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What is that one book (by Loomis I think) that you guys are always shilling on here? I just want to draw pretty faces and my life would feel complete that's all I want, pretty faces and bodies but I'M SHIT AT IT REEEEEEEEEEEE

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Forget Loomis. It's legitimately not enough for you to learn how to draw a head. You need to learn structure and anatomy. Get this book and copy every single drawing twice. It's a cleaner and clearer version of Bridgman, and more anatomically correct than Hogarth.

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I'll read anything people post here, I have access to a library with all these books.

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Loomis teaches how to draw more than a head bro.

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Read the sticky

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Post pdf

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a thread died for loomis

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What is the meaning of the OP?

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He teaches nothing.

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Fuck China micropenis

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Well yeah. How can you expect him to teach you if you can't even read the sticky?

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It's called How to Draw by Loomis

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Ahhhh the good ol' chinese overcompensation flex

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post link

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I really do though anon

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Fuck off Chinese COmmunists shits

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[crab sounds intensify]

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>It's a cleaner and clearer version of Bridgman
You clearly doesn't understand bridgman.

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They hate me because I tell the truth

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I like Bridgman, but you clearly haven't studied him enough to see his errors. He literally switches around the insertions of several muscles. You only go to Bridgman for the aesthetic shapes of the muscles

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This is morpho simplified forms which is probably a better introduction to anatomy.

I have the normal anatomy for artists but it's in Chinese. I'll post it soon.

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bless you anon, i hope you didn't give me pc hiv

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