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Has anyone here heard of this course or tried it out? I'm wondering how good this course is and if what they promise is worth it or not.

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if it's in english it's probably not worth it

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looks pretty bad if thats their choice of promotional image, also the art examples on their website are pretty shit. http://www.2danimation101.com/index.html shows its taught by a bunch of westeners too.
I wouldn't touch it personally OP but it could be a useful first step if you're an absolute beginner

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>basic moe blob shit
You can learn this on your own. Go learn from real life and translate it to anime after

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>taught by a bunch of westeners too.
oh no no no no no

Just use pin2d OP

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Why is this paid course going to be any better than the abundance of Japanese books you can already find online but haven't worked through?

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"you don’t need to be born with the talent. The latest research on brain science proves it. Now, don’t just believe that because I am saying it. Find out for yourself. Read about Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity, or check a simplified explanation of it in my TEDx Talk below."

sounds legit

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Japs are too smart to give up their secrets but based Taiwan boi is giving them out for free to stick it to the Japs.

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