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Why does no one have a pirated Will Weston video?

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Because the people here are absolute fucking pieces of shit and Im not sharing my rip.

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That just makes you an absolute fucking piece of shit.

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I’ve shared it a couple of times, but with unshitty people who don’t feel as entitled as /ic/.
When you read that pirating thread it really opens your eyes.
The people here really are fucking entitled scum.

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How can I convince you to share it with me, anon? :C

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you'll probably have to suck his cock

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I'm not the entitled one, you're.

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how does it compare to NMA? any hidden knowledge or just the same stuff?

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I think you need to know what NMA (or similar) teaches but then Weston somehow pulls it together, provides nice shorthands and rules of thumb and elevates your work. Imo.
I think if his online stuff was your first exposure to figure drawing it might not be as helpful but if you are intermediate and have put in some struggle it’s a real leg up.

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Fuuuuug I wanted to cooperate in the pooling discord channel but when I was ready they closed it, I can't afford this course, not the 200 bucks is worth complete, thats 5 months of my salary here, I just wanted to get this so bad, it's sucks to be thirdwolrder.

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I know the feeling bro

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Weston does not care about you.

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I don't have much cash (also a third worlder) but if I get some extra birthday money next month then the first thing I'll do is buy that course and upload it for you anons. I've been following Weston on instagram for years and his little tutorials have been so helpful

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Anon let me help you, we can pool together, I want to pay for the course but can't pay THAT MUCH, is way too much for me, why life has to be this hard, even holding a full time job I can't pay for this, is not fair.

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you are a saint.

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same but unironically

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Is Weston the king?

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upload please

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Bump for sharing, please anons

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please upload

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Stfu you waste of oxygen.
Fucking based

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Upload. Please.

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Please upload

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Nonwhites. Of course. Subhuman beggars.

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I'm pretty sure nobody bought the course and you are just bluffing like the cocksuckers You are, get fucked.
gonna it and share it with the boys for them to hoard, you fucking human scum.

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>gonna it and share it with the boys for them to hoard

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I bought the course but dont know how to rip and wouldnt if I could.
So do what you want with your own time and money.

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No, I bought it and ripped all of it. At first I was just going to wait a bit so it wasn't obvious who did it, but then the constant nagging started. People here just made me reconsider sharing.

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Shove it up your ass!

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I understand. I think the thing is like it's some sort of forbidden fruit. Ever so elusive that it's making people be really stupid. Even as someone myself who really wants this, it's annoying the fuck out of me seeing everyone be so fucking annoying about it.

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How is it?

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Yeah, I've shared stuff here before but it never got to this point.

Pretty fucking good to be completely honest.

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Looks good

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Anon please, i'm asking nicely, please, I can't afford this, I hace shared some stuff here before to pay my debt with the site but 200 USD is just too much, please don be like this, I just want the chance, I even wanted to pay for it at least partially, which is what I can do, but the discord died and it never got back, You showing this only makes it feel worst, I wanted to give Will money, but can't give him that much, just can't, I was born on a place where 200 USD buys you a car, the internet i'm using is free from my work place, anon, please, it will take You just a few clicks, and you'll forget about the course eventually anyways.

Please anon, I can even Transfer You some money.

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>no hits on cgpeers
damn son, is he that niche?

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Same. Give me your paypal lol. I'l chime in like 5 bucks

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Bump ;_;7

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Please upload it anon. I have tons of time due to corona and learned so much just from the snippets on his instagram.

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What if I said please?

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Okay, I offer the complete Schoolism library in exchange of Wills course.

>> No.4428217

I offer payed Funkymonkey1945 tutorials (they don't cost that much)

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Everyone can get that off of CGP. It’s so big your ISP will throttle you.
What you want to do is break up the library and offer the courses separately so people can download what they want. Then one of the Westonfags might hep you out.

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Share plz

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>be poor 3rd worlder
>work 20 hours a day in the dirtiest sewers of Bangladesh
>have to push wheelbarrows full of excrement down tunnels infested by giant rats
>in the few brief moments of respite I practice my fundamentals
>too poor to afford art supplies so have to draw with shit
>my friends Juan and Eduardo also want to get gud
>there is a legend in the sewers that once a laborer got so gud that he now gets $15 anal vore commissions
>after many years of work we scrape together enough money to buy a Will Weston course
>on our way to the bank we walk into an art gang, the Vilpoos
>they stab us with 4H pencils and steal all our money
>as they walk away we hear their leader snigger "now we can finally buy those Jazza tutorials"

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You can selectively download in most torrent clients

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Fucking kek
Good shit.

