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So I'm shopping around for a new graphic (non-display) pen tablet, and have an extremely limited budget of 200 bucks. I've been using an iPad with the apple pencil 1 + procreate, and it's worked out okay but I'm looking to make some workflow improvements and get a better handle on PS and get some sculpting experience in Blender.

I'd want an intuos pro medium but that's out of budget and wacom for under 200 is... well. You know. Way too tiny. From what I understand Huion's got better build quality but terrible customer service and tech-support, while XP-Pen's got flimsier hardware but good or great customer service?

I'm leaning towards the XP Pen Deco Pro or the Huion Q11k. I'm really looking to speed up my workflow and so the wheel on the Deco Pro seems pretty attractive to me right now.
P.S: How rough is the beginning when switching to a non-display tablet? It's a pretty divisive topic with strong opinions on either side. Just wondering how long I can expect it to take me to get used to it because I'm trying to take on more work now.

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Before you spend a tonne of money, see if you can pirate a screen mirroring app like astropad from mobilism.org or something similar to try and use your ipad like a cintiq and see if it's shit or not. It used to be that you had to have a jailbreak but if I recall correctly there's a way of pirating on ipads now without one that involves signing the ipa.

3D requires good computer specs as well dedicated gpu card and excellent cpu depending on the renderer while there are many problems getting/problems using cracked programs compared to 2D (while legit licenses can run between several hundred bucks and several thousand bucks) so you may find yourself spending a lot more money than you think you'll be spending.

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Deco pro seems like a good choice to me. Also, don't worry about the change, you'll get used to it's benefits soon

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Will you miss the tilt option from the deco? Wireless from the q11k is nice

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Off topic but I'm amazed how cheap tablets are getting now, especially the Chinese branded ones. I remember buying my wacom bamboo manga at like 130 bucks back in 2013 and now you can get a huion for 40 bucks! No one has an excuse not to do digital art nowadays

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OP post too long, didn't read.

Used wacom intuos pro from ebay, any generation from 3 and up.

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But why? I really don't get that knee jerk response on this board: the old gen wacoms intros pro have lesser specs than the new xp-pen etc from today, why pay more for less?

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Is it still more expensive secondhand?

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>From what I understand Huion's got better build quality but terrible customer service and tech-support, while XP-Pen's got flimsier hardware but good or great customer service?
Idk I found Huion to be pretty bro tier. I was talking to them on their on-site chat and guy was pretty cool. I asked him why/how Huion was better than Xp-pen and he replied pretty much that xp-pen was shit. I asked Xp-pen the same question and only got robotic replies reading of specs and shit wouldn't even mention huion. Also I returned the Huion cus I found display tablets are just a huge waste of money and it was fairly easy and straight forward. This was when the corona virus was becoming serious and a lot of their warehouses were closed. The guy jjust had me send it to one of the Huion sales representitives.

Also you can afford the non pro intuos. It only has 4k levels of pressure sensitivy, but I heard of a lot of issues with the pressure sensitivity of chinkshit products. The chinkshits might be able to boast double the pressure levels but those are just numbers. how well does the pen actually calculate the pressure you apply?

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I saw a third hand 2014 intuos pro m listed for the same price as a 2019 pro deco m

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They just work. We have like 6 or so Intuos 3 gray old-school ones(idk if they were called pro back then) at studio. You can imagine how old they are. No problems whatsoever. They just work. No chinese driver shit, wacom drivers work and have the most features. Chinese have like 1/5 of wacom features. 1 more reason - if you even decide to upgrade to Wacom you have to stop using any other brand because drivers not compitable, so in to the trash it goes.

And most important one - do you really want to think "is it me or this tablet just does not work right?" all the time? Atleast if i suck i want to be sure it is me problem.

