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Has there ever been a good how to draw anime book are there good ones written by japs?

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Japanese pros wouldn't publish garbage like this. They'd probably say "Learn the fundamentals and real proportions, then add your own stylistic flourishes when you have those down reasonably well"

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I started from 0 with that bool and I swear it fucking stagnated me. Mark Crilley sensei has good intentions but his style is so cut and dry, especially with how he draws heads. I was drawing those uguu heads for the longest time

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The Hikaru Hayashi ones.

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This was my first introduction to any kind of art and it has ruined my life. Study from real life- focus on fundamentals- Loomis, Villpu, Hudson, etc etc they're not memes.

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I've heard good things about this one but I'm not a pro so I can't vouch. If yiu can't find a resource you might be just fine doing master studies of your favorite shows/manga

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>source: my asshole

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Go look at any Japanese drawing book from Japan and its exactly that, dumb fucking retard.

You need to know how to do something correctly to do it incorrectly correctly.

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I dunno if the book covers drawing manga or not, but i've heard that "Manga in Theory And Practice" by Hirohiko Araki is a good book on how to create manga in general

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Holy shit this is not a good example of high level Japanese art. What the fuck is happening to her spine/pelvis.

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Anime is not art

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came to post this
I never used books, but from anything I saw this is legit
made in japan and translated to English.
Its runtime is from 99-10ish, with most the publications early on, so the info is leaning towards oldschool, but still 100% good and valuable, you just have to tweak the style and learn some of the digital processes if you want to do that.
>are the good ones writted by japs
yes and are slowly being translated. I suggest you scroll through the artbook threads in the archive, make a new one, or scroll through exh/e-h

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The ones written by mangaka tend to assume you already have a certain level of ability. They're alright, not great.
Crilley is really good at observation drawing, but his invented work is actually staggeringly mediocre. his compositions are incredibly basic and his grasp on stylization is weak at best.
I have some of these, and as I said before, they assume you're drawing at a certain level already, but they're pretty decent.

There are newer japanese manga books, but I don't think they're been translated. There is a partial translation of a how to draw girls book by Houtengeki.

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You should instead be concerned for the snake's jaw

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Fucking this
Every single good manga and keyframe artist I've seen has VERY strong fundementals and it shows in their work.
Regardless of their stylization perspective and (underlying) anatomy remain on point

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for some reason the majority of these books only ever show off their own terrible looking style, and anyone with any sense wouldnt copy those directly, so you end up with them trying to apply what they think is good on top of what they think theyre learning from these books and.... it all ends up worse.

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Berserks 3 movies had wonderful frames when they werent using cg, especially movie 3

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F.S is really a mixed bag sometimes

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How naive, the greatest books from Japan are no different than Excalibur. You’ll only obtain them if the world wills for you to be with peak artistry.

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Instead of me asking what books like OP, I have a different question. What did the actual masters do to improve? How they started out and their work flow. All I've ever seen so far is just "I started young" and their reason for getting into it not the actual process.

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They usually go to an atelier or a real art school and master the fundamentals. They get very good at realism and then go off to make whatever the hell they want after they graduate.

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Alright. if you check out this guy's gallery - https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=902690 - and go way back, you'll see studies. A lot of studies. A fucking ton, of studies, and you can also see how he advanced his anime style art.

Mind you, if you just grind studies, you won't get anywhere with imaginative drawing. You have to take what you learned from doing studies, and then do drawings from imagination with that new knowledge, and how to effectively stylize what you've seen. You can see in this guy's gallery where his early anime style work wasn't as good as his studies, but got better over time.

These are two related skills, and you have to work both of them up.

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They also happened to have gotten personal mentors

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You must have liked when Buzzshit tried to make fun of comic book poses by putting obese women trying to do the same shit.

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>I was really glad to draw as a kid. Drawing the things I liked, I didn’t think about things like anatomy, shading, or correctness; I drew everyday and once I reached 16 I wanted to be serious about art and decided it would be my major.

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Got a source for that?

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I like this one a lot because it stresses the real life anatomy and proportion behind the anime style

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Same with this one on expressions, they talk about how muscles move to make different expressions, and even shows you the horrifying ungodly creature that is a skinless anime.

