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I've fallen in love /ic/

How do I make a girl love me through my art?

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>Falling in love with the 3dpigdisgusting
>Falling for the Baginal Jew
>Not falling in love with the Miku
Off yourself.

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Hard round brush

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You're better off hitting the gym and wear nicer clothing.

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Check her phone/pc wallpaper. If she got animu shit then draw an animu caricature of her

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Pick up a guitar and learn wonderwall

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she draws animu. Will this work?

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>She draws animu
Post her work.

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that's not honorable

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Post your work then.

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Then why even bother creating this thread if you're not even going to share with the rest of us, fuck off.

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Wtf is the point of this thread if you're not going to post your or her work

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She's supposed to like you for who you are, not your talents

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Why not

I got together with my bf because he drew a cute drawing on my birthday.

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Was that the main reason? Or was it that he's nice and caring etc

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You can't make a girl fall in love with you because you draw or paint, that only works with music.

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Yes, I think there's lots of guys who can walk you home, take you on a date somewhere etc, but it just impresses me how he's good at drawing.

Depends on the girl.

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Thank for giving me hope. I wish you and your bf happiness

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What did he draw?

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He probably drew her gagging on his cock

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We both like Konosuba and Megumin was my favorite character. He drew her

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ask here to model for painting:
>hey I was wondering if I could take a photo of you? I need models for my Portfolio
>r-really anon? I’m not that cute, are you sure?
>you’re gorgeous, I’d really appreciate it !
>ok then anon... if you’re sure ...
>week later
>hey, I finished the painting!
>wow anon san, you must really know your loomis, it’s so pretty!
>not as pretty as you!

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don't. you should draw for yourself and nobody else.

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Obsession with some whore =/= love

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isn't that selfish?

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Ask to draw her vagoo then stick your rod in it.

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Based. Just take what you want by force OP

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You can have one if you don't care that she's 350 lb and doesn't bathe

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How do I "force" her to genuinely love me?

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Stockholm syndrome

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Mind break + rape tags are based on real life Stockholm syndrome, just be a clever criminal.

Also, love doesn’t exist, grow up kid, you need to be 18 to use this website

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draw her husbando

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What happened to ethics?

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This is what you get for asking how to force someone to genuinely love you. The question itself is unethical so of course the answers are going to be too

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Nothing is sexier than somebody who is passionate about something, works hard to achieve it, and is sincere and honest about it.

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become your art

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You know what, I think you guys are right. Thanks

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Since OP is a phaggot and gotten what he needed, any of you niggas know of any good sites to pirate college textbooks off of? I found one, but I have one more and I don't feel like dropping $50 on it. It's "A Guide to Service Desk Concepts, 4th Edition"

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>draw for a woman
>she dumps you
>you have noone to draw for
>your art is meaningless
>you never make it
Yes. More importantly it is also practical as a means of motivation.

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this. just draw what you enjoy drawing and looking at. when youre passionate about what you create, it shows in your work.

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Chicks love horses. Draw her some horses

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Get to know her and larp that you need to study people or some shit and if she can help you improve your art that way.You can draw her and laugh with her
>Draw her cute btw if you want chance up bonus

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make art then
im not talking shitty crafts and illustrations made for the purpose of clout and/or money make art for art's sake and hopefully through the process you express something meaningful that you can use as an opener to talk about.
Oh wait >>4822113
KEK just draw something that looks nice then. You weebs and your "art" really make me feel something.

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stop bumping my shameful thread

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Permavirgin here. Is it true that the reason girls like horses is because when they ride on a horse's saddle they essentially get deflowered by it therefore accounting for some form of bond between her and the horse?

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How do I get my crush to ask me out? I get 1000s of likes and RTs for my art but she doesn’t even follow me on Twitter.

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It’s because horses have the biggest cocks, tend to be over 6’ tall and also very muscular. They desire to be bred by aggressive beasts at a young age, especially white females. Many of them even go so far as to give the horses some ‘relief’ from time to time. This is all documented scientific fact, and we should embrace it and help our women get all the horse cock they desire, for the purpose of one day creating futa centauresses with girthy cocks and big boobies. I say we should offer up whites women en masse to be bred since they’re already such whores anyway

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I fucking knew it.

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draw a picture of her and mail it to her every day saying "im thinking of u" for a whole year

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