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will learning kanji give me line/brush stroke gains?

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You will ngmi because you keep making stupid threads.

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What ever makes you happy

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so yes?

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with a real brush, yes
otherwise no

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No, absolutely not.
Just practice inking if you want linework gains.

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that's not kanji

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>will practice straight lines make me better at making straight lines?

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a thread died for our sins

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The right brush pen will improve your brush skills, absolutely. I was inspired to return to calligraphy drawing after seeing video of a distant cousin graduation ceremony in Japan. He bowed low and appeared to speak the language well.

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unless you have zero sense of pressure and how brushes work, you wont learn anything

>t. jap

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>learning kanji
No. That's learning how to read/write a language.

>learning calligraphy/書道
Yes. Kids in Japan learn calligraphy at a young age and have to take in account things like line confidence, composition, thickness control, etc.

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It becomes fascinating to analyze the logic of the characters, and to see which words rhyme with which. These are 10mm squared.

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Those Latin definitions are more architectural/dramaturgical than lingual. Illud would be a Point and Regio would comprise an Area.

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That's if you want to actually learn Japanese.

What everyone else said, it's pointless. You just want an excuse to become 上手です 「凄い!」at your 日本語. Do whatever makes you happy, but just know there are better uses of your time.

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your kanji is hideous. focus on strokes, not thickness. use a dip pen or brush and copy a typeface. it looks like tacky tattoo versions of hanzi.

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I don't think of it as being a national/international thing, just an expression-form. And Expression may be pointless for you, but most people feel differently.

>use a dip pen or brush and copy a typeface.
I agree but that will have to come later. It isn't being done for wall art.

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