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>>>/h/5411286 #
>>>/h/5411286 #
>>>/h/5411286 #


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This is actually a good thing, no more freeloafers bypassing paywalls which means if they want their loli content they'll have to go through us drawfags directly. Loving. Every. Laugh.

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draw your own

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under what tags are the tutorials op?

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nothing of value was lost

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except for

non h stuff
hiigh ress stuff

only site where you could upload your shitty doujinshi/manga fast cus they dont give a fuck if you art was garbage

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What worthwhile artbooks on sadpanda haven't already been posted in the artbook threads over the years?

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For e-hentai it's mostly the "artbook$" tag and "Artist - " tag

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The stuff we haven't catalogued.

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thanks fren

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is just sadpanda getting nuked or the vanilla site too?

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Even if we backup everything where will the new artbooks go?

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what happened?

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>mfw need to save all the ref in tag related

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Why are you even here if you think this? that means you don't draw and don't care about artistic ressources such as ref or artbooks.

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>371 pages

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Reminder that all those Pixiv archives that exist nowhere else are going to be gone too so save those if you've got any.

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Is this one saved anywhere else?

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I'm pretty sure the publicity artists got from e-hentai outweighs any possible lost sales.

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why is it getting nuked? i've been using nhentai more but this still sucks.

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>artbook tag

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Why don't you save it?

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the server is hosted in holland and they are cracking down on pedo stuff but the admin refuses to relocate the server

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>admin refuses to relocate the server
why is he being an utter retard?

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So why not only delete the loli
stuff? Why hit nuke

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That's just the ones with the tag, too.

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loli is like 90% of it

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its probly cause its not only too much of an hassle(and costly), but also because he's afraid of being arrested

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>Been downloading artbooks for like 2 hours now
>Only about 50
No please god. I need more time this cant be happening. Christ please.

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not really

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just use e-hentai

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down aswell soon enough

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/ic/bros, use this program kind anon has shared to download in bulk. Set convert to none so it doesn't save as cbr.

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jdownloader2 works too.
Shame the fucker has a quota system so you can't download past a certain number before waiting for hours.
Most of them are on e-hentai too which supposedly has a longer time limit on it.There's like 400 galleries exclusive to ex for some reason.

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Also gallery-dl

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I'm tracking the main server so the police can come soon. :-DD
Fuck freeloaders

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i can't even jack off in peace anymore

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Please god share what you have afterwards please

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In the eyes of the people baning this shit, all anime that isn't cowtits is loli

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You will be a 16 hour shift wageslave and you'll like it goy!

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>16 hour shift
quite the optimist

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What's the rarest artbooks with no torrents/seeders? We should prioritize on backing those ones.

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Please tell me you have a booth at a convention

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Save those lolis/shotas dojin first because that's the main reason why sadpanda is going down!!

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fuck fuck 503 what the fuck boys

>> No.4035515

How the fuck do I make it recognize I'm logged in

>> No.4035521

Scratch that, just had to manually start it.

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Posted this in the art book thread if there's cases of missing stuff.
Don't know who runs it, but I'm sure it has the majority of artbooks

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just put artbook in the tags and go to the last page

bam, there's your rarest shit

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If your image quota is maxed go to /h/ threads and ask for credits. I got 110k total replying to one of them.

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>Judgement day apparently has come to sad panda
>I'm nowhere near my pc

Fuck....I can only hope its still up 12 hours from now...

All tutorials, and guides are under the "#how_to" tag

>> No.4035544

Anon I...

>> No.4035548

>all 503 errors
rip, right when I found remembered my password

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Keep refreshing anon!

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Time to go salt mining

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Hit up the /h/ thread for those credits senpai.

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You say that but there's many one-off unique things on that site that were obtained at a booth, just as you say, some several decades ago.

This is literally erasing history. The act itself is wrong and evil.

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And it's gonna continue now that corpos know they can pressure both companies and governments to erase whatever they dislike.

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Don't think I can cope with the loss

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I'm still at work, can't dl fuck
When was this announced?
I should've known much sooner

>> No.4035765

only a few hours notice
killed out of the fucking blue

RIP sweet panda

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10 hours ago

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Important notice to not waste time:
On exhentai, aim for doujins that have the loli & shota tags. The rest is all up on e-hentai (that is rumoured to stay a bit longer). For example if you want to save artbooks, search for "artbook shotacon". A lot of old artbooks with one shota picture and otherwise 50-something non-rulebreaking pictures are listed under those tags.

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kill yourself pedo faggot

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I forgot, incest isn't on e-hentai either.

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Did you even read the post retard?

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sure did kid fucker

>> No.4035781

dont bother. if you crossboard just know that we have a local moral crusader that will go completely ass retard apeshit at any mention of loli or shota.

>> No.4035783

Which part of "there is only one picture among 50, save the rest" did you not understand?

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Alright, thanks for the heads up. I just don't visit that often anymore.

>> No.4035845

Cant access the site. I get 503 when I try to log in.

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Fuck it's all really gone. Artbook bros, we're counting on your efforts...

>> No.4035873

What do I do with the hundreds of books I saved now....

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>not drawing your own lolis

>> No.4035887

I hate that shit, I'm willing to pay but only if there is a printed copy in return.

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This is a good thing, but not because of that, you degenerate "not-pedo" : this is good because it will invite these people to do something else than shake their weewee.

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No, you suck for browsing these pathetic websites.

