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For forcing me to get an ad block by making me watch 3dpd porn trash when im looking for art advice.
Ps.: unironically kys

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at least you get girls all i get are penis gifs...

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Join the 40%.

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Why are you complaining about seeing some pussy. You a homosexual?

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It's a shame because I was using edge after it updated and now I need to swap back to chrome.

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always always always use adblock on 4chan. fuck moot.

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That's what you get for looking in advice in this shithole.

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>Subscribe now
If I subscribe will I learn to draw anime coomer porn also???

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That was the point with the 4chan/4channel split, nip moot just took long.

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>I was using edge
The absolute state of Discord trannies.

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>everyone is a discord HRTuser

It's more like I'm lazy and I don't care about setting up browser extensions anymore. I have a trillion bookmarks that I bet 80% of the websites no longer exist on the web. At this point I only go to a minimum of 20 websites.

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Have sex virgin

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based gookmoot filtering out puritans and prudes

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>phone posters

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wtf i'm disabling adblock now

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How can ic be so based?

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I will never see a vagina irl

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I miss comfy onahole ads. They where way easier to ignore and more fitting for >muh anime website

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imagine not having adblock on 4chan. you must be a fat retard newfag.

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fucking incel

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>Lmao nigga doesn't use duck duck go so he can't see all the cunny ads.

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I remember the thread we had petitioning this shit way back when, can'tve been more than a year or two. I'm surprised they decided to go back on the change, is it a mistake or a fuck you?

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>For forcing me to get an ad block

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It's not about that, blasting porn into your face 24/7 isn't exactly healthy for u bro

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Imagine whining about having to use Adblock when it's better for your device

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Neither is pitching a bitchfit over having to use Adblock because you saw uncensored 3DPD pussy

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Still it's a retarded change, Why "fix" something that was completely fine and didn't need any tampering with?

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It isn't unhealthy either, retard.

>but /pol/ and/or Discord told me porn causes brain damage! And porn addiction ruins lives
Stop being such a gullible retard.

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nice gets

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Life imitates art, and vice versa.

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okay coomer brain
go read the newest doujin dummy

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Yeah me too...

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it's really annoying, probably won't make him any money either because of low traffic

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>not using adblock everywhere all the time
>being bothered by porn
>being bothered by porn in a coomer board
>being a phoneshitter
A death sentence is too mild for you.

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Sounds like a phonenigger problem.

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But you did subscribe, right?

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Targeted Advertisements.

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