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Who’s your preferred brushfu?
Hard round or Hard Square

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Dave Rapoza’s hybrid

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square with no pressure opacity all the way baybeeeeeeeee

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What are you guys trying to say

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Escape the norm. Be the revolutionary.


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have dave's csp brushes been posted anywhere?

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I’m going to even further with my SOFT SQUARE BRUSH

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oh god oh god i can't hold back

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>square brush
t. Gloss, Don, etc.

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"hard round brush" is such a fucking meme
All professional digital artists have their own specialized custom brushes, that's why their art looks distinctive and unique.

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only painters

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>artists are unique because of their tools
Damn you're fucking stupid

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Professional artists know how to utilize those brushes. /beg/ should stick to hard round brush as they learn the fundamentals. Give them unique brushes and they won't know what to do with them.

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Hard square for a subtle hint of some delicious chunky texture

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just like in mmo's, you will ditch that generic default weapon once you get to higher levels

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>shitpost about brushes
>can't even make a brushstroke that doesn't look like shit

Yeah that's the neo ic.

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That ribbon looking thing at the bottom looks like it would taste good, I wanna eat it

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There's a time an place for different brushes, SOMETIMES. But learning to use hard round is like learning to walk before you start dancing.

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OP's strokes look way better than yours lmao

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Needs more Hard Round Brush.

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But you're using Weighted smoothing

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you literally posted the same strokes with opacity jitter instead of flow

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don't say things like this if all you can provide is shit you ninny

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I prefer round brushes cause I feel like I get more control over the shapes I make. Is there any advantages to square brush shapes?

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Easier to make a hard edge.
Makes cool lines.

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more like brush stroke my cock lmao

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Im /beg/ and the hard round brush thing confounds me. I use clip studio, and i hate how the watercolour brushes look. I feel like i cant lay down areas of tone without it looking patchy and horrible, and seeing the individual brush stokes which are just circles doesnt look very appealing at all to me.
I made my own brush, which is the one on the right, and its what ive been using since. Should i bother trying to figure out how tf to use the default watercolour?

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Hard Hexagonal master race

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Clip studio paint is designed for lines and cell shading. If you insist on painting check out csp assets. There’s plenty of popular painting brushes. Csp doesn’t have a good default painting brush imo. Also use the blend feature with watercolor for a real basic option. You can adjust settings to get the look u want

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Round brush is perfectly fine at making hard edges isn’t it? You got any examples if cool lines?

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>hate how the watercolour brushes look. I feel like i cant lay down areas of tone without it looking patchy and horrible
Anon that brush is literally designed to see the brush stokes. Just use a different brush. Default g-pen works perfectly if you're not going for some kind of effect.

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Hard triangle.

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Get you a copy of Frenden's brushes. They're Worlds better for painting overall.

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you’re painting wrong, go through ctrl+paint

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>OP's strokes look way better than yours lmao

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His patreon

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eh id rather try them firsthand before paying up

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>Round brush is perfectly fine at making hard edges isn’t it?
You have to use a very specific stroke with a round brush. With a square brush, you can pull away from the edge instead of just following it.

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