapes, like the midsections of fingers etc, honest to God answer. Then you'll see the shapes it has and it will be easier to make it cartoonier

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That's what I did, but the hands looks atrocious.

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Thanks bro

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Are you getting the commission because if you are, i arent helping a /beg/ to steal from me.

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Lol no I'm still beg tier, plus I'm autistic so I'm scared of publishing my art.

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Apply a filter and draw over it

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then stop posting ever again thanks and fuck off

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It's ok man

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