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TFW 25 days withouth drawing

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not gonna make it

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Post your work faggot.

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Just scribble a line, anon. Scribbling is better than nothing.

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>not drawing at least once a day

Why do you pretend like you want to make it?

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>25 days withouth drawing

The pen lays on your desk, the white paper waiting for you, your last idea waiting to be turned into a drawing but it can't happen. Not without your help. But you're not helping.

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i know that feel annon. whn iwas recovering from a car accedent it was hell. all i wanted to do was take up my pen and draw but i was just stuck lying there in bed not allowed to get out and sit at a desk.but if your just being lazy fuck you get to work.

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I will, not more days, tomorrow is the D-day

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>>>>>>25 days
call me when you go over two years like I did

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What the hell? At the very least become a "funny" drawfag at some /a/ thread or take requests on some other boards with little effort on MS Paint but at least don't lose the habit of drawing.

Some days I don't feel like drawing seriously so I just rev up my touchpad and draw shitty boku no hero Paint comics to get tons of (You)s. They're low effort but at least my brain thinks about producing images.

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I know that feel anon, I haven't drawn anything worthwhile for almost an entire month, I can't come up with anything so I've been grinding my anatomy instead and I'm currently having a 1-week break to get new and fresh ideas.

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Yeah I know, but it's hard to be motivated to draw when you live in a 3rd world ultra shithole that has the dollar becoming more and more expensive every day and your art career is fucking useless.

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Why do you draw? If you're still just an ameteur, I think it helps a lot to focus on doing art for the fun of it rather than solely working towards making it. Studies are important, but if you can't study you should at least draw something so that you're still drawing. Even staying in your comfort zone and making imperfect pieces is much better than not drawing at all.

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You idiot. The internet exists now. There has never been a time when third world shitters have had more opportunity. It pisses first worlders off because of offshoring Muh Jobs.

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How old are you? Get out of that country! If becoming an artist is impossible there, go somewhere else!

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Why the fuck would you want to leave when cost of living is so low there? As soon as i get remote work again I'm going straight back to the third world.

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OH, anon you replied to here, that's actually harsh. So it's a matter of survival and actual money and heavy stuff, sorry. My advice was more suited for /begs/who draw as a hobby. It might work for you but it's a different scale,you need some other kind of motivator.

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Honestly, I think because it was a way to spend time with my parents, they both worked a lot and yet always made time to draw with me when I was little and financially supported me with my love for art. But then the economy went to shit and it's gonna get worse now and all I want to do is support them however I can, and it killed me when I realized that art could never do that. I've tried to do some doodles lately however.
I know dude, but the problem is that I can't receive the dollars at all here without getting anihilated by taxes and without them thinking I got them through illegal means or some shit, it's all corrupt as fuck and an excuse to steal from freelancers, people here don't even know what paypal is.

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LMAO you don't realize how lucky you are? Find some low-evel remote jobs and you're all set. Dollar is becoming more and more expensive in my slav shithole too, woo-fucking-hoo I can't wait for payday ^_^

That said, these days I can't bring myself to draw anything outside of work either. Sucks.

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Sucks dude. Bitcoin was meant to solve these issues.

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I wish I lived in your slav shithole then, at least I would be able to get dollars there. To understand how shit this is, a big percentage of braindead people just now voted for a political party that's friends with Maduro and want to implement his methods. Yeah.
Try drawing characters from series you like, it's helping me a little bit.
Yeah well, nothing I can do. At least let this be a reminder that things could always get worse, thanks for the advice and understanding though

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Post uncropped pic

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>draw every day
>still have paranoid delusions involving me forgetting how to draw
>despite having improved substantially over the past few months I still fear that I just lost my gains every other 5 minutes

Anxiety is hell

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>Draw around 3 hours a day
>Almost half that time or so up till this point has been me looking at my brushes and trying to tweak them so they'd be more attractive
>Haven't posted anything on social media in over half a month

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forget drawing. take up painting.

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Look up "locus of control".

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Why do you think /ic/ should know this?

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>Haven't drawn in years

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Just draw already.

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