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don't give up. Even a kid can do it. just draw a cute oc

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desu if you are here that means you already lost, that means you, me and everyone else in this board. Just give up while you're ahead and accept the fact you're incompatible with normies it would save you the grief from tryong to keep a false hope alive.

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what are you talking about? /ic/ is the normies.

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true. being relateable with and pandering to normies is the hardest part.

this place is nothing like twitter and normieville. 4chan attracts a specific personality type.

Even better. We don't even have to like drawing. We just gotta do suggestive art.

And pander.

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I really don't want to crab, but we all know he's going to stagnate. He draws all his characters in this same slightly turned angle with no background and rarely draws outside it. When he does it looks off 90% of the time. He's good at art, but I can't imagine him improving. he's surrounded by happy fans, he thinks he's good, and he has a decent style. I'd kill to be him, but the idea of drawing slightly bent sexy furry for eternity scares me. I hope this dude doesn't get a job because He'll be in a rude awakening were he has to draw more than 1 angle

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But anon, you are wrong.
I'm going to make the best 3d nsfw videogame of my fetish and then bank off those sweet patreon money.
No one in this world can do it beside me, I was born for that, I've tried to avoid my fate for a while, but now it's calling me at full force.
It was but a matter of time for me to realize my place in this society isn't to be a wageslave normie paid to excel, but a complete genious denegerate making his living thanks to other people's wanks.
I'm going to make it, Satan wills it. Normies need it.
There is nothing I can do to stop myself, it's already happening. My soul is going to mold the noosphere and change the course of history forever for the worst.
I'm. Gonna. Make. It. And nothing can be said or done to stop me.

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Not only do you fail to see /ic/ for the normalfag hive it is, but you betray your lust for status and success. If you really want to hoover up money from stupid normies get a psychology degree

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Anybody can create vanilla or nsfw material, the difficult part of it is relating to normies and having to interact with their retardation and cancer.

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My brother has a PHD on psychology and he’s is currently making bank from diagnosing people and telling them they’re fucked in the head

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>don't RP with my characters
How the fuck is he going to control that? Brb typing out novel length RP chat log

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Then sucks to be you, because I'm the master of that.

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How does it feel to be a walking cancerous ulcer being retarded?

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Idk, tell me.

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indeed his prospects are limited. His "talent" helps him for now, but it's going to bite him in the ass if he doesn't improve on his fundamentals. After real practice whatever we are talented at becomes are biggest weakness. And with 30k furries supporting him, he might now see the need to improve.

>I hope this dude doesn't get a job because He'll be in a rude awakening were he has to draw more than 1 angle

fucking kek

On the bright side with 30k followers he can convince his parents to take him to art college.

good luck anon

ok then. ic is kinda normie but the only difference is we're way more blunt than pure normalfags. You have to be sjw, soft, nice and OmG qUiRky to keep normalfag twitter followers.

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>You have to be
no, you can pretend.

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is this amateur hour?

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How does this happen

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werent there a bunch of people in here screaming about there not being any cute girls doing cute things that werent sexy or porny in any way? looks like people on twitter are after that too.

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but I don't want cute girls I want loomis

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Your wish is my command

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(cue smiling loomis head plastered on a photorealist rendered sexy naked lady body)

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what kind of utter degeneracy does a man have to witness in order to put "don't rp with my characters" into their twitter bio?

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Back to r9k you go. Not everyone on 4chan is an autist

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>this thing
>good, at art
i've known sixteen year olds with more talent in their pinky. all this shitter is proving is just how futile the numbers game is, that it really does come down to luck over post timing or consistency or pandering or any of the other meta bullshit d/ic/ks like to crab about

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What I want to know is how his engagement is so high. Everything he posts gets upwards of 50 replies. What the hell is going on?

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if even a kid can do it that just show how undeveloped this industry is. Compare it with architecture and you need years of structured study. Meanwhile, with artistic drawing we still have to decide on what the proper learning method is, and are inhibited by ideas like "talent", simply by the fact that we cant explain how some get relatively good fast, while others it take years

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OMG what a nice style, i love it, plz blog now,, plz.

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what the fuck he draws way worse than me and gets 10x likes

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LOL welcome to drawing

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your mistake is not posing as a 15 year old girl

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no anon, just because you suck at socializing and only judge people based off of their surface-level qualities doesn't mean that everyone else on 4chan does so too you dumb fuck
this goes to all of the other people here, not just that anon in particular. get your life together

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Just have luck bro (yes seriously), or you can pander to redditors to get a kickstart assuming you're "good".

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if it was so easy to relate to normies and socialize where are your 30k followers? Appealing to wide audiences is no easy task.

underrated post. there is still fertile ground in our industry.

