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Why the rhythm lines highlighted in red don't coincide with the zygomatic arch on the skull (the cheek bones).

What do those rhythm lines represent?

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What gave you the idea that they are supposed to represent bone?

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since the bones protrude, what is it representing if it's not the bone?

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>human face is made only by bone


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skin. muscle overall shape of face. where shadow will cast. there is bone that wraps from top of ear to cheek bone.

i can feel it.

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Nigger you can literally feel those rhythms in your own face unless you're so obese you've become deformed or are a fucking zombie.

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The left one implies you’re looking at the bone
The right one implies you’re looking at the skin covering the bone, thus following the flow of the visible cheek as opposed to the cheek bone
Idk why they’re called rhythm lines or whatever, sounds gay

But basically, because of the picture on the left, the lighting of the face will change to the right picture.

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Riley abstraction follows the muscle rhythms of the face to create symmetry and harmony. Not 100% accurate anatomy but simplified in a way it looks better than reality when used properly. Works great when mixed with various methods of construction and facial planes like skull, Loomis and Asaro.

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Muscles, skin, and fat you fucking retard, holy shit.

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I can't seem to see it on my face, I can only see and feel the boney protrusions

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such a failure

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Put your fucking finger in your ear and let it fall through your face. It'll follow either of the two paths on the right image.

Stop being so autistic.

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firstly, your measurements on the head are wrong, the lines are means to represent the planes of the cheekbone

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what's wrong with my measurements?

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you have to observe other people and then you'll make the connection, especially with different lightings or observing subtleties in real life. i wrote off reilly a while ago but as i drew more people i became drawn back to it and use it as the base for my faces since it fills in the gaps left by other construction methods. there are many, many different lines in his book. the important part is taking what's most useful to you in what you see. you don't have to use every single line every time.

i had trouble seeing lines like the right side because i was used to seeing cheeks break that up or smooth skin/muscle/fat. until i saw different situations or faces that it definitely is a line.

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It seems like the reilly method is wrong, hear me out.

On the side of the head there are no other protrusions made other then the zygomatic arch, if you think other wise please prove me wrong but tell me what are the causes of these protrusions.

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why people here are so aggressive? jesus

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I got used to it to be honest, I've gotten some really good information from this site buried under the crabs. I cant really ask for respect since this is the culture here on 4chan.

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In that area of the head there arent any prominent muscles.

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i get that we are on ic but stuff like this ispisses me off
op answer the guy with a question since he doesn't know what the line represent >>4150212 and then come people like this>>4150225
for nothing

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people who mostly browse here are lonely and need to vent out

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>Just ignore these idiots OP. They just don't know.
1.) It's both representing a top plane on the cheek and relating the ear to the nose and mouth. Reillys lines are about connecting two things not about the literal lines. That's putting the horse before the carriage. it's about the rythm. the lines are necessary to show the rythm but its not about the lines. those are imaginary.
2.) Rhythm (in this context) is about unifying contours. You shouldn't be using the Reilly method to invent faces. It's used to find relationships between contours and can also be used to abstract and caricature faces while maintaining those relationships.

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So they're not meant to only create planes? Only to locate the features like a map?

So should i use this method to only place the features?

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Yes that's correct. The planes that they create are incidental and can be useful at times but the main function of this method is to relate features to one-another, yes.

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It's a gestural line, not a construction line.

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In the asaro head it seems like a construction line, why is there a plane there?? Is it wrong?

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Sorry for so many posts, i just cant seem to wrap my head around this.

i drew the skull under the asaro head to help with my question

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They fucking act like kids.

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Dude, you need to understand that these planes are approximations. It can't be "wrong" because every face/head is different. Furthermore the Asaro head is meant to be used as a reference. You shouldn't be studying it so meticulously. Either Buy one or keep a couple images of it saved from different angles to reference when you're painting a face.

It seems like you're trying to understand heads/faces. You shouldn't be getting hung up on anatomy and details like the planes on the Asaro head or obsessing over cheek bones. You should endeavor to understand the GENERAL mass and volume of the head first with axis in proper perspective. Break it down and simplify it until you can draw it loosely with proportional accuracy. I'd recommend Bridgman's book on drawing heads. REMEMBER. BIG SHAPE FIRST then details. focus on MASS and VOLUME. Learn the major planes and the Overall Shape of the head. That's all you need.

However, If you're planning on drawing strictly from reference without taking artistic liberties then i'd recommend the Charles Bargue drawing course. He skips the Entire construction phase and focuses on shapes and defining light and shadow on the form.

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Dude you're ignoring the tactile reality of your face to keep yourself from accepting that a piece of information you have is wrong.

The right image's lines represent the muscular topography of your face, no matter what race, sex, age or build you are they're there and you can't feel them because Bridgman taught you to landscape the face in skeletal landmarks?

You may legit need therapy.

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i'm not op

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Which are the muscles then?

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They don't know the answer, so they shitpost to be "part of the community".
Maybe in a few years they'll grow up and make a post like yours, realizing how futile their behaviour was back then.

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Seems like your right, I honestly post only when I have some genuinely good input to give or if I have a question that has been bugging me for a while.

According to /ic/ I'm an autistic faggot retard since I'm questioning this method, lol. I know that they probably don't mean it, it's just 4chan's culture.

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What muscle does that plane represent? Or is it the zygomatic arch that is abnormally high?

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I've looked through a couple of head scans at sketchfab and the simplifcation in the Asaro head checks out. The plane above the zygomatic arch does appear higher than what you might expect by just looking at bare skulls. It's the sum of bone, muscle, skin and fat. Here's just one example: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/steven-novaks-head-scan-166e4c84946a4dd6ba136ed9ad691048

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So the plane is above the zygomatic arch?

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Yes, the bottom edge of the plane rolls off the zygomatic arch.

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Fucking hell, everyone does it differently. This is the way the author of Anatomy for Sculptors does it.

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The plane isnt ending at the top of the ear like the asaro head, it ends around were the zygomatic bone is.

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What is making the sides of the face pointy like this?

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Cheekbones, retard.

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Zigomaticus into levator labii superioris into risorious. And Maseter into risorius into platysma.

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Which are the muscles that create the plane above the zygomatic arch?

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It's zygomatic process + temporal fat pad

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Thank you

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no need to be such a cunt

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Yeah, though you're going to get called names, nothing has ever helped me with my art like /ic/. The amount of information is insane if you dig deeper and people harshly get you off the wrong track. I've been on deviantArt for 13 years and nobody there is talking about fundamentals, literally everyone I knew has always been drawing by "feeling" it and fixing when it seemed bad. There are barely any decent guides and hints there. I've started learning fundamentals at 22 and using materials recommended on /ic/ the improvement is rapid compared to before, I've started feeling bad about my art and reading about other anons practicing hours a day evokes severe guilt so I work much harder than before. Reading some posts I often tell myself how much I hate this board, but I couldn't be more thankful at the same time. It's like having a very strict teacher and being anxious to wake up every morning, but getting much better results. Like you said you just need to filter out shitty advice and listen to people who know their stuff.

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