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How do I overcome the feeling I'm not good enough even though there's more mediocre people making it in the industry (indie games)?

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Create what you want to see first and nobody else will matter. Because you are filling the world with what you like to see.

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Practice to improve. What, you want to say you're good JUST cause you're "better" than people who are simply bad?

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It doesn't matter how much I practice, that feeling hasn't gonne away.

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So keep going. I feel the same way as you. Art is an infinite climb. One day you will feel content with your drawings if you continue to try your best, just not today. Drawing will never give instant satisfaction to those who seek higher quality work

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This has been my personal art philosophy for years, I'm glad to hear another Anon say it.

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You aren't good enough, faggot. That animation is absolute shit.

If you want people to respect your art, study and grind.
If you want to make it in the industry, fucking kys because it's not gonna happen. Art, is a hobby. Very few talented artists are lucky enough to score a job doing what they love.

Even if you work really hard for 20 years the only paid work you are likely to get is drawing horrifying porn commisions for mentally ill people.

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