>> No.4035894

We need decenralized internet

>> No.4035897

>i can't choose to wank instead of doing productive things like Drawing To Improve Myself

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Wrong & evil to erase your favourite fetish (about fictional little boys/girls getting abused or moms getting blackmailed into prostitution). Sure.

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reminder that you'll never make it if you can't appreciate loli art.
It's sad seeing normie drones on automatic thoughts here on such a free thinking place such as 4chan. Lurk more.

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"Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem"
If they made content more accessible, I would be more than happy to give them my money.

>> No.4035922

not him but it's not about *what's* being censored its about censorship at all, but of your course you circle-jerking redditfags love being told what you can and can't say

>> No.4035927

What are the odds of this site coming back in it's entirety on some different servers with all account info still there?

Just want to know if all hope is lost? I didn't even have loli shit but a lot of milf stuff includes shotashit which I sure is gone.

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>you'll never make it if you can't appreciate loli art
imagine being this deep in /beg/ tier delusion

>> No.4035961

tl dr?

>> No.4035964

those which cant appreciate cute things have a brain development problem

>> No.4035986

this pleases me greatly, fucking pedos

>> No.4036006

>oh no, not the underage loli tits'n'hamslits references oh nooooo

>> No.4036007

>80% of the artbooks I downloaded were from sad panda

>> No.4036009

Why is this happening right now? People keep mentioning the EU, is that just a joke or was there a recent event caused by them?

>> No.4036051

Welp. With ehentai gone. All our artbook rips will come frome /i/ scanners/vk and probably random thailand pirate site.

>> No.4036068

The country the server is based in is cracking down on loli

>> No.4036290

don't care about loli, you seem clueless about what's on that site

>> No.4036298

no, he just wants attention, and you just gave him. it was the same thing with kyoanime fire.

>> No.4036413

It's gone.

>> No.4036430

I saved what I wanted.

>> No.4036433

The website with the largest collection of manga magazines, doijinshi, sketchbooks, pc-98 screencaps, visual novel rips and art book scans on the internet went down because of a new law passed in the country the site is hosted in. Hundreds of thousands of files were lost.

>> No.4036443

This is but a glimpse of what holds in your future, you faggots advocate for censorship and banning material which offends you but fail to realize every time you complain about fictional material and thought crime you set precedence towards censoring not just what gives you butthurt but anything else the State of in this case the Union deems as hateful and inappropriate. Welcome to your new Dystopia society where you'll have to smile for the cameras or be suspect of a criminal.


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i draw to wank

>> No.4036660

good riddance

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I live in Japan. I could give less of a fuck what the west does anymore. You fags brought this on yourselves, enjoy.

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And then mina-san clapped.

>> No.4037604

Anyone save Inoue Kiyoshirou's draftworks? I totally fucking forgot and that was honestly a great book.

>> No.4037605

God bless that man.

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fancy way of naming your basement anon

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>Take a break from the internet for about a week
>Twitter changes interface, killing bulk downloaders
>Sadpanda shuts down
Can't get a fucking break, even when taking one.

>> No.4038790

>I live in Japan.
Do you know conversational Japanese? Where can I learn if so?

>> No.4038900

You can still do bulk downloads by using a chrome app that reverts twitter back to the old interface

>> No.4038906

>not coding his own script to adapt the change
non-da vinci-mind are a mistake

>> No.4039464

who's this cutie

>> No.4039680

No. Sadpanda deserves to stay go

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>> No.4041584

I have been masturbating to lolis for over 10 years now and i never went on sadpanda. I didn't even know how...

>> No.4041681


Nothing is gonna prepare you for real life talk, except real life talk. My language skills have improved dramatically since I moved here, despite not studying since I arrived. Whereas I used to study 2-3 hours a day for like a year straight before, and didn’t see anywhere near the improvement I have now.

>> No.4041701

Fucking UK man. And the worst part is, other countries are gonna copy them...

>> No.4041702

What is it you do? Teach english like all the BAKA gajin losers there?

>> No.4041765


I dunno the uk seems especially crazy in this world. People often think Orwell is exclusively talking about Russia in his books but I bet he had loads of inspiration from his own country.

>> No.4041778

>artistic ressources such as ref or artbooks
Which can be found on others places

>> No.4041990

I lived in japan 4 years as a fisherman.
But I'm mexican, so I was never called a gaijin. Guess I look like an okinawan with a mustache.

>> No.4042266

>"4chan is a freethinking site"
>"people that do X have a brain development problem"
oonga bonga

>> No.4042302

>able to identify mental problems
>therefore it's not a freethinker
oooga bonga

>> No.4042303

>what do yo do
I draw manga.

>> No.4042318

>calls anyone with different tastes/opinions mentally disabled
>still considers himself a freethinker
based smoothbrain

>> No.4043648

Based and red pilled

>> No.4043691

I wont be contempt until Anime is made Illegal.

>> No.4045383

>He thinks he's safe

>> No.4045389


>> No.4045530

What does that have anything to do with censorship you fucking retard?

>> No.4045615

kek, this better become the site's new banner

>> No.4045620

Why would anyone be jealous of your basement stories anon

>thinks he looks "okinawan"
fuckin whut LMAO

>> No.4045644

Why so jealous? Mad that you won't ever visit here because of your pathetic neet ass?

>> No.4047661

Aaaaaaand now it’s back..

>> No.4047662

we did it reddit

>> No.4049941

A solemn day in the fight against degeneracy


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