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if you dont draw than you should fuck off from this board

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Let's start with you, post your work faggot.

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make me

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if you draw than you should fuck off from this board

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So everyone stays?

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if you don't have a gf you should stay on this board

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>another pepepopo/wojak variant thread
how many you need op?

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Why would someone who doesn't draw browse this board?

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I have never seen a vagina irl
And they look ugly, like a fucking flesh wound

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Some look very nice. That said all the ones i've seen IRL were pretty shitty. Dicks are way superior and more valuable than vaginas, unless you have a small one

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It's like females have the better body type, but we have the better genitalia.

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i love pussy

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is not the 50s anymore, you can shop, photobash, model, animate, sculpt, paint, or whatever

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I love ass AND pussy.

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Ah yes, sculpting and painting, the cutting edge of new art

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I drew for 40 hours last week, I need a break.

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