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it's been more than 5 years and his art is still the same or even worse, what was the cause? why some people don't improve? how do you avoid this

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This person is indicative of half of us, liars who pretend to learn and have an understanding of good art only to be perfectly content with their current, average level.
At least he knows lineart though so that's neat.

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>a pedophile being underdeveloped

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Malaysia-kun is that you? Have you been doing your Loomis like we told you to? You still pulling the tsundere card over Chabs?

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he actually seemed to know something back then

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and his most recent work
what happened?

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Pretty good, he probably got too obsessed with his "style" and started to ignore the basics.

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You are almost always going to draw better when using references. Try drawing from imagination to see your true skill level sometime.

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so he never new how to draw from imagination huh, but all these years how do you not improve

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Five years is nothing, you're not going to become the next Ruan Jia in five fucking years. This is why you faggots constantly bitch and moan on these feel threads because you expect instant results after a week of doing doodles.

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im not talking about becoming ruan jia levels of good but just a clear improvement, if you look for example firez nosecuck and other namefags they have clearly improved but how do you stagnate so bad like him, for someone who seems to draw regularly his grains doesnt seem to advance

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Well why won't you ask them to post something from before and after within the time span of five years then?

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I like this squid manga girl.

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spending all your time drawing anime girls will teach you few fundamentals.

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Why is she so perfect bros?

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> 1. you're not trying to improve
> 2. you're trying to improve wrong
> 3. you have a mental disability that prevents you from improving

literally the only three reasons why someone could not improve

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He is still better than at least 95% of you.

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shit bait

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pyw then, prove him wrong

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no fucking way, holy shit

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What's your evidence that the left belongs to pedo-kun?

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Bros, we were all played...

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Right leg is bent in the wrong direction. 1st drawing has better gesture than the 2nd

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You've always been honest, even though you're all rampant faggots. Thank you /ic/ let's see what these next five years would bring.

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I don’t get how someone would think infant fanart with a rectangle body of a character who has a gazillion fanarts would be a good idea.

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>got to /ic/ at the same time as mikufag
>still worse than him

Someday I will work hard and surpass you

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Figure out how to draw thin anime lineart and you’ll already be ahead of him by virtue of (hopefully) not being a ped.

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Please chose someone else to aspire to, like Alphonse for instance.

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Ask Shadman

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He's not wrong. It just doesn't matter.

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holy fuck

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I know right. His taste improved a lot.

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>most recent
How many months did he spend on that?

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At least he have the balls to post his work when asked for it.
Better than 90% of the crabs here that shut up as soon as someone said pyw

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why are you people shitting on him for no reason

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Welcome to /ic/.

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I bet 99% of /ic can't draw better than him

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so this is what 5 fucking years of posting on /ic/ looks like? holy shit isn't this nigger also the one who posts nico pictures and is always looking down on people?

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He posts his work because he'll be shunned if he posts his stuff anywhere else.

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W-wait anon does alphonse have process videos out there?

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>for no reason

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and what exactly transpired for you to be butthurt?

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Yeah totally

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what went wrong bros?

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The conventional way would just drown in the endless sea of fanart. This new way, it gives me results.

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>This new way, it gives me results.
Speak for yourself, I'm not after views. I don't use tittles, tags, or other means of exposure other than simply posting it and let the work speak for itself.

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