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Any buddies do calligraphy

Been trying my hand at it but have nobody to really criticize it.

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Thats all for now. Heres my dads writing, just as a point of conparison

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I'm a lefty, so I have to do brush calligraphy digitally, which unfortunately kills all of its organic charm and happy accidents. I can still do it with a pen, though, although that's quite limiting in terms of style.

I think your keeping each character inside a square is not really justified by the style, rather it looks stiff and careful, with maybe >>4047101 this one being a break from the mold.

Now this >>4047105 looks really cool - although unreadable by me -, I suggest you fill a whole page with doodles trying to push a hanzi to its extremes, find interesting pictographic elements to it, composition ideas. Explore its meaning and its stroke order, see what you can abbreviate without losing the perceived character of the ideogram.

I'll post a few, they vary wildly cause I get bored easily.

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It's 南, by the way.
Here's 雪

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These are Japanese, in case some of them look weird to you.

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why are you using Hard Round for this

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Cause I'd rather embrace the medium and its limitations than just shit out a copy that won't have the same impact.

In a way it gets a voice of its own, I like this 龍 (bottom) quite a bit.

Feel free to suggest brush configurations, though, I think I tried a bit with 45º tilt flat brush and pen pressure, but it felt soulless all the same.

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Im starting to get a sense of what calligraphy can be. These are great examples. Please post more if you have em

I fuckin knew the box-ness was killing me.

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This might be a stupid idea I know but have you tried drawing everything flipped horizontally and then mirroring it back digitally? You still already trest each icon as a series of shapes and I understand that kanji and the like have a specific flow but maybe you could just flip everything (including the flow and direction) to suit your satanic left handidness and then flip it back.

It might even give you a better chance at breaking the mold. Like flipping upside down to avoid symbol drawing.

Again, I have no idea what I'm talking about so feel free to disregard.

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Hey OP you seen this?


Put some emotion into it. The words become the painting.

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It can be whatever you want, how about circles?
I showed these to japs and they only struggled to read 事, and that's because I missed a stroke.

Oy m8 you tricked me, that's not chink, that's gook.
Looks cool, but it isn't as abstracted as I imagined in this case.

Symbol drawing is not undesirable thing in calligraphy, you play with such symbols and shapes, they are mostly abstract in the first place.
I can either write mirrored or upside down to preserve the brush properties, but I'd rather learn to write normally, cause when I use a pen or pencil (or tablet) it works just fine with the sinister chirality.

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Damn near fuckin cummed. I need a cigarette

Ya. We korean
Im overflowing with calligraphy inspo

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Are you trying to tell us something

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I wrote that and sent it to my friend. Told him it was his chinese name, and to treasure it
Devilish, no?

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>Ya. We korean
But do you know your hanja? I assumed it was simplified Chinese because of >>4047098

I've ran out of relevant shit I've done, so here's some actual calligraphy done by big brain Japanese really considering the meaning behind the kanji.

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Ambigrams in chingchong are next level engineering.

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Indeed it is. Now do 三日坊主 so we can have it as our banner

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This one made me giggle

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I'm not getting it.
Is this thread all bait?

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