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Got sauce?

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Yep heres the book for you friend

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who's the artist? this looks really good

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I don't know because I can't read moon runes however I found it in one of the art book thread megas under the name "Drawing Girls"

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This 5 volume set is the best

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Iirc pic related is don't by either the same team or by the same "studio" (not publisher, something different) as the old How to Draw Manga books. Still hasn't been scanned ever though so you'd have to buy it
>they assume you're drawing at a certain level already,
There is supposed to be a beginner's book or a low level basics book but it was never scanned by anyone.

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These books are all 5 years old or more. Where's something new and Pixiv approved?

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>something new and Pixiv approved?

1000users入り is going to be your best friend

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this, learn the fundamentals and just copy your favorite japanese artists, this is literally how all the japs learned.

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I fucking forgot that I had this book.

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Why are there no translated jap books?

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use Yandex image translate,
gotta do it 1 page at a time tho.

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Yoshinari is a literal "I just drew mangas all day long copying what I liked" and hes a fucking God anyways.

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Why tf is it on ehentai?

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There's actually a significant amount of Japanese tutorial books on sad panda.

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Who has time for that

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>just copy your favorite japanese artists, this is literally how all the japs learned.
Precisely! If you can't see the similarities between Harohiko Araki (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) and Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star), you're blind.

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I believe is less likely for them to take the books down if they're stored there.

>Hey boss! I found one of our books while browsing big dick futa on a hentai site!! Should I tell them to take it down??

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why the fuck do people who want to learn how to draw anime think they are exempt from learning the fundamentals of art?

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Mental retardation

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So, I found some of the books this anon was talking about>>4237760
It's basically simplified fundies, keys to drawings, using refs is ok but no copying 1:1 and A LOT of advice on how to make manga. Holy shit digital is a literal godsend for those poor fuckers. Also better attitude and advice than a good 85% of /ic/.

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One of those has soul

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No one wants to spend 10+ years learning realism just to draw anime tits. Harsh but true.

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Asia Ladowska just published a book. Sketching with Asia. She's Polish not a Jap, but her work is just as good.

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Looks like a rip off of ilya and loish. Soulless and dropped.

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You don't have to study Michaelangelo before yiu can draw cunny but you do at least need to be able to draw basic forms and human anatomy

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Did anyone have this book growing up?

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i... i literally have this and its never seen the light of day.

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Bust it out and tell us how much of a train wreck it is

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I've been waiting to see this ripped.

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Araki actually copied Ancient Greek sculpture.

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It's been out for months. No idea why it's taking so long

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part 1 is literally fist of the north star with vampires

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Jesus this guy draws a fuckton it just keeps going and going

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Why are pixar movies on pornhub? Because if porn sites cared about ownership, 90% of their content would get deleted.

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ok, why?

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Fear the day that the copyright noose is tightened around pornhub's neck.

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It's what you gotta do if you wanna make it

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This guy. How old do you think he is? Dude already drew WAY more finished pieces than I see myself doing in my whole life.
That should be a motivator but it made me feel hopeless for a second. Why wouldn't I surpass that? Don't I talk about making it all the time? But he has dozens if not hundreds of high quality paintings. Not even the Old Masters did that much.

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The guy's profile says he's got 30 years experience, and his twitter says he's a college level professor. So he's probably around 50 or so.

>Don't I talk about making it all the time?
Talking about it and doing it are different things.

The old masters also largely worked directly from models. Why would you need to memorize anatomy if you're just going to be looking at what you're painting? You don't. You can focus instead on technique and application. That said, don't confuse what we have of the old masters work with the entire body of their work. A lot of stuff has been lost over the years, especially works on paper or other mediums that don't hold up well over time. I know just from my time at art school I have several hundred life drawings on brown paper, and those aren't going to survive for even 20 years probably.

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Based read-the-interview-anon
You also have to remember a) he studied from pictures of real life, too and b)his brother's talent rubbed off on him. So like the anon before you said, he got solid fundamentals the hard way, that is to say the only way.

