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This is probably the wrong place to ask, but is anyone familiar with SAI and it's bullshit saving canvas failed problem?

Regardless of shutting down the entire computer, restarting the program, reinstalling, it still has this issue. I'd prefer to avoid it in the future if possible.

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No, what version are you using? Sounds like some piracy crap if you ask me.

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I keep the crack file and just open that, close it and open the correct version again. Takes 5 seconds

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Use the cracked portable version, it works better (but it doesn't allow for custom brush textures, in case you use that).

Other than that, I could suggest you try using the program on another user in the same computer - this was the only fix I could find for my problem (other than downgrading to SAI 1.x, which is very uncomfortable).

Shut up turbo niggerkike.

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what do you mean by that?

I personally use a decent bit of custom brushes, but I could give it a shot. Any links?
Otherwise, making a whole new user seems like a pain but I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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Just buy it if you like it, it's not like it costs $250 or you have to buy a monthly sub.

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yeah. pirate sai1 almost never crash. but is a bummer that you can't recover files if shit like your entire PC crash or restart for some reason.

also, yeah is true that if you use sai2. is pretty hard to go back

I used sai1 for several years for free.
but last year I paid for sai2 . (was about $50 or $60).
and was the best decision i could make. no crashes at all. you get every single update with no problems and the most important thing is that you get the recover files option.

to tink that sai is done by one guy makes you think.
don't be a nigger and pay.

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SAI 2 is quite buggy before he patches the updates so I've used the recover feature quite often. If you buy you can install the program on all your computers.

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yes you can. install it many times.
but dunno. about bugs.I have not experienced any since I bought it.not a single one.
my biggest problem has been. blackouts and problems with the electricity.
or my fucking pc crashing for some random reason

to be honest. I should buy an UPS for my desktop pc


also one of the only problem i had with sai2
is the corruption of layers. (can be undone, no worries)
when you make a transformations and you go out of ram memory.

is like the same error in sai1, but less worse or destructive,
also with less waning exception error messages.

just keep an eye on the "memory usage" bar
if your damn browser uses a fuck ton of ram
and you have less than... dunno 16gb of ram.

now I have 24gb so I don't care anymore.
not a single problem.

fucking firefox using 8gb of ram.

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>That thumbnail
Post em nigga

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I love your poem, anon, congratulations.

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