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post your studios / art spaces.

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Temporarily, it’s this...

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Sorry it posted weird

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That's pretty neat, anon, but I thought that "never touch the art" stick is only useful with easels.

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heres my shitty set up for now. I am currently living on a friends couch and he let me up this old desk up in the corner. can't have my easel and everything set up though, sadly.

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useful anytime that you don't want to touch the art :^)

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breh thats cringe

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>I am currently living on a friends couch

Reading things like this makes me feel grateful for what I have. Even if I'm still in my 20s living with Mommy and Daddy.

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theres also a bookshelf for artbooks

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I'm still in my early 20s. wish I could live with my mommy and daddy

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>mentions his stream
>doesn't post a link
do it properly

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just moved into a new place. canvas tied with rope to a folding chair. 10 dollar ikea table with supplies beside it. Seating is the edge of a couch. It's not ideal but I've had worse.

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Guess what. I still live with my mommy and pappy. And it's pretty great. But don't feel bad little kitty...it will get better

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I read that as
>Helps my poor old back when I sit to wank

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Do you enjoy being a xerox? Is it fulfilling?

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as long as it pays the bills...

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the seething "muh style" rage is palpable

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Why did you write the text with your mouse instead of your cintiq?

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It does? I thought this stuff was dime a dozen and nobody made money from it

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Hi, Mark Stewart. No new photos since 2012?

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it's not really a dime dozen, you have that impression because of social media
and some people like to have their portraits made by human hands and whatnot

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>and some people like to have their portraits made by human hands and whatnot
I know that but I always assumed it was real painterly portraits in oil and not this pencil xerox stuff
no offense

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What am I supposed to see there?

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My paradise

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its not OPs pic.

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very based

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holy fuck. this is the dream right here. what lake is that? in Maine?

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are you rich or something?

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fugg I am genuinely jelly

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god, I wish that were me

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What do you draw?

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>inb4 anon draws animu pron instead of the landscapes

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It’s the sea actually.

Not really, it’s my family’s summer house, so unfortunately l don’t get to do this every day :(

I feel extremely privileged whenever l get to be here.

Mostly figure and gesture when drawing, in this place l mostly focus on oil though.

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Post your work right now >:^(

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My first portrait

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Draw those amazing Murican landscapes for me, anon

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ngl it's pretty bad

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Oil is pretty difficult. What do you find bad about it?

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It's lacking values in the face it looks very contrasted. Could use more shadows.

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You’re not wrong. Did this a while ago so l can’t remember why l left the face so white. It was alla prima over about 3 hours.

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It's good, but you've been posting this almost daily for like 2 weeks

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Lol dubs busted me. I think this was the third time, although this time someone asked for my work. Just trying to get some feedback my man.

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stop drawing Stalin and draw those nice landscapes instead anon

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How do you guys organize your supplies/paper/projects? How long have you been doing it that way? I just have stuff strewn about my desk and I'm planning on buying a larger desk and plastic drawers and a bookshelf, is that what everyone else uses?

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Depends on how you want to organize your stuff. But that sounds like a start.
Since I don't have much room in my room, I hide a lot of stuff in plastic containers under my bed and or closet. Specially with larger canvases but I wasn't careful how I kept them and some how I poked a hole through two of my canvases.

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why do the bourgeois youth love communism so much?

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because it was bourgeois socialism

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But drawing landscapes sucks :(

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>painting stalin=loving communism

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Yoink, my pose/angle now idiot

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... what?

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Any tips on setting a workstation that helps you to hunch less? My back has been hurting lately. I draw with a screen tablet.

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isn't it funny how stalin and the hammer and sickle aren't taboo imagery like hitler and the swastika?
both are ancient history and should be no more controversial than the roman spqr or celtic knots

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I'm no historian but Europe is closer to the West than Russia or China, there's always been a divide between Russia and "the West". Nazis' taste in design is at fault too. Hitler spent so much effort on the iconography and style of the party (IIRC the SS had their suits designed by top fashion designers) that people have completely forgotten about the Buddhist swastika and have a knee-jerk reaction to the symbol.
I'm sure the Nazi imagery being so striking helped establish the bias. Hammer and sickle looks inoffensive since it's just tools.

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I recently got this laptop stand. I like it so far. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this exact brand though.

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Do you guys change up your sitting/drawing position at all? I've been having issues with consistency lately and I'm starting to think I'm sitting higher/lower than before and maybe the angle of my body to the page is different.

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I guess I’ll need to raise the tablet up higher then, thanks anon.

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Where did you get that stand for your tablet?

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its just a jelly /ic/cel anon. ignore them

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Dude where the hell are you publishing your comic? it's all over the place, Tapas, Smackjeeves, Pixiv, DA. You don't seem to have a twitter or instagram, why are you gimping yourself?

