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>Letter from a NGMI

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After the age of 25 your Neuroplasticity begins to rapidly decline.

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If you haven't been drawing since 12 just give up while you're still ahead.

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the dude did mention he is 34 years old

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>crabby faggots looking for excuses why they're not gonna make it

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So is blackwing actually good or is Stan just in it for the free stuff?

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It alright. But too smudgey for the way I work. Good for drawing fast, though.

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neuroplasticity has spikes every 6-7 years with the neuronal regeneration cycle. 28yos see a steep decline and 35yos a sharp increase, because those cycles coincide with the 28s being workforce seniors no longer learning anything new or experimenting intellectually challenging enviroments and 35s being parents of children entering 3rd-4th grade and being reintruduced to academics through their kids.

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So there's hope?

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Yes, 9 out of 10 times when someone says shit about reasons why this or that kind of person can't learn to draw they're making excuses for themselves. The only people who can't learn to draw are those who don't want to.

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I don't think this guy really understands studying.

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looks like he hasn't decided if he wants to make realistic shit or cartoons

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Felt like the whole podcast was a waste. I hoped they would've gone over how to study drawing instead of all that feel-good positive thinking stuff.

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it really seems to me he's learnt his fundies but not drawn from life or reference and is expecting his construction & imagination to make up for it.
the tank in the video gave me that impression, at least.

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His stuff isn't that bad, but his work feels very unambitious. You improve faster when you force yourself to make more difficult pieces, and it seems like this guy stays in his comfort zone of basic sketches.

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Did you miss the fucking fundies episode? Did you forget the fact that the whole chanel is already dedicated to drawing, and that practice and theory are both equally important?

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This is a dumb meme, I'm 27 and I'm happy with my progress so far. No reason to think I'm suddenly gonna hit a wall now.

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Imagine actually believing this
These teen and under 25 prodigies only seem to be progressing faster because they have way more free time and are in school, therefore have more access to mentors and resources.
Once you get in the adult world it's easy to get stuck in the cycle of working a shit job and having no energy for anything but video games, drinking or browsing the internet. That will make you feel dull fast and it's a hard cycle to pull yourself out of because you get complacent. You guys act like turning 25 is like turning 80 and your brain just falls apart.

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Anon, b-but muh art secrets

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is proko justa cheeky cunt? everytime the old guy is trying to deliver something heartfelt proko starts giggling and cracking jokes

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>This guy

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>He's not child prodigy who started drawing at the age of 3 under supervision of experienced artist

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I don't browse ic pretty often and I don't know if this neuroplasticity thing is a meme or a jokey thing but I've seen it a couple of times and I'm afraid people are actually buying into that shit. You can still develop after the age of 25, most artists keep getting better after that age, you keep developing anything after the age of 25, you're not an old man with dementia, wether neurosplaticity is a thing or not your excuse makes no sense, I'm sure there's a hundred more terms you can bash yourself with and it'd still be flimsy shit, what the fuc kind of excuse is this

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there is an old documentary I saw talking about this, the scientist basically said with everyday practice the old brain meme doesn't really matter that much and that your brain will improve the parts responsible for that skill. (he used learning to juggle at an old age as an example.)

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proko is awkward af

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Nice try with your gatekeeping, faggot.

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I love Proko. His videos are good and he has the perfect amount of cringe.

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He just needs to stop shoving bullshit on van Druff and let him say what he wants to say.

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This should literally should just be called the Marshallcast because hes the only reason i listen to it. Proko doesnt really give much insight.

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all proko does is provide awkward sex jokes. very cringe for a married man with kids.

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Fuck off Prokek

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This is one of the better ones

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lmao now you done it

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Did you start at 12? Did you have a mentor or just doodled on your own? Serious question.

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>Actually believing that enjoying you craft does not matter.
Enjoying what your doing is crucial for improving faster than other people, just as much as studying diligently. That applies to every skill ever.

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What is this referencing??
Some specific video?

