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Hey bros any tips on building/improving self-discipline and consistency? Books, videos, quotes, inspo or whatever has helped you

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just watch Whiplash

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not thinking and just doing

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so basically find a mentor


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Work in blocks of 30 minutes to an hour. Rest for 15 minutes after. In my experience you can work for longer if you don't listen to music or podcasts. I think it has something to do with information overload, but I'm not sure. Get up, take a walk, drink some water. 4 hours of that is VERY GOOD, so don't beat yourself up if you can't reach it yet. This is a long, arduous journey, so be patient with the process and yourself.

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Oh, yeah, and no distractions. Hide your smartphone somewhere and close your browser. No social media and notifications and talking and all that shit.

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Discipline is an easy concept that's hard to execute. Simply put, to discipline yourself you need to learn how to draw without feeling "inspired". This means drawing every day for x amount of hours not because you want to, but because you have to. I read someone post about how Feng Zhu would reward himself with playing a game after he finished studying for a certain amount of time each day. That way he wouldn't deprive himself of doing other things he enjoyed.

Find ways of making it easy for yourself and fun so you don't get burned out. You don't have to make drawing the only thing you do all day, but if you can focus yourself enough to do it every day, you've got the hardest part down. It'll then be easy to dedicate more time as you feel the will to learn grow.

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i believe that technique is called pomodoro technique. ive been practicing that lately. i do listen to music but its only instrumental, it works for me if it has no lyrics but ill try drawing without any music, maybe it'll up my production

make a reward system and have a progressive structure, got it

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But being autistic like Whiplash probably doesn't even work for drawing

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this. completely and unironically. also mamba mentality

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I hate these "lmao take a break" methods, what the HELL can you do taking a 5, or maybe even 15 minute break?
Listen to a song? Well, how the fuck do I pick which song to listen to, do I make a playlist on Sunday to last the entire week?

I can stay at the same task for hours on end (seriously, 12h of work is nothing once I've started), the only problem is I lose all structure for other tasks and my routine starts spiraling out of control.

I think I'll have to make something more like "6 hours of work, 1 hour break to eat, 4 hours to study, then 5 hours doing whatever", and those 5 hours would be my break/reward.

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i need music otherwise i get distracted, silence is very jarring for me

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whats this no music meme? I have no difference between having music on or off. Rather actually listening to something like godspeed you black emperor in the background helps me concentrate. I've noticed many times how the track ended but I still kept going without realizing so it obviously doesn't hinder anything

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ur brain must be on power savings mode if u can work for 12 hrs straight lmao

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this is the best one desu, but think a little bit, decide what you wanna do, come up with a plan and then sit down and do it every day

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eat, drink, stretch, piss

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You take 5 minutes to sit up, stretch your back, walk around the room, put a kettle on... stuff like that gives both your body and your mind a quick break so that you can sit back down and focus again.

> 12h of work is nothing
You're either some super person that somehow defies all knowledge of the human brain, or your productivity and focus are plummeting and you're not even realizing which means they're basically absolute garbage to begin with.

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> Do or do not, there is no try.

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Listen to Arnold motivational speeches while you draw.

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Thanks for the tip, just watched the movie and the story inside the movie of that guy getting a cymbal thrown at them but not giving up was powerful.

Although i recently read "The war of art" and that book was more motivating for me, it doesnt have to be more complex than "sit down and draw"

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>walk around the room

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who is OP pic artist? having trouble reverse searching

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i do this like every 30 minutes, how fat are you?

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it is a metaphor and means you should stand up and see if you are still able tomove after drawing cause sometimes you could stand up with ur hands

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t. paraplegic

use your legs once in a while you cripple

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I found this


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>how fat are you?
Apparently, not fat enough.

I can currently jog for 30 minutes nonstop, and I do physical exercises 2~3 times a week depending on how disorganized I am.

I still see no point in getting up every 30 minutes to "walk around the room", this sounds like something a The Sims character would do to reset its AI.

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By the way, the reason I'm a skeleton is that I focus for hours upon hours on the same task and forget about eating until someone reminds me to or my guts start to talk the language of famine.

I do eat a lot on my meals, though.

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Fucking twink, kek.

