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I would love this nigga's art if he didn't draw these dumb souless faces.

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Like, I can't even tell what direction this bitch is looking in

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goddamn you got me

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looking like a goddamn muppet

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no thoughts head empty

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so which artists draw good faces then?

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In awe at the rendering... lost my boner inspecting it

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Maybe the problem is that he draws the sameish smiling faces?

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ahhh those feets look so stinky and good
kyle is gonna make me lose my nofap with all these cheesy weesies on my screen

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look like indie socialist faces to me... no worse than Saint Seiya.

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I doubt he's trying to draw a realistic vagina, they can be ugly as fuck when you add too much detail or accuracy.

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Not poster's original artwork.

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I don’t understand this criticism, what would be an example of a well drawn vagina to you?
>inb4 b-but the position/perspective
You specifically called out the vagina when the much bigger issue is everything below the knees

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Stop making threads about your own work Kyle

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>t. i also never saw a real life vagina

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why is her back perfectly smooth?

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>no argument
I asked what a well drawn vagina looks like.
Her head doesn’t look like one does irl, but you focus on the vagina.
Make an argument or fuck off.

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Kyle, will you ever return to your glory days of the Chickenlegsfutaoppailoli?

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Why is your brain perfectly smooth

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What's with the obsession with Kyle?

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Most of us aspire to be like him and we admire his ability to draw feet well not even a footfag but it is a feat worthy of recognition since it is difficult to draw a good looking foot.

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Can i also make a thread where i pretend to shit on my art to market myself?

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do it, there's no standards here anymore. link your patreon while you're at it, but frame it in a mocking way.

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underrated post

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But why would you do it on /ic/ of all places?

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How do I make my rendering as smooth as this? Answer me bros...answer me...

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hard round brush

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This, but unironically.

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