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Heya /ic/, this drawing is done by a friend of mine. Do you see any errors/mistakes? What could make it look better?

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Stop making threads cunt

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>done by a friend of mine
Here's the error, you should have typed "done by me"

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Figure is out of balance, right forearm is out of proportion, humerus is broken into two, face caved in, eyes too close to each other, neck dislodged from the torso, pectoral muscles are misplaced, the sideplane for her head is practically non existant and worse of all this is weebshit. Tell your "friend" its shit.

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many thanks anon

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I asked him to post it for me

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Can you and your little buttbuddy fuck off

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Dear cro and derac, if you're reading this, suck a big penus

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aight thanks, but wdym by sideplane?

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Cro is that you? Fuck off from this thread you fucking assfuck. Youre supposed to work on your shitty comic

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deric when are you going to reply i showed you my dick please respond

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LMFAO nice cope attempt OP, no one's buying your bullshit

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This is the quality thread /ic/ needs.

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I think it's well done, especially the design: there are some anatomy issues (and I won't lie, I hate that fucking face), but they don't really affect the drawing unless they're specifically looking for errors. In general, it is very cute to look at. I can't stress it enough, the design is top tier

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I asked him to post it for me since I was banned for a bit, hadn't noticed it expired forever ago

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thanks m8, highly agree with the face bit lmao
since I dont have much xp I'm mostly looking for anatomical errors

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Is she falling? Where is her center of balance?

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I have absolutely no idea
heres ref

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How the fuck did they fuck up their right arm so badly given they were using reference; theres literally no forearm visible in this picture

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idk but if youd be willing to tell me how to fix this shit thatd be great lmao

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Anon, I...

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I tried to fix anatomy but this isn't a fix of the whole piece, it's more of a thing i've done for myself since im learning anatomy and proportions now. I didn't know what to do with pelvis and legs area

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Never red line ever again.

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in what universe is her right elbow not broken?

this is why i don't even bother looking at the critique on this board. it's straight retardation

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Kill yourselves

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The point is that it's not a red line to fix this shit, I just wanted to see if i can place landmarks and draw through clothes. If it's broken, let me know what is broken, I just recently started learning that stuff. Preferably make a red line version that is completely correct

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Noodle arms

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my man just look and think. look at her left forearm. can you bend your arm like that? if so, see a doctor

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Based coomer, I hope this is real.

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Alright, anything else?

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okey tank

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thanks, nex time ill draw the body first

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thighs too thick i c

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btw he titties r sposed to be a bit smaller than that

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