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Holy shit you’re right. I’m retarded. Thanks brother.

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Holy shit you’re right. I’m retarded. Thanks

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retard fuckface

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Just post the course anon, the fucking world is ending.

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Is this guy that good? How does his stuff compare too the instructors you can torrent for free?

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This seems to be the general consensus among those I know and from my experience:

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It's like a way clearer, modern day Bridgman

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>today anon is 13 and also has a high moral complex episode
Are you a child ? Fuck off with your teasings if you're not going to be usefull .So much so for posting the whole "poeple here are so entitled" rant. I hope you can see through the irony here, mate. You're exactly that which you complain about.

>> No.4429291

>calls someone a child
>engages angrily enough to do typos and awkward phrasing while admonishing them to give out stuff for free
Just skip threads in the future, for everyone's sake.

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Why do you think that?
I would say his stuff likes like the love child of Bammes and Disney.

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Looking at the preview images and descriptions of the videos, I bet you can just figure out everything from compiling his instagram blackboard lectures, comments and short videos.
Especially if you have looked at any other figure drawing material like loomis/hampton/huston etc.

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>that which

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this is actually true.
There is a review by a guy (I cant find it right now) who took one of his courses in person (I believe) and he says exactly that. In fact he summarizes everything so you can go ahead and just look at Will’s Insta.

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Keep seething you poorfags, kek.

Look at yourself in the mirror, anon.

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Fucking based

>> No.4429440

You are both pieces of shit if you pirate that stuff desu.

>This course seems really helpful. Let's pirate it!

Walking turds, I swear.

>> No.4429453

Now that you’ve chimed in this thread can finally end.

>> No.4429494

¿Anyone to pool money for this?
Anon is a piece of shit of a human being who comes here only to brag about his course, let him rot.

>> No.4429505

I'd love to give some. How do you make a group buy?

>> No.4429530

You can hear yourself can’t you?
Holy fuck you’re an entitled child.
Pooling is a good start. But shut the fuck up with your childishness. Damn.

>> No.4429534

Your temper really makes me want to trust you with money.

>> No.4429547

You'll have to start a discord or something.

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I'm actually thinking about buying this and wouldn't mind sharing, but it doesn't look like they have a download option and I'm not savvy ripping the videos from the site. Any advice?

>> No.4429558

I have this and it isn't even worth your time. Old faggot isn't going to give you his secrets for 1/10th the price of his IRL lecture.

>> No.4429577

Wanna know how I know you don't have this at all? It's a recording of an IRL lecture.

>> No.4429587

You're a kind soul anon. You would have to use a screen recording program like OBS or something.

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Discord is down right now, I can create a group once it gets back online.

Suck my cock nigger, I have shared several materials here that I bought myself because I don't care if the one using it is a NGMI crab or whatever memes You like to use, I know how it feels to be poor and dont be able to buy jackshit because your currency is worth nothing and everybody sells un USD dollars, so fuck you, cunt, i'm gonna get this course and share it with the niggas, if they keep being NMGI I don't care, they will at least have the tools available.
Don't trust me then, it could be other anon if se make a dscord server, I got feed with this thing the momment the cunt anon posted a screencap mocking us all with his course.

I will once it comes back online.

>> No.4429594

I made one:


>> No.4429596

Use allav software, You just paste the link and it downloads the videos for You, it's what I used for the Schoolism videos.

>> No.4429614

im it, its legit.

>> No.4429629

>Don't trust me then, it could be other anon if se make a dscord server, I got feed with this thing the momment the cunt anon posted a screencap mocking us all with his course.
You took that as mockery? The tone was more hurt than anything.

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I really like your winning personality anon.

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That last one hurts.

>> No.4429779

Based thread

>> No.4429917

Do you really need to be told the same thing by a different person in a slightly different way for the millionth time?