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graphic-sha publishing

how to draw manga series

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Try reading the thread next time

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how do you figure 50 he could have started by 10

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I started drawing when i was a child, but I don't count that when I talk about how long I've been drawing.

If we assume he's counting from when he started college, 18+30=48. He could be counting from earlier, or even later, thus "around 50," not "exactly 50."

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araki actually straight up said that his manga was inspired by other artists

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toshi's made some really good ones

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hitokaku is alright but it's hardly anime

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this one...

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And this one.

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he literally draws in an eastern style where things are simplified and designed in such a way where the information you learned can be applied to animation and manga easily while still keeping important aspects of drawing such as form, perspetive, proportion, and anatomy in mind. it's the jap equivalent of loomis books.

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Lots, but to tell you the truth a lot of japanese artists learn simply by copying other japanese artists.
That's why there are not a lot of how-to-draw manga books from the 70's and 80's.

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How do they get to know proportions at whatever angle beyond what they copy then?

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Fuck, you brought back some memories, I had wanted this one over a decade ago but I was afraid of what my mom would say.

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>there are not a lot of how-to-draw manga books from the 70's and 80's.
This implies that exists a how-to-draw manga book with the 70's-80's style.
If you know one or more, please say the name.

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You should track down setteis from shows from that era, but you need to learn about the japanese hashtags and bought them on services like Buyee or Jauce.

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It's time to get your revenge.

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the epitom of manliness

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You have absolutely zero reading comprehension. He literally told you the source

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Where do I learn katakana bros?
I want to fulfill my weeb desires.

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fug, didn't check the replies

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Look harder next time.


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don't spoonfeed retards

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>and it has ruined my life
no it hasn't you bumbling retard you just haven't taken the time to practice drawing anything beyond anime bullshit

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>What is hyperbole
imagine having to have sarcasm explained to you

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>This guy. How old do you think he is?
He turned 67 this year.

He has a fuckton of mileage in terms of drawing, and is a college art professor.

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You're not my supervisor

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>digital is a literal godsend for those poor fuckers.
Just look this felt like the future in 1996

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But backgrounds in anime are

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Fuck I've been waiting for it too
How fucking long is it going to take

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What does it matter who wrote it? I fail too see why that matters. I see absolutely and entirely no reason. lol I think useful things should be contributed. So the origin of a person writing a book isn't significant to me. I like discussions to be altered by pertinent information. So I'm not on the page of others who would say the country of origin of a drawing person is of import. Of all the things to discuss, why would that be discussed? What does that impact? lol What do people think about weighing materials on the changes they manifest?

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The idea is that generally a Japanese person would be better at writing a book on am art style from their country, because they're more exposed to it as well as having easier access to people who are adept at the style.

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Ideally you want to person writing a how to book to have ACTUALLY DONE THE THING THEY'RE WRITING ABOUT.

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I have this one. I can definitely recommend it.
It covers the basics that you'd expect, like construction, perspectve, proportions, etc.
But it also covers things like clothing/folds, drawing animals in a manga style, environments and rendering.
It even has sections describing how to use different mediums and examples of other manga artist's drawing process.
It obviously doesn't go super in-depth on most of it, but it does give you a good foundation to build on.
Not written by a nip though. Pretty sure it says somewhere that she's Korean.

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>using a real airbrush as opposed to the digital one
Now that's soul.

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the drawing looks nothing like the model though, it's almost like they took the drawing and told the model to pose like that

>> No.4253004

pen work only areola= soul
rest= soulless

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if Sogna saw this...

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honestly it's much less scary than what you made it out to be
also that's a pretty good book, nothing extraordinary but still fairly useful

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ryo hirata

>> No.4253373

You're kind of stupid.

If you're using reference and just copying it 1:1, you're NGMI. Reference is there to help solve problems, not to be copied mindlessly. If they had the model pose after the fact, why isn't it exactly the same pose? It's because they had the model pose first, then changed things as they drew.

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Why has nobody translated any of the good jap books

>> No.4253456

Bro jap books are fucking shit
>Draw it like this
>Easy haha
>Now you draw her hips
>then... done. Be sure to draw her feet at the right angle


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If the books are shit then how do I learn to draw like a weab

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Anon, has lost it.

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