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please just tell me how to get better at coloring digitally. or at least with techniques. all i know is add a flat color, shade, and done. it never comes out like in pic related

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hard round brush

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like whisking an egg

you gotta touch little and tap tap tap

blend and smooth hards into soft gradient patches and then go over with hard

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>and tap tap tap
Do not do this. This is why your strokes are so shaky and scratchy looking.

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light, shadow, bounce light on shadows, occlusion shadow, highlights

all you need

for skins add some red because blood where shadow and light meet

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those spheres tutorials are so fucking useless.

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Nah, you’re just too retarded.

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Nahh ur just fkin stupid

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Nah you’re right, that guy is bad

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He's drawing skin, not a storm in a glass sphere from 1997, Christ.

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Nah yeah they are

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But that red lady is shinier than skin is

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>it never comes out like in pic related
Do more value studies and shut the fuck up. If you can't even do something as basic as your pic related it means you're just a beg fuck. Go practise values and ignore color for the moment.

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derp what is ALL SURFACES

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sam nielson
i keep spamming this and none of you fuckers listen
stay beg forever then, fuck this place

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>sam nielson
most of his courses are on lighting which is definitely an important aspect but it won't help this anon with blending. You can do proper lighting and still suck at blending

It really be like that tho. Flat color, shade, HIGHLIGHT (you kinda skipped that one).
> never comes out like in pic related - we can't help too much if we don't see what you're doing (unless picrelated is yours)

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cope some more

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Just fucking steal your colors from better artists till you figure it out. Nobody's gonna take a color picker to your shit and cancel you because you borrowed a pallete.

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then how would you do it then?

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Use Ctrl Paint. Hard round and soft round, the sinix vid in first reply. Albedo, shadow, and bounce/ambient are the main sources of light.

Learn to use RGB color sliders for color instead of just HSB/HSV. Read Lin ran's color tutorial, Sycra also made a video on it. The sliders clearly move in a pattern you'd understand if you understood color picking with RGB sliders.

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i-is this Kino?

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Pic source?
I remember that it's out of a game/VN but I forgot its name

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Never mind. Found it.


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Whats sycra vid about that tut? Read it and didn't really get the advantage of the sliders over the color pick

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It's in the name: stroke.
You should be stroking the canvas, not trying to scratch it or chip away at it. Smooth, fluid motions, as long as you can manage, that follow the forms.

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hey how can I up my color game? still looks kinda flat? or western comics coloring style i guess?

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you better hope they keep loving it, or you'll be a permavirgin....permanently!

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You are missing a shade of red.

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Wash your penis nigga

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maybe he's saving it for the One

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>doesn’t get his mom to clean his dick with her mouth

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Forget about colour until you have value down. If you look at this in greyscale you can see how flat the values are.

You also have no consistent light source. Her boobs and face are lit from top left, her left arm and torso is lit from top right and the way you lit her hair makes it look like the back of her skull is glowing yellow.

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The answers is light + shadows.

Also colour palette
IE using the palette from a picture of a raspberry blueberry ice cream cone for a person.

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It’s not the colours it the lack of defined light and shadows.

They are much stronger in reality compared to your picture

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color sphere fight, I vote for number two.

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correct. there are 4 shades.

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have you tried showing?

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You have to reference real life. Look at the color and lighting of a real photo, understand why it's doing what it's doing and apply the color the same way in your art.

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unironically ngmi

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Pyw crab.

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'pyw' is a crab mentality.
Not even that guy.

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