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>have a vagina
>get 14,600 followers while producing shitty beg tier art for years

Why do women have it so easy?

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These look like they're drawn by a handicapped person. Maybe people just follow out of pity.

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Is she cute?

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seethe more, subhuman!

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it's understandable if she's like 8 years old or something or have a deficiency.

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It's really not, I only have 170 followers.

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Anon go on somewhere like DA. Most users there are female and lots of them don’t have a ton of followers.

I don’t know why idiots have to make shit like drawing into a gender war. Maybe you don’t have many followers because you just aren’t interesting

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14k are a lot even for a decent artist, those followers probably are all fake.

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There’s lots of fanart, one in the middle is a popular youtube and there’s disney so that’s what attracted people. Also, people on Instagram follow anything. One of my dead accounts still has new followers because people go on following sprees, doesn’t really matter much to me

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>>have a vagina
you've already answered your own question.

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It's weird, I do find some simple styles appealing but when they're trying to be realistic but their shit it looks terrible.
If by chance the girl "artist" is hot, then theres the answer to your question.

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to me you're all women

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sup brian, what happened to your hairline bro?

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we're living in weird times for sure. the idea of a cute girl being a successful artist is really appealing to a lot of people, it has a sort of magical-romantic flare to it - somehow I don't think Harry Potter would have been a global phenomenon if it had been written by a man.

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at least it's art, average instathot selfie takes 0.5 seconds and no skill to make and gets more likes than the best artwork on the platform
i'll never have creepy stalkers but fuck me if it's not easy mode to have a vagina on the internet

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Her posts barely get 200 likes, she bought most of those followers

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that's what happens when you turn 40

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She might be engaging with a lot of her followers. Always responding to comments, commenting on others. Being very active, using the right tags.
I don't get very many likes on my stuff because I am not engaging. I don't reply to very comment or follow back. That stuff does work.

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who the fuck has time for all that shit?

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You look like you're at least in your late 20's

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Not if your ugly

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You make time bruh.
People tend to be desperate for acknowledgement. Give it to them and they keep flocking.

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boy, what a great business model!

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>beta orbiters get extremely desperate and thirsty for female interaction when they catch wiff of pussy
What a shocker.

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I'm too autistic to understand sarcasm , but it worked for me in the past.
I always commented on my followers art work and posting replies. Even if it's a few days late. It made a rather decent following until I just stopped posting. They stopped following.

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Not saying you have to be a lady. Just interact.

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lol if someone comments on my stuff i'll comment back or hit like. i wont' spend hours on instagram scrolling thru hundreds of profiles and liking shit I don't even care about.
at that point you're better off paying one of those apps that does it for you.

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If you're more worried about interacting with others instead of letting your work speak for itself you are doing something wrong. Yes, you may attract some lonely fucks who are looking for a form of validation but they're not there because of your work they're there because you hit the reply button and you made their buttholes pucker.

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getting followers who appreciate the work you do is a completely different game from doing so with a steady supply of calculated parasocial dopamine shots.
most artists aren't vlogger types, and even if they were they would have to choose between focusing on their craft and maintaining the kind of online presence through which you got your following.

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they don't.

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we live in a society for sure

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Then just draw and stop complaining how someone has more followers then you. Yes you can get good enough to the point where followers come naturally. But until then being salty does nothing.

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just keep your face hidden and act coy and you'll get plenty of orbiters

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You fucking scrotes the artist doesn’t even post pictures of herself. What dude would orbit someone who draws mediocre Disney art and is nearing the 30s?

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pyw uwu

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>they don't.

