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God damn, nigga
I cant draw SHIT without a reference

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Sucks to be you, Proko

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Draw something with reference, then draw it again without reference. It's no problem really, you just need to build your mental visual library.

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I've been doing exactly that for a decade and a half.

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Man draw with the reference using another pose , angle etc Eventually you willget yourvisual library

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Are you just copying? Or are you thinking about what you're drawing and the way it exists in a third dimensional space? Try to visualize it as a 3d object while drawing it.

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Referenced work, life or not, and imaginary work are very different things.

You don't know that because you haven't read any books and it shows.

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if you cant draw anything from imagination even though you do work from reference then you aren't doing proper studies, just mindless copies. analyse the shit you're drawing, make notes. you're literally supposed to remember what you're drawing so you can reproduce that later on entirely from memory.

basic knowledge about perspective helps with rotating your reference and drawing it from different angles.

also, you should just literally start drawing from imagination even if it looks like absolute crap now. just draw, turn the page and draw another one, keep drawing, you wont learn shit if you just give up because "you cant draw". if you draw 5 shitty hands then you'll probably come to a conclusion that you need to check for reference and you'll start actually learning from refs instead of being a human xero machine.

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what kind of weird-ass brush are you using. Turn down the flow and turn off size jitter so you don't get such drastic changes in brush size.

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the default brush that came with the application.

what happened to "no rules, just tools!"

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Anon... I'm so sorry...

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If you don't realize how it's hindering you then I'm afraid to say you will never get good.

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Post finished work
Also you arent actually op, he would be aware enough to notice that drawing without reference isnt his issue if his drawing looked like that after 15 years

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I hate all of you

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Post finished work friend
Sketches that rough always look shit unless you are bridgman or something

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oh no...

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>tfw you've been drawing from imagination and are independent from references
Who /original/ here?

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Do you have aphantasia?

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the thing about digital is that I want to try and mimic the feel of traditional as much as possible. That brush looks like you took a filbert and dunked it in two inches of black paint.

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It's one thing to be able to draw from imagination and another to have good ideas

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