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>Hate my job
>Can't find a new job
>Heard furry porn pays good
>Almost made an account yesterday on furaffinity
How easy is it to make bank on furry porn? I'm losing my shit going on 5 months with a fruitless job search. Never drawn furry stuff before.

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Post furry porn on Twitter.
Boom, you have thousands of people begging for commissions.
Furries pay good money too. They dont cheap out unless they are under 18.

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I don't even have a twitter account how do I get a following?

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I know it's a meme that "YoU mAkE sO MuCh mOnEY dOIng fuRRy p0rnz!" but the reality is that if you are not into it you will not make decent money off of it. Sure you may be able to scrape out a few bucks with mediocre pieces of some random fursonas but at the end of the day you have to have some sort of passion for furry stuff to truly capitalize on it.

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Start by making one.

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It's not that easy, and furries are stupid cheap. The kinds of people that buy YCH pieces at 6k are few and far between, and the few that exist aren't dropping stacks on some up-and-coming literal who that's been in the fandom for a week.
In a lot if ways fur is a flooded market and you have to really grind to get your shit to stand out.
Honestly you'd have better luck going on Craigslist or fiverr and seeing if you can get some gigs. Doing comms means building some kind of "brand" and fan base with it and that is not a quick task, nor is it idiot-proof.

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i enjoy drawing nsfw a lot but never gave furry a chance. will i /make it/?
Deadass? I was thinking about doing art gifts/cheap commissions for awhile and hopefully building from that

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Furry porn pays good -
If you are an established furry artist.

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I really doubt you are going to have any luck with this unless you’re willing to sink a lot of time and effort into something you don’t even care about. personally I would find it too risky and would rather just keep my job no matter how shitty it is because I like comfort and guaranteed money.

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Do you enjoy drawing furry stuff though? That is what you need to ask yourself. But if you have never done it before and had no interest in it before now then you probably have your answer.

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Deadass. I'm not saying you can't ever make it in fur but I just want you to know that it's not a free meal ticket.
If you ever do decide to do fur art as a genuine interest and not as a profit venture though try checking out your local furry community, one of the trash generals, or some smaller lax pocket of furries. They might not be your best financial supporters but they'll take care of you otherwise. Furries are interesting in that the ones you should avoid will basically wear neon signs

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It is a meme, there are like 10k ppl drawing furry everyday on deviantart, tried it for a month did a fake twitter and deviantart acc, got 5 followers who just follow everything furry and thats it.
But drawing animal dicks is really kills your soul, you really have to be "special" to enjoy this kind of "art"

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Boys, i think i can make it if this is true

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It was probably less of a meme years ago when there was way less people on the internet and also way less competition. Now good artists of any genre are a dime a dozen.

>Drawing animal dicks kills your soul

Also I notice a lot (or most) furry artists tend to be of the LGBT spectrum. I think it probably requires a "certain mindset" to be passionate about drawing furry porn all the time.

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>kills your soul
Christ, it's just cartoons.

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drawing furry is like working at a nuke factory. The money's fuckin good but your body is gonna glow christmas trees

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these threads make me want to kill you guys. no, if you arent already on furaffinity, if you arent already a furry, you will not make """bank""" on furry porn. no, your pathetic 25 dollar YCH is not, bank. no, making 50 dollars every 3 months on your mostly inactive accounts is also not bank.

people want art from furries because they understand the appeal and love doing it. and if you dont love doing it, join every other poor underage kid or russian art student selling cheap YCH commissions in that saturated cesspool.you guys are absolute brainlets

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post your work, I don't think you're very far along in skill if this is your attitude

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Speaking of already being on furaffinity, how do you do that? I've always kind of wanted to just make sfw art and commissions for furries just for fun but I do not know how to break into furry communities that arent literally children.

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short answer: if you arent interested in them, dont bother

long answer: just make an account and start posting your furry art with the right tags. do fan art for people on twitter and keep your FA in the bio or whatever, hosts follower raffle i guess. if you dont have a following AND you want SFW commissions, you are borderline delusional.

and a tip for you tards who insist on doing it anyway: use wide images, not long ones. wide images are basically your own banner images on the FA front page due to how it displays.

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i fucking hate furry art but i wanna break into the hentai/ecchi/yuri community. how sustainable is being a hentai artist and where can i find some pro tips about the work?

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Speaking about furries, anybody got good books on how to draw furries?

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You're doing something similar to the people who think they got no other choice but work in the back alleys in a miniskirt.
I know you need food but you can get it while keeping some self respect.