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Based slav.

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Your /beg/ is showing

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Don't bully, I'm just a poor.

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Youre more if a /beg/ if that kind of art still impresses you

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Hitler lost the war, Stalin won it. Stalin also had less ideology behind the killing. It’s still quite fucked up how he’s viewed quite positively in Russia.

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desu it's just that communist jews won and got control over the media and academia to spread the notion that nazis be bad, communists dindu nuthin', they be gud boiz.

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what reality do you live in? i wish i lived in the same one.

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>jews won ww2

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interesting video about this exact subject I watched not too long ago.

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You're NPCs.

Communism and Jewry
>Prominent Communist Jews:
-Rosa Luxemburg, founder of Communist Party of Germany
-Gus Hall (Arvo Halberg), US Communist party chairman
-V.J. Jerome (Isaac Romaine), CPUSA theoretician
-Julius Rosenberg & Ethel Rosenberg: gave Soviets US atomic secrets
-David Greenglass: aid to the Rosenbergs
-Morris Cohen: convicted Soviet spy
-Dr. Robert Soblen: Communist advocate, arrested as Soviet spy, fled to Israel
-Jack Soble: convicted of Soviet espionage
-Victor Perlo: CPUSA economist
-Leon Trotsky: Soviet foreign affairs, Red Army
-Yakov Sverdlov: Bolshevik chairman
-Grigori Zinoviev: Head of Comintern
-Karl Radek: Press commisar
-Lev Kamenev: Foreign affairs commisar
-Karl Marx: Marxist originator

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>op posts nice work station and some art

>/beg/ poster acts like a rude bitch

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I know, right? That drawing literally looks like a photo, that artist is so talented! I can't even draw a stick figure.

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I finally caved and picked this up, I still need to get a desk lamp and a higher quality mannequin.

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Get back to /pol, retard.

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Nothing to bully you for, that's a great DIY workspace. The only thing I would recommend is another light, down the road, for full coverage.

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I second this bro keep it up, to add to this anon I'd get a cheap plastic to cover board, soft wood like that will add texture to any paper you draw on, you can also just add a few sheets of bristol onto it

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COPE harder commie. Stay triggered.

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I dig it anon

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This board is for discussing art, fuck off to your containment board

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That's actually pretty nice, it even show dedication to your hobby. Did you design it yourself and of yes, would you be willing to share the plans?

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Post your drawing then

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STFU and post your art space, retard.

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I already did you fucking cuck

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Thanks, guys. Well, I just wanted a drawing table but since they're expensive af I found some wardrobe door on the street, sawed it to a half and made it myself. Took me almost an hour to saw it with my swiss knife but was totally worth it.

Still I'm pretty meh as an artist, mostly draw for my own joy. Maybe I should better become a carpenter.

>Did you design it yourself and of yes, would you be willing to share the plans?

There isn't really something to call it "design" lol, just a bunch of nails and some stuff. I would make a photos but I'm changing my apartment now so the table is disassembled. If I don't forget I'm gonna draw you the plans tomorrow.

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Also here's the previous place. A comfiest room I've ever had, sadly that fucking mold has consumed all the rooms due to old water pipes in the house.

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I did, I did it on paint tho, the cintiq dosent like paint every mutch

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look at them gains tho

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New place after wagecuckery. Gotta make it I’m still burning savings :/

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New place after wagecuck life. Gotta make. it I’m still burning through my savings :/

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Then discuss it, moron.

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Man, I'm shitty at making plans, sorry for this.
So, it's pretty simple:

1.You take one of those tiny nightstand legs (I don't know how is it called, that kind of terminology is unknown for me since I'm not a native english speaker), pull everything from it's inside out and make it hollow.
2.You get one small table leg from Ikea or somewhere else. Make sure that it can enter inside the hole of the previous one holy shit it sounds like a porn tutorial
3.Screw on the tiny leg in the upper middle of the back of the board and that's it. All the front stuff you already can see on the photo. Just make sure to screw on something on the table to prevent the ikea leg moving. You can use almost everything for that: a nail, a piece of wood, anything.

That's it. Now you can put the ikea leg inside to increase the angle of the board and vice versa.

I just hope I described it well.

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how much did that lamp cost?

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how much did that lamp cost?

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Just search "swing arm desk lamp" on Amazon.

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so greasy, imagine the smell.

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looks nice, but imagine the spiders!!! Crawling up your legs when you are focusing on drawing..
whats that? My leg feels itchy.. AAAHHHHH.

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>imagine the spiders!!! Crawling up your legs when you are focusing on drawing

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Oh I promise nothing in that picture is greasy lol, it might just look shiny because I used flash on my phone. The centre of the tablet though, I think after using it for four/five years I basically polished the matte layer off. It’s got loads of scratches on it too

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