>> No.4429918

Please please

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>> No.4430100

>200 bucks
>5 months of salary
What kind of thirldworld is that one? I make that in a week and I am a taco.

>> No.4430127

You never been to Indonesia then

>> No.4430167

Joined too

>> No.4430188

He probably hasn’t even drawn anything yet. Just keeps the course thinking he will study it someday.

>> No.4430194

Speaking based from your experience?

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>> No.4430211

no u

>> No.4430227

Upload the course and I'll post my studies after a while.

>> No.4430229

>juan and eduardo
it was so easy not to fuck that up

>> No.4430279

Just so you guys know, the ridiculous amounts of salt showing up on this thread will probably make less people want to give out courses. Venting because you didn't get something you didn't work for or deserve is very unbecoming, everything people share on /ic/ is a gift.

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$289 is 1 month min wage in Indonesia (4.4 mil IDR)
All you need to really learn his system is his $95 Figure drawing lecture which comes to 1.4 mil IDR - or 1 week salary of minimum wage retail. Then you can apply his system to stuff thats already been pirated which you would need to do anyway. It’s intermediate level stuff, not /beg/.

Nit trying to be a dick. This is just what I figured out. Now, I have no idea how hard it is in reality to find a retail job in Indonesia or whether you live at home, or pay rent or what.

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Well put sir.

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I just realized that looks like Will Weston. Which is pretty funny.

Well done.

>> No.4430287

Also joined. The more that do, the cheaper it'll be for all that jump in.

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Er, I tried that based on your suggestion. That program just ate $20 of my money.
It can’t download anything. It cant even screen record audio on protected vids.
How long ago did you download schoolism?

>> No.4430291

Nobody cares, pool for the course or shut the fuck up, people here always share, just look the books and videos sharing threads, but for some reason with this course that particular anon went full retard and thats what most are upset about, like come on, posting the folder of the course? What's the point in that?

>> No.4430295

You're trying to have an attitude and begging at the same time. This is not the first time stuff like this pushed people away from sharing content, and judging by how you're acting, it won't be the last.
If you can't see that from the several replies telling people to stop acting like spoiled children, trying to be level-headed is wasted on you. Good luck pooling money, I'm out too.

>> No.4430298

He did it because you guys are being dicks and somebody said he was lying about having it.

Keep it up though. Your charm seems to be working.

> people here always share
..stuff thats been pirated forever and available on CGP.
They don’t just buy something with their hard earned money and hand it over to you foul tempered shitheads because you say so.
Fuck off.

>> No.4430300

I'm not the anon that has the course

>> No.4430307

How many people are sure to give money now? And how much will each contribute? I'm kinda interested but not sure yet depending on the amount needed to contribute so I don't want to join discord yet to get people's hopes up

>> No.4430308

Again, nobody cares, if nobody here shares then what's the point, fuckers? I have shared stuff myself here, that I bought WITH MY OWN MONEY, expecting nothing back, and despite people here are always "dicks", You know why? Because thats how it's supossed to work, do you want to get your ego stroked to release the course? then fine, anyways this Weston courses has been bought several months ago, and I don't remember people being dicks back then while asking, the answer is pretty simple, You pieces of shit never wanted to share the thing yo beggin with, now please get lost, we ate getting the course one way or another.

>> No.4430313
File: 74 KB, 351x480, 2940B497-AC5B-47E7-B83D-40EEB1790945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound like a cool guy.

>> No.4430316

You're still trying to convince random people to pool money. Nothing you say might convince the guy that has the course to share, but raging like a moron is not going to make other people want to join you.

You're only hurting your own goals by not shutting the fuck up about how bootybothered you still are. You said your piece and should just try and focus on the positive thing that is getting the course, because your sour grapes anger is unjustified to anyone that has had a job and will push people away.

>> No.4430317

Hol up. What did you personally buy and share?

>> No.4430325

You gotta join the discord to get a feel my man. I can't speak for everyone because we're waiting to see how many people are willing to pitch, thus making the price cheaper.

>> No.4430326

Sharing the course was literally clicks away, just accept that anon didint wanted to share it, also the whole "booohoo you are mean, i'm not sharing now" is patethic, he could just easily keept quiet, why bothering sperging about it to the point of showing pics of the course? Thats was enough for me to get assmad, and I been here eating shit and getting "mean" comments for years.
Not going to comment anymore, this is turning into a pointess thing.

