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please, how do i paint like kairu, i need to understand his process and dont post the outdated tutorial he did in 2012, i need to learn his new color process.

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Anything other than this is a waste of time. Learn to draw and paint for real.

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By learning to draw, and I'm serious. Specifically, study anatomy in depth. Think you know it well enough? No you don't or you wouldn't be asking this question. You will never learn anatomical rendering like this without first knowing how to draw the anatomy very well. Don't care how much this board crabs him as a tracer, there's a ton of know-how behind how to place highlights and shadows and get the right edges in this kind of polished digital styles. A quick color tutorial even by the artist himself entirely misses the point.

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why this board is so shitty?

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Just Paint

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Hard round, and soft round.

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what about colors and how they mesh together, also textures, and hair, and semi transparent objects, and stuff with layers underneath the surface that comes out based on the light

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How to Render by Sgod Robertson

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this is the most useless shit i ever seen, the human body is way more complex than a fucking sphere.

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The forms are more complex but the principles are the same.

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I want to marry Kyle.

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Fuck off cunt he is a free man who doesn't need to be under the clutches of a parasitic Roastie that would take his precious time away from his art go fuck yourself.

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I'm a guy, we will have a proper Greek-style relationship.

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Me too op, that style is awesome. Saw it first in Martine's little books (lisa goes to the beach one)

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I thought it was retarded too when I was a beginner, but the truth is you're not actually drawing your figures with proper form if you can't render them.

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>what about colors and how they mesh together

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>also textures
he doesn't use textures, he goes for very soft shading for everything. The only brushes he uses is literally soft round and hard round plus the blend tool to mix them.

Hair follows form, if you understand construction shaping hair geometry is immediately easier. At the end of it hair is just blocky shapes overlaid together, Kyle just accentuates them with spiked edges for that anime feel.

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>semi transparent objects
Do more studies of glass objects, it will help you understand transparency. The key to it is understanding reflections, how light is cast and manipulating opacity to various degrees with the use of gradients. Pic related.

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Dropping his old anatomy construction tools as well.

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>implying you're not a beginner anymore

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So am I the only one who thinks that calf muscle is shaded ugly or what

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And finally more than any other lesson in this thread to replicate Kyle's style is this first post >>5013388

This applies to all geometric forms, if you learn to apply what's shown on this sphere on complex objects like the body you'll very accurately replicate the same rendering style his work achieves. Plus it'll teach you rendering.

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this is really usefull anon, thank you

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I’m not. :)

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>how to draw blocky man feet by kyle
no thank you

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>he dosen't post his work
t.dunning kruger

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fuck off kyle, why do you give everyone kankles?

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I really wish he put some time into learning how to render skin. The lifeless skin colors he does really ruin most of his artworks.

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>hurrrr non-emaciated non-weeb anatomy

Go jerk off to more rucky star ching chong toddlerkon

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i tried

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Big Kyle fan!!!

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that left leg looks off but he draws amazing feet

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this far from being good, i'm quite big, but feels like the artist lost a good opportunity here with the ambient shadows and lights.

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i meant quite beg

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No wonder the lighting looked so off. now if the face and leg were better it’d be good

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no one gives a shit about that. just look at the picture op posted, everything is with the same texture but still looks good.

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>im ok with being a perma beg

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and thats how you ruin a good illustration by mudding the face.

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the artist didnt rly try. just look at the background and what the character is even doing lmao.

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thanks man can you post more?

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a perma beg thats getting paid is much better than a crab crying about useless shit most pinup artists dont use.

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>implying the original illustration was good

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i think kairu-sama opted for a stronger silhouette

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Coping with being perma beg i see

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You blurred those leaves shadows way too much (she kind of looks beaten up) but I agree Kyle could benefit from not ignoring ambient color and atmospheric perspective

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Its muscle you tardo

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is this /bait/ or just pure /beg/?

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you are a fucking fool. stop making art, get off this board. you will never make it in anything in life.

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Is photobashing the fakepl8s of art?

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Y'all are ignoring one of his most important secrets - that he uses some kind of posing app like designdoll. That's what makes his figures and lighting so consistent, atleast the bodies.

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>t. beg

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is this /bait/ or just pure /beg/?

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Typical /beg/ crab post. It's like you think the guy is going to spend 10 hours illustrating his point, and if he doesn't you'll act pedantic instead of just filling the blanks. After you add shadows to the face you can then add the secondary light sources, which were overpowered by the primary light source before that.

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Kyle here, stop talking about my fucking art and go draw yourself god damn it!

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can i trace you?

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I'm confused I thought this guy shot himself with a shotgun on livestream.

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candy-eye rendering, souless art. next

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Don't remind me

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