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My Uni gave us a free adobe (K-12) acc I i don't even do anything art related. I was bored and tried to draw something from memory. Lmao it does not look that bad desu. I saw the orginal pic earlier this day. r9k or b

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what is it with you dumb niggers making whole new threads for your art rather than posting in one of the pre-existing threads
fuck off

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>Able to retain a mental image and recreate it

Congrats you are better than 90% of /ic/

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Good job Op, anything that pisses off the crabs is good enough for a thread

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>posting in pre-existing threads so that everything else is off-topic e-celeb wank/hate, venting, declarative faggots declaring their retarded ""facts"" to look for validation and gratification, retarded rants, muh art gf threads, and shitty autism memes
>wanting to preserve the aforementioned garbage in the expense of actual art threads
/ic/ is so fucking retarded. kys. Waste of oxygen.

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