Thanks. Now I can disregard years of evidence and the obvious advantage that women have on social media and everywhere else because some troll on /ic/ said it was all a dream

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>People only like or know about HP because Rowling is a girl
Women have superficial advantages. Acting overly feminine and taking selfies can grant temporary attention and a select few women can build a brand off of that, but it's far easier for a man to be seen as a mysterious genius or a charismatic down-to-earth character or a serious authority. Stop pretending that only women get bonuses in life and learn to play to your strengths; There's a glass ceiling for a reason

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>but it's far easier for a man to be seen as a mysterious genius or a charismatic down-to-earth character or a serious authority
This always takes work on one's confidence, training such as speech and body language training, experience and effort. You need none of these things to get orbiters and approval over the internet since lack of these qualities is seen as endearing.
This only works because the internet is full of sad, lonely and horny losers, and this advantage is offset by having to deal with creepy weirdos, but let's be honest, it's way easier. No matter how charismatic, funny and intelligent, I will never get 10000 likes on a selfie unless I'm a celebrity.

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I don't know what to tell you, it's just a matter of having to play different strategies. Women get to play hard in the early game whereas men scale hard into the late game. Yes, some men need a bit of training on how to win, but that's how things are. You can either chose to be mad or learn to play the game
>No matter how charismatic, funny and intelligent, I will never get 10000 likes on a selfie unless I'm a celebrity.
Is that what you want, likes? Likes don't mean anything. They don't translate into sales, they don't indicate notoriety, they can't be converted into followers. It's worthless. If all you want in life is 10k people to jerk off to a picture of your face and nothing else then I don't know how to help you.

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>You can either chose to be mad or learn to play the game
I was never mad, I just said to be real about it. What you're saying in vidya lingo, hard game, early game, makes no sense, getting easy exposure may not mean much if you don't capitalize on it, but it's way better than getting none. Even just the fact that you have a constant spam of hashtags like visible women is a huge advantage. You can't make a hashtag like visible men for obvious reasons.
In a real life workplace it's different and we can argue all day about the nuances, but in this context of artists on the internet and especially social media it's way easier. You have no support structure as a guy, it's 100% competition among peers.

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Being a qt female might get you instagram likes and free drinks but it won't win them any real success in the art world. Do people really think companies are dumb enough to hand jobs and promotions to underqualified women just for being beautiful? The world would have fallen apart a long time ago.

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nice one

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>The world would have fallen apart a long time ago.
I have bad news for you

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You silly, naive fool.

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>tfw probably retarted but not cute enough to attract followers.
My art is shit
My shit is whack
where my autismbux at?

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Exactly this. The other guy can’t seem to understand that real life isn’t the same as video games. Men and women don’t “scale” or whatever. In 2019, right now, it’s probably easier to make money as a woman on the internet and social media, than as a man. That’s not to say women are so powerful and men are oppressed. Rather, the bar for women is a lot lower nowadays and it takes bare minimum effort plus a bit of luck to accomplish these things. Men are still held to the same standard, or more likely a higher standard, as before. Like anon said, men compete with one another to see who has the most merit as an artist. Women can be considered good artists by virtue of being women. This isn’t even a secret either. I’ve been to feminist lectures at university and they openly discuss these ideas and how they are necessary. It’s not even a huge deal, but I understand the annoyance

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You as a person don't want it easy, if you did then you'd settle for work like this

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proof that "just draw" is a complete meme. she's not getting any better and she clearly isn't studying.

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judging by the amount of comments and likes on the recent photos... probably bots.

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>post claiming to be a girl
>get thousands of followers
>post a pic of you
>claim to be a trans male all along
>get thousands and thousands MORE followers for being brave teans person

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You're a genius... brb

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it doesn't matter op are you stupid or something? the followers dont mean anything if they are just that, followers... do you think that any of those followers will be any day now or in the future buy something of that girl? no.
Thats is the kind of people that just can goal go to events or things like that to sell individual pieces, stickers and shitty fanzines, they are all from the same category.
They make a shit o money because they doesn't have the qualification to have more demand and cost more. So the amount they earn only depends on the physical amount of people who are going to buy them things, and the amount of movement and work they have in events, it is the worst type of artist you could aspire to because unlike even the digital artists that make fanart or porn fanart, their audience is global and they know that quality has a value proportional to the profit they can have. This kind of people is the one who stays with what they do, thinks it's good and then complains that they gain low money.
So of course they are a lot of people that follow those artist, but it means nothing, it is literally the equivalent of a facebook "like"

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And now think about how all that could go wrong

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Go complain about woman here.


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