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All traditional is shit except sculpture

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>Literally no one.

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They're both dying mediums. Digital is cheaper, safer, more powerful, more convenient, doesn't degrade. Only nostalgia and trading value keep them relevant.

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Based, high IQ and claypilled.

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>not using poster paint
do you even art attack?

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Look, I like covering up my endless mistakes, ok?

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/jp/ is that way weeb

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I literally cannot imagine what it’s like to have such wrong opinions about things

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acrylics are nothing special. gouache is acceptable.

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I have seen oil painters on here say acrylics are garbage and should never be touched by anyone.

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Your pretentious landscape painting will be rotted to shit in a hundred years while my digital waifu pinup will be as pristine as the day it was completed.

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>literally every "professional" painter
Painters are some of the worst elitists in the art field. I'm talking about people who show in galleries, not illustrators who paint. They will most certainly pick on you for using acrylics.

This brings up an interesting question. How much of the digital imagery from today will survive the next 100 years? Most of it will probably disappear from the internet when the sites they are hosted on eventually go down. Digital is so over saturated that even with people saving and re-uploading to other sites, 99% of it is doomed to disappear eventually.

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wrong moron thats the whole point of oil paints

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you saw snobs on /ic/? wow!

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I am someone who dislikes acrylics. I gave them an honest try but they just lack the look and properties of oil painting, building up glazes and working your edges is something I can't really achieve as well as with oils. The each their own, right?

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Absolute madlad.

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I have never seen a wojack poster say something intelligent or thoughtful.

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The majority of oil paintings are leagues better than the majority of acrylic paintings

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Oil paint is not going away anytime soon. With digital you don't have a physical object unless you make a print which has a devalued value to begin with as you can make an infinite amount of copies of it. People want real oil paintings for the same reason that they want expensive mechanical watches, pearls, diamonds, and so on.

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I don't hate many mediums except wax. acrylics are useful. lately i like thinning them down like watercolors and using them on watercolor paper, but they dry permanently so you can layer for days.

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This was done with thin acrylics on watercolor paper. His paintings are in galleries, although I suppose he is more an illustrator who paints.

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Wow, it's like they're... different materials!!!

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Oil > watercolor > tempera > power gap > acrylic

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Acrylics -> Cheap and no smell. Dryes VERY quickly in pallet which is a major pain.

Oil---->Expensive and smells. Some people will not be able to tolerate the smell. It will take forever to dry in the wall, but at least you'll be able to work longer times with your pallet.

Other than that, it's easier to cover up and charge the canvas with oil. In the case than any of us will wanna sell at pro art fairs (lololol) oil will be much better paid. I asked why and got 10 different reasons from 10 people, so give up trying to figure out why.

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>10 different reasons
They probably all boil down to acrylic being liquid plastic and just not looking as good as oil period. The same artist could paint the same painting in both and would be paid at least 50% more for the oil.

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>How much of the digital imagery from today will survive the next 100 years?
The vast majority of digital images are, as Hito Steyerl put it a decade ago, poor images; they are nothing more than copies stored in lossy formats, which makes conservation difficult. Not only that, but because of how quickly internet subcultures tend to wax and wane, authentication through ethnographic means is even more-so. Works by digital artists have already been acquired by select art museums; this usually entails the artists handing over the original drives with which the files were made and/or stored on, ideally in lossless formats.

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>tfw don't know the difference between the two

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