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>decide if Francine and Buster
>a third character says the sentence
What did they mean by this?

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posting other successful artists who are YOUNGER than i am enrages me, im tired of this shit
i know i shouldnt care because im not that much older and art is less about others and more of yourself, but what the fuck is this bullshit how do i achieve internet fame?

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unironically stop comparing yourself to others, there will always be somebody more sucessful, creative, younger or smarter than you, even 10 years ago, erase your negativity and start having fun with art instead

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But making it means making good art so what you just said is complete bullshit.

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Closet furry stuff has a big audience of both furries and a surprising number of furries in denial which I see a lot of here

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people rping with his character probably

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Apparently only Kyle, Bbcchan and Aztodio have more than 30k on this board, and they all draw porn. We're fucked.

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That's the power of coom.

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If you notice, the old generation of "/ic/ legends" who made it like tehmeh, teal, catbib, and thdark made it by doing mainly SFW concept art or illustration. Now the newer generation of /ic/ artist has made it from producing NSFW art.

Is it because years ago drawing porn wasn't seen as a serious way to make a living for artists as it is now? I know being a concept artist used to be the hyped job many artists tried to aspire to get.

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I once played DBD with a guy name Kiwi. He shittily played guitar and was a faggot.

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whats the next big thing no one is thinking about?

On the bright side, if a kid can have popular doodles, then your adult self has a perfectly good chance at making it.

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Like clogwork.

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let me be the purple crab

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most annoying part is the anti-nsfw squad that have formed around him

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When you say 'anti-nsfw squad' do you mean fans that hate nsfw of his characters or just hate nsfw in general?

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Nsfw in general, there exist the ones that are only set off by nsfw of specifically his characters though.

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Which is retarded. Just because a 16 yr old designed the character, doesn't except rule 34 being made of them. And desu this characters capitalize on sexuality, since he gives them thick thighs, hourglass figure, etc.

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another retarded thing.
anyone who drew the characters were called pedophiles.
Wow like does it really matter who made the fucking character, how stupid can ones followers be

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Furry ‘tism. It’s the same reason furry commissions are so successful

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the fact that they're as old as 16 makes it doubly weird.

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You know. I'm not the best artist that draws porn on the block. Or even really that good I dont think but, I'm gonna draw porn of those things. And post it on Twitter.

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NSFW artists seriously deserve all the shit they get.
I really bought it once, the
> we're not bad guys just horny and lonely Sex is art!
I'm sure that guy exists somewhere, but never give the benefit of the doubt to people who cater to the lowest common denominator.

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He says he is "expressing" himself with these lewd characters. I guess that makes sense. Teenagers are horny as fuck.

how hard is it for twitter fags to separate art from the artist?

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it's at this point you realize popularity does not define level of skill

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Really hard it seems
Already done it, also rule34 users have decided to start making an archive on kiwihermit nsfw, as anything posted on rule 34 gets taken down by white knights

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the key to twitter fame is cancer ridden thighs

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Prepare to kill yourself then when you find out pic related has 34.5k followers, more than the kid in the OP.

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based picrel

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>be me, roll playing with stolen character.
>I roll play to be a giant faggot.
>Roll a natural 20.
>best stolen character yet, kek.
>Knocking on the door
Open up, i know you're roll playing with a stolen original character!
>franticly delete my roll20 account and flee the country with the help of Chinese people traffickers.

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A gmi artist once told me how to do social media studies of artists to see how they brand/succeed. I'll try this with some of the artists like OP and report back, I think it'll be interesting for all of us.

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Interesting. I'll look into it

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Yeah they do. Acting like they're not drawing the filthiest things for money, like a whore doing the filthiest positions for money.

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Alright, here are my results

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and for >>4178609

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Well observed

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also, before kiwi went to twitter, he went around discords and shit drawing shitloads of nsfw, and today he pretends like none of that happened,
He was like 14 at the time i assume.
Only recently has he started acknowledging it after a bunch of fags were trying to recreate the old stuff and salvage low res thumbnails

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>implying everyone here aren't normies

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>just draw a cute oc
Can confirm, this is what helped my account blow up from the beginning and helped me get more followers later on in addition to drawing other ocs(I have about 10k since starting last year). I draw fanart occasionally too. I have a shit ton of other things that probably hurt my potential for traction though(crap self-promotion, slow at posting, barely talk, wildly different/conflicting interests content and design-wise, inconsistent style) so I'm grateful my followers aren't leaving me in droves.