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>be me
>somehow manage to pull off 30 hours drawing if I really need and want to
>I only do it twice a month at best , still not drawing in my free time
>I'd rather edge and play vidya than draw
What the fuck bros, why am I a retarded and lazy coombrain addicted to vidya????

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Practise garuda mudra

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fuck dude you spooked me

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You just know what to do bro. Quit or at least reduce all that shit, you could be improving instead. Every minute counts.

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marf detected

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thank you mr skeleton

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look at those unused sketchbooks behind his fat fingers

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just go and draw right now
i'll do just that too so goodbye

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Doot doot

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I'm still trying to improve but here are a couple things that got me more active
>fix your sleep schedule, gotta sleep 6-8hrs a night at least and not wake up at noon
>don't eat too much shit, cut down on soda, snacks and fast food if you're eating all that, it'll make you less sleepy, also drink water
>go for 30 minute jogs every couple days, the first time you'll feel like shit and like sleeping but after that you'll feel much better in your own skin.
>if you're playing one or more of those, completely cut "repetitive" vidya out of your life, shit like assfaggots, MMORPGs, gacha, whatever game tries to get you into a long gameplay loop, you'll gain nothing of value out of it
>get a project going. Draw that character you want to draw, start that comic you want to start. Don't wait. That shit will get you addicted to drawing in no time.
All of these are important to me, maybe it could be to you too? Improve yourself, anon.

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I love Kim Bum. Wonder what he's working on now, though. Other inferior artists are working on Vindictus now.

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Set a 1 hour timer and tell yourself that even if you get nothing done your goal is to just work on something for this 1 hour.

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Doesn't work. instead of doing nothing, I felt like I did worse than nothing, created a turd.

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>I can currently jog for 30 minutes nonstop
I'm surprised you can't jog non-stop for 12 hours, too.

Dude, that's not how you instill a habit. You're meant to draw one hour every day not seven hours on Sunday.

I understand how hard it is in the beginning. I think it took me about a month of doing it every day to really stop missing spending time playing vidya.

You know what you have to do though. It's a matter of discipline and will power. If you really want to get better at drawing, pick a time every day and stick to it. Say "I'm going to draw for 30 minutes every day at 6pm" and then do it without fail for 30 days.

It gets easier, I promise. But you have to give it time.

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Doesn't matter, you were productive for an hour, that's success.

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Is that what I'm supposed to believe? Where do I go from here then?

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That's a problem with your outlook on what it means to practice.

Practice isn't about creating something perfect; or even good, it's about getting better. Even if you spend one hour drawing lines, then that's time well spent (maybe not perfectly spent but it's well spent nonetheless). Mindful practice is important. Decide what you want to study today and study that thing. If that's drawing boxes, or lines, or eyes, then that's what you do. And every line you put on the paper you put it with purpose and with an eye on your goal.

Practicing scales when learning an instrument will destroy your soul. Up and down, up and down, just repeating these same 14 fucking notes for 30 minutes, then pick a different 14 notes and do those for 30 minutes. But the point isn't to annoy your neighbors, it's about improving your dexterity and your ear and being able to blindly find those 14 notes while legions of horny women throw themselves at you and you're drowning in pussy.

So go and fucking practice. Whatever that means to you.

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how much time since making this thread did you spend on drawing, OP?

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thats actually really good advice, I always feeel ass thought that if i dont get a presentable picture down i mess up and the day was wasted.

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>>doesnt know how physiology works kek

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stoicism better

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actually sitting down and working instead of fucking around online and then pretending you were working that whole time

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>if i dont get a presentable picture down i mess up and the day was wasted
If you worked an entire day and you weren't able to finish anything presentable, you need to rethink your process.

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Sounds too much like a meme. No way it works.

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Learn the essentials and try to practice those until they look as you want them to, or maybe just jump into a project you personally have and like and put effort in it instead. It might help you better .

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Be vegan, abstinent, scheduled fasting, etc

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>You're meant to draw one hour every day
Imagine thinking you GMI by only drawing 1 hour a day lmao

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>Drawing more than one hour a day
Do people really do this?

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Imagine someone having this low IQ and reading comprehension and expecting people to take him seriously lmao

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