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and how do you break that cycle? Soon to be 25yo here

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it said he does gesture study but this is his work? and he takes classes? something doesn't add up. mental health? people really should learn more than one field of study, especially if they're risking it with art.

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just draw faggot

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incorrect. The brain is a muscle and can be adapt at any time. You just have to work hard

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>After the age of 25 your Neuroplasticity begins to rapidly decline.

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Literally draw. You lose the skills you don't practice, and that applies to kids too, not only old people. The kids who eat, sleep and breathe sports are better and keep getting ahead of the kids that only play at school in season, no shit those former kids must have superpowers /s

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don't get a job

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Neurplasticity is a meme. Making it is only a matter of having or not having the spark.

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>t. boomer in denial

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>he doesn't know

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Then tell me

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its a good show and thats mostly because Marshall actually explains his ideas extensively, has a better knowledge and overall history of art in his brain and is a naturally good teacher.

Proko on the other hand, is the weak link in his own show and it shows, he fucks around, makes shit jokes, his theories on art are retarded at times and mostly kneejerk reactions without consulting the deeper reasonings behind artistic decisions (the greatest example is the video where him and cesar santos discuss paintings and he's understanding NONE of it).

The prime example of this is where they show off their interest for the week, and Proko is always showing off some shit he bought, or shilling his own stuff. Meanwhile Marshall will go on to describe something that has become a valuable learning tool and justifies it aptly.

I like the show, but its not without fault.

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>(the greatest example is the video where him and cesar santos discuss paintings and he's understanding NONE of it).
Which one? He has a couple of really long videos with Cesar and I'm kinda curious.

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I watched one episode and I enjoyed it, but I was put off by every single goddamn thing Proko did. I'm glad that I learned who Marshall is from one of Proko's older videos, but Proko himself is really hard to like. I wish I could, but he just comes off as such a bumbling fool. And not in an endearing way

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I think it was this one iirc

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Oh man I remember that, it was so embarrassing for Proko.

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>The prime example of this is where they show off their interest for the week, and Proko is always showing off some shit he bought
I think this is a really important point. All kangaroo jokes aside, I get the vibe from Proko that he really isn't that enthusiastic about creating art. He says he doesn't really care about art history, he never talks about expressing himself creating, he never talks about being inspired or his art having a greater purpose than just a skill that is to be mastered. And somehow he can't even spend an hour each week to talk about art on a podcast with someone who seems incredibly interesting like Marshall.

I think Proko just views drawing too much like a science and never cultivated the spirit of a creator. That may be partly why he's pretty damn good at teaching anatomy because he's very meticulous. But listening to him talk doesn't really strike me as someone who completely loves what they do like Cesar Santos or Bobby Chiu.

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you are right, when you hear Cesar or Chin Chong Bobby you feel they both love their craft, one of the best examples is when they start to get really emotional towards something they are explaining, Santos gets all wet when he has to talk about Bouguerau, you can feel it, whe he is in front of one of the pieces of Boug he starts to get more active, moving around, looking at the pic, seeing small details that shows he has spent hours no end in solitude studyng them, then you see that reflected on his artworks (im not a big fan of Santos personal work btw), with Chiu you get the same, he can speak to the same level artist to artist with the people he interviews, and treat them with the propper respect, because he knows who is high on the sky from him, when you see him doing interviews to your flavor of the month artist he is quite clumsy, sometimes annoying but when its the turn of someone the size of Fowkes, he just listens, I remember when he interviewed Chris Sanders, of you know Bobby chiu you know he may as well jump from his chair and ask for an autograph, with Proko you never see that, he is so lifeless towards art, when he confessed he didint had a clue about art history it was almost sad, hearing him talk with Cesar santos was a shitshow, he was a bit scared of Santos as well, not because he is a better artist but because he started to pull all the weakpoints out.

you are not so late Proko, just leave Proko to other people, you cash the bucks and with them you can still grow to be a better artist and a better person.

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