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I want to get a better feel for how much time it actually takes me to complete my work. This is in order to better estimate my $$/hour.

Is there some software that tracks the amount of time my painting software is running in the foreground, but interrupts the timer when I hop on chrome or do something else? Ideally it would also pause the timer when photoshop is in the foreground but no input has been detected for say 15 seconds.

Is there such a software out there?

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this is great

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both of these are exactly what i wanted. without any bloat or gamer crap. amazing. thanks anons!

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Instead of drawing, I spent 5 hours today programming just what you described in C/ncurses for loonix since I couldn't find something ((free)) as in freedom. But it's okay, I already know I'm ngmi.

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Jesus guys... after trying one of these apps I've come to fully grasp what a mess I am.

I spend the entire 7 hours of a night 'working' but really only working like 90 minutes. The rest of the time I'm browsing the web, choosing the right podcast, shitposting and jacking off.

Fuck. I don't think I'm going to make it after all. These tools are a real wakeup call desu.

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If more people carefully tracked their time we may have had more anons realizing that the time they thought was dedicated to art was in fact 85% wasted procrastinating.

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Thanks anons
I've seen this timer on streams before. I'm looking forward to seeing my lack of productivity

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