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>be Disney
>pay your artist and animators a wage of hunger
>make revenues of several zeros

Why all artist havent a strike? I meant Disney can't fucking make money without them, they are the post important part of the pipeline and the worst paid of them all.

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>op is yet to realize artists are worse than prostitutes

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Don’t worry OP, most of them are calart fags to begin with paying their debt

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>they are the post important part of the pipeline and the worst paid of them all.
>he doesn't know

Nine times out of ten the reason why employers are assholes is because they know exactly how you benefit from working from them. Usually employees and prospective hires are shit at proving their worth so they're stuck with whatever shit condition the situation will allow for. They are benefiting too much and so cannot leave, or they worked too hard to leave now, etc. The average employee mindset values benefits above all things. Even ones which make no actual sense from an income, life, or overall wellbeing perspective.

There's someone whose entire conceptualization of making it is working for a major company like Disney. Get hazed, brainwashed, and undergo initiation half-starved for 5 years and you have enough clout to make millions from "aspiring amateurs", AA (double A) or below IP's. old era mega corporations, and so on. Disney has ins with the cabal so that means you can work on Star Wars , Marvel, Blizzard, Activision, and all the high level pedo rings/ entertainment rackets of the people's republic of ""California"".

Or so most plebs think, as they essentially devolve into corporate slaves in pursuit of the most favor by prospective employers. So that they can be shat out and thoroughly fucked by the company and company associates. Rack up them prostitution points bros and you too can be a workhorse for soulless products and their soulless associates. All the credibility, popularity, fortune, and respect can be yours if you just bust your ass to outclass your highly educated, highly skilled, international competitors for that sweeet 10$ an hour position in the wealthiest media company second only to Google.

blah blah blah masonry etc.

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>water is wet

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this comment is not helpful

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Disney artists make pretty good money.

It's just that a lot of Disney artists have hundreds of thousands of student loans to pay off

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>Why all artist havent a strike?
because you can fire all the artists and get new ones the next day, or outsource

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Is not that easy as it sounds.

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Disney will kill them if they strike.

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They're calarts trannies who are just in awe to be at disney they won't do shit.

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Disney did have a strike don’t you know anything?

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Yes it is, the majority of the work is already being outsourced.

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Most artists are like sheep, they do what they're told to do. It's not just the artists tho.

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because american ideology deems that as socialist and americans, regardless of strata, have an aversion to anything socialist after years of indoctrination
plus union busting is a known practice nobody there gives a fuck about

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They would just outsource to India and The Philippines.

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Most flips are weebs and would rather animate animu shit

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Disney doesnt keep their artists. They let them go. This is a loophole for them to avoid stuff.

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they wont all strike. theyre gotten by the balls like most workers at a job. paying for family, for food.

also theyre expendable. if they strike, disney will just fire them and hire more fresh from cal arts.

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