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Any tips on oc creation? I have a sona right now and 2 dead OCs which I don't know how to develop.
Slapping a small moustache and accessories on a casual lookin guy is all i got rn. I don't know what direction i should take it

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To be honest I'm not the best one to ask when it comes to designing men, but usually I take inspiration from things that interest me and combine them in a way, for example "mythological creature + plant" or "mythological creature + slime creature + ink" and give them a personality and distinctive silhouette. But sometimes I just draw regular humans with simple fashion/hairstyles and people like that too. I actually tend to approach designs like how one would approach an artwork in general, if that makes sense(pic related).

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I'm 37, not going to make it.

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sauce on that?

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please stop posting

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thanks for the reply. I think i might have a small idea on what i can do, ill share it with the thread later if i get around to it

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please, stop posting and find another hobby.

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calm yer tits

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lmao his drawings are horny as fuck how are people getting mad over lewding them

>> No.4178942

I think if you simplified a bit you'd have the potential for something like an adult swim show style back when adult swim was good.

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I couldn't imagine being a young teen and having all that attention on me, such as having thousands of followers, like teens can have now with modern social media. Most of you guys in your 20s and 30s probably used forums as your main form of ""social media"". Being well known on a forum gave you no where the same attention as being well known on Twitter/Instagram with does.

Just find this interesting with the kids growing up now. Even though Twitter existed since 2007, it didn't get popular until just a few years ago. I don't think I started seeing Twitter screenshots posted as OP pics on 4chan until maybe 2014/2015?

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oh its the twitter pseudo-furry super simple cute girl style, the person will get like 9 billion followers, then some drama related to porn will happen, then it will come out that the artist has a massive porn stash because noone who draws with that style is anything but obssessed with "cute girls"

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I like Alex Ahad's take on character creation.


Fantastic observation anon. You're going to make it.

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Do what you wan't. Don't listen to retards ;)

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cause he is a kid and kids should never draw any nude body even if it is for anatomy study

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heh. And ic said I had to enjoy making furry art to make it. That's not even necessary.

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I'm gonna have a stroke

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You could make it if your art wasn't so fucking ugly jesus christ

>> No.4179789

It really doesn't look that bad, you can go somewhere with this.

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Unironically based and insightpilled.

>> No.4179862

i bet he is not even 16. roleplayers are so common in furry communities.

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So basically, just draw whatever is currently popular with teenagers since people won't really care about your artstyle

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You're living in a fairy tale.

Try having a debilitating diseases in your hands that utterly prevents you from going hard enough to git gud at a pro level. At least you fuckers have a CHANCE at success. Mine was already taken away.

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You already have a style that can work for funny comics.

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God’s forbids such atrocities to exist on this blessed Earth.

>> No.4179997

Do you feel like god will punish you for making a living by creating degenerate filth? I'm not trying to guilt trip you, it's a problem I'm thinking about. I mean I would love to make a living drawing legitimate art but it seems like in this sinful world you have to channel evil powers to make it.

>> No.4180006

>sinful world you have to channel evil powers to make it.
it does seem that way sometimes

> it's a problem I'm thinking about
I'm surprised to find another religious person on this board.

>Do you feel like god will punish you for making a living by creating degenerate filth?
That's a tough one. I can't speak for God, but my philosophy is to do enough good to offset the bad.

>> No.4180023

But I dont want to make it
I just want to make art I enjoy
Let the followers come if they will come
If not, then oh well

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/thread in every way conceivable

>> No.4180045

Please don't go down that road. It's not enough to just offset the bad, it goes down to the very core of what it means to do these things.
It's only a bit of pleasure, can't hurt much, especially among a crowd where everyone is in agreement, god or no god, right? But that's wrong and i'm pretty sure I could explain it within a single conversation to where it makes full sense to you, before even getting to a discussion on god.
But I believe it's important enough to say, if you wouldn't take someone you deeply love, imprison and torture them against their will, then please don't go down this road.
And I would at the obvious risk of being called a loon, tell you that this is not just a spiritual metaphor for what happens after death, or karmically in life, but a reality for you and everyone you know, as solid as your schedule tomorrow.

>> No.4180108

I have a deformed and neurally fucked hand.
So i use one finger to draw on my phone

>> No.4180128

>And i'm pretty sure I could explain it within a single conversation to where it makes full sense to you
Go ahead. If anything your entire post so far is saying nothing at all
>And I would at the obvious risk of being called a loon, tell you that this is not just a spiritual metaphor for what happens after death, or karmically in life, but a reality for you and everyone you know, as solid as your schedule tomorrow.
The mere existance of politicians in every single country on the face of the earth proves you wrong

>> No.4180167

Just draw coom, make hot shit and disregard anatomy for the sake of everyone’s boner

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Yeah but you and I are never gonna go pro. Sure, we can do art on the side as a hobby, but our handicap is just too much for any chance to become a top tier artist who is paid enough to live off his earnings.

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