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i don't want to make a new thread but im also looking for a drawing tablet. i bought my wacom citniq in 2012ish for about 200. i really really do not recommend getting one without a screen. ive been using this thing almost ten years and i give up. you just dont know where you're putting the pen down. when you draw a line, it doesn't go where you want it to go. everything is fucking chicken scratch. to make it halfway presentable you basically have to zoom in and spend hours tracing the lines, and even then its still not as good as i could just do with pencil and paper in about 1/10th the time.

im looking into a wacom one. theyre about 400. open to other suggestions if anyone has them. ive heard the parallax is kind of bad and might end up no better than the cintiq.

i just don't understand how anyone is supposed to use the things.

i would just be a trad artist but i got so used to having an undo button and a layers button and the ability to stretch and warp things and flip the canvas. so many great advantages that aren't possible with trad.

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If you're chicken scratching that's your own lack of ability and line confidence talking and not the tablet...

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Don't buy used tablets period because that shit isn't covered under warranty

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no it isn't. i draw fine in pencil or pen. pic related is just a 10 minute bullshit sketch. i chicken scratch with that tablet because the cursor doesn't land where you want it to. you can't control it so you can't get precise smooth lines. it's a PKT440 Wacom Intuous 4.

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Oh man when sidecar came out, I was jumping with joy at the prospect of apple handing me what I thought would be a free cintiq. It wasn't a downright shitshow, but it was far from viable. On the iPad pro, it may have been a different story but I have a 9.7 inch 6th gen and a macbook pro 2017 -- the screen size just gets chopped down way too much and, without tweaking at least, way too much jitter.

I also tried to use it as a screenless but you don't get the cursor you get with a pen tab so that was just a complete no go.

All in all, sidecar was a pretty big letdown. Definitely not the "free cintiq" I thought it would be.

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Git gud.
A tablet is a different tool that is more difficult to handle. It's even more slippery than a felt tip pen and it reacts to a sligtest twitch and pressure too.

To draw on a tablet you need really steady quick strokes, as if you tried to draw thin lines with the tip of a fat brush loaded with ink any twitch would land a bloat, same on the tablet.

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I've had this issue with screenless tablets too, and my best advice is to use layers and erasers to your advantage; make a layer, make a stroke, if it's off move it into place, then erase extraneous bits and merge

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The real way is to use ctrl+z every fucking time you fuck up a stroke until you stop fucking the strokes up.

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There's a lot of C-Z for any digital art, but making temp layers, moving shit around, and erasing definitely eases the burden of your pinky and middle finger

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Crutches rob you of learning.

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Digital as a whole is a crutch, might as well not cheap out on mine

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Sounds like some weak cope

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Drawing in pen or paper is very different from digital. I guarantee you just haven't practiced enough and if you buy a new tablet it will just be a waste because you'll end up with the exact same problem

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I have the Deco Pro M, an it's good, though the wheel was disappointing - it's big and clunky, doesn't feel very high quality and keyboard shortcuts are faster.
The touch strip is better imo because it doesn't get in the way, but just having it means you finally have a full replacement for the mouse.

Personally I'd say the best tab available is Huion H1161.
>11x6.9" active area
>touch strip for scrolling
>passive tilt pen

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>keyboard shortcuts are faster
That's the same in every tablet, first thing I did when I got my wacom intuos pro was to disable every fucking button down the side because I kept hitting them by accident ew.

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Is this good for a beginner? or is it too small (I use a 2k display)

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i used to answer this with 'medium is minimum' but i've come to realize that /ic is full of people with literally no experience and won't be drawing 3 months from now. Have you gone through $40 worth of paper drawing or ever binge-drawn for 3 hours? If yes, medium else small.

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Well I started off 2 weeks ago with a stack of 500 sheets of printer paper and have a good chunk of that gone, but that wasn't $40. But I have had a few 3 hour sessions yet that I enjoyed a lot, but im not too far along. This is probably the thing i've drawn so far that I personally find the "best"

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sure, get the small. don't expect magic and (imho) going digital doesn't necessarily grant you gains for awhile. all you're really doing is saving paper right now.

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I would just save yourself the trouble and get medium if you aren't going to give up on drawing after a week

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