>> No.4430328

>Not going to comment anymore, this is turning into a pointess thing.
You should have done that from the beginning, because while anon already has the course, you have nothing to bargain with. There's a lesson to be learned here and you're still not getting it.

>> No.4430330


Ok, jew

>> No.4430331

You are really full of yourself, arent you?

>> No.4430333

>exactly 1 minute apart

>> No.4430345

>BooHoo you won’t do what I want, so i’ll pout instead.
Finally you’ll stop bitching.

>> No.4430376

I agree

>> No.4430400

I agree with you. If he is not gonna to share the course then just shut up and keep it to yourself. No need to take the moral high ground.

>> No.4430404

>keep it to yourself
Quit being a tranny.

>> No.4430413

You first, cocksucker.

>> No.4430421

Funny coming from a retard willing to suck dick for some courses.

>> No.4430424

And as you idiots continue to keep trying to dunk on the guy that has the course, the thread about the pool stays quiet.

>> No.4430440

Yeahhhh.... I figured you wouldnt answer this.

>> No.4430443

I feel like we are getting closer and closer, don't stop now guys, someone will break.

>> No.4430446

that's because if he says anything, there's a chance someone will talk about how they shared it instead and it'd ruin his narrative

>> No.4430452

What did you share?

>> No.4430454

ok retard, ram the course up your ass, im getting it either way.

>> No.4430459

Are you, though? You're still here mad as hell after saying you wouldn't be instead of buying the course with the Discord's pool money. Are you guys all talk or do you just not have the money and are hoping someone will come to piggybank your asses out?

>> No.4430475

Have you been bullied at school or what? What's your problem?

>> No.4430481


>> No.4430495

Do you not read your own posts?

>> No.4430504

Never made the transparent claims he’s making to justify whinging like a faggoty bratty child.

>> No.4430530

Listen dude, rope yourself.

>> No.4430611
File: 428 KB, 2018x2028, B4D51DD2-E792-45FD-81F8-AFBE6E6A5527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just enjoying Will Westons course right now. Learning lots. Thought I’d check in and see how my Westonbros are doing.

>> No.4430632

Dude, don't say that, it's not worth it. Let him keep this course to himself. I am sure that someone more generous will share this sooner or later. Or maybe this course is overrated. Many people have already shared a lot of valuable information here, thank you guys for that!

>> No.4430653

Who’s to say the dude he wants roped even has the course?
Maybe he’s *gasp* getting trolled by the infamous hacker known as 4chan.

>> No.4430660

Doubt there would be anyone generous to do that, after witnessing the sperg out from a couple of anons.

>> No.4430679

There are a lot of free info in his Instagram then. I think coupled with Huston and others it'll be enough.

>> No.4430758
File: 535 KB, 1356x582, weston.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and westonpilled

>> No.4431084
File: 9 KB, 289x174, Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how does he compare to Steve Huston?

>> No.4431110

what happened to the discord? i was there last night, but now its not there.

>> No.4431121

It got closed.

>> No.4431124

By whom? Did they raise enough rupees?

>> No.4431127

Not similar. I wouldnt skip Huston but if Inhad to choose I would go with Weston

>> No.4431128

unless i missed something this mornning, last night they said, they'd convene today

>> No.4431146

Someone reported it.

>> No.4431148


>> No.4431182

How do you rip the videos on it? Nothing works

>> No.4431196

You have to be a decent pythonfag I think.
Reported it to who? Who would care other than Weston?

>> No.4431206

programme here, what needs ripping? Give me the files and i'll do it.

>> No.4431269

a fellow crab, i suppose

there was a program mentioned in the discord

>> No.4431709

>Reported it to who? Who would care other than Weston?
Probably >>4427415

>> No.4432036

It's very clear that no one reported it, they closed the server while moving to another one because someone said they would.

>> No.4432407

>there was a program mentioned in the discord
Which was??

>> No.4432541
File: 40 KB, 785x827, 1568054560532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls upload

>> No.4432573

lol, this cat is amazing. You win this thread.

>> No.4432597

I will not give shit to a frogposter.

>> No.4432686

fuck you retard

>> No.4432736


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