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So far I want a matte screen that still has some tooth while being smooth enoguh to allow me glide my own more....if that's even possible.

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try the techarmor screen protector

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I Can't Believe It's Not Paper!

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My Paperlike 2 arrives tomorrow

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i bought some cheap "icares" brand on amazon.
its matte, with a slight texture to it but smooth enough where you cant really feel it with your fingers.
it does have a bit of a rainbow effect though if youre looking at a bright white screen but honestly, i didnt really find it too distracting.

paperlike 2 is also good but it might be a little too rough for what youre looking for.

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what model did you get, how much storage?
is it patrician?
does paper 2 dull the colors?

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I have done heavy research on this
and the best one is elecom brand
it's made in japan and is made for drawing.
all other ones are made in china and are heavily marketed/advertised

Check it on amazon elecom paper feel

(it get heavily downvoted by competitors and shoe size iq fags that claim it's blue but you're suppose to peal off the blue protective sticker after you put it in)

Also, what model did you get, is it the 12.9 3rd gen by an chance?

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Anyone know of a brand that fits/works for the surfacebook2?

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