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I guess I really can't pick and choose who I want to follow my work.
Thanks for the advice, anon.

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go to Michaels, I saw a "How to Draw Furries" book there, I shit you not

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I did it for half a year in my spare time and it was pretty brutal. My advice is catering to a specific fetish you see a lack of artwork for.

Those are the weirdos who will spend.

My other advice is don't do it at all, because you will get tired of it quickly, and cultivating relationships with clients is tiresome as fuck.

I did find some mild success and had 20k followers, but nuked my account and moved on after a while despite it.

It's not maintainable long term unless you're literally a furry.

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what i mean by it its just fucking cartoon porn, i hate when you people exaggerate it like it breaks your soul

dont fucking do pornography if you cant handle it

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How come furries have so much money to blow?

>> No.4021364

They hold surprisingly good careers, and just burn their surplus on smut.
>that one doctor who spent tens of thousands of dollars on fur commisions

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it works, I know for fact because I get SOME money from it, but dont forget is drawing after all, and if you can barely draw animumu crap then doing furry will be the same of a struggle, usually furries are nice and cool persons, they pay good if they feel you are worth the money, but have this in mind, youll have to build a relationship between your clients as some annon said, and that is time consuming, yeah, I ended up getting some nice friendos in that way as well, but damn dude opening you discord and getting lots of messages its kinda exhausting.
Im a furfag and also a lolicon (yeah massive freakko and pervert scum) and I have had lots of work in and out, it pays ok, it only pays good if you have the rare skill of doing good stuff in little time.

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read loomis, read drawing animals books, stick animal heads into loomis bodies, voila

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it sounds like a joke, but actually is not, one of the best furry artist out there does exactly that, he references good looking bodies and then adds the furry flavour, but again, getting at that levels is like getting at any other professional tier of any area, it requieres work.

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whats the minimum price and effort you can get away with for furry shit, specifically OCs? theres those OC autists that have more than enough money to comission art of their OCs, literal thousands

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this was an eye opener, thanks

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i'm this anon, do you guys think i have the potential to pull in fur bux

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Draw fanart for artists who already have a big enough following and draw whatever's really popular at the moment. The former is much easier since the latter requires you to constantly check what's hot and there isn't a lot of FOTM stuff as opposed to human porn.
Pisses me off at how good darkgem is at painting but he still struggles with drawing hands.
>inb4 crab
He follows me on twitter, fuck off.

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they obviously still use simplification, cartooning, and strive for appeal rather than raw realism.

>> No.4024502

Certainly the hands are they weakest point, but just sometimes, other than that he works at a really high level of Quality, nobody is perfect, not even pros, also Nice he follows you back, sounds like a compliment.

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Well let's say you draw two 200 dollar commissions a week, you'll be making minimum wage

>> No.4024528

Thats what an engineer earns monthly un my country, blessed be currency exchange rates.

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Move to vietnam, $200 a week is basically doctor pay there (plus any patreon if you have that).
I ate a full meal for a dollar (you risk diarrhea 30% of the time, but probably would survives) and rent is about $100 a month.

Time to start drawing those animal cocks n balls.

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imagine being this talented but instead of doing anything with your life, you just draw horses fucking each other in the ass

>> No.4024548

lmao, where did you live?

>> No.4024550

I went vacation there last year, got some good references and everything is dirt cheap (food's good too if you know the places). Still in burgerland though.

>> No.4024551

coping with jealousy i see

>> No.4024554


Oh and I stayed on the southern side, in Ho Chi Ming City.

Can actually be pretty hot sometimes 30C, lots of alleys and shit so dont go out too much at night

>> No.4024583

Haha Im a Vietnamese fag, been living in HCM CIty for about 8 years, and you are right about the living condition here, maybe the best place to live is District 1, 3 and 10. Do you have any blog?

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because profesional artist working for a big company as Dinsey dont do half Darkgem does money wise, and they have to work even harder, more responbilities, plus darkgem draws furry while being a furry, its like being paid by doing why you like, not in a meme way, he is living the dream, he made it.

>> No.4024700

He is doing plenty with his life, the horse porn is just one side, and obviously he doesnt discuss his private life and other kind of work in his furry gallery.

>> No.4024726

Do you have a rendered piece?
Your lines are real nice.

>> No.4026073

How long would it take to get as good as him in terms of coloring?

>> No.4026076

his colors aren't what's good, it's his values.

judging by that comment, i am guessing you are very new. studying painting intensly every day for 3 years to get to his level, or study looser for 5.

>> No.4026136

Both color and value on darkgem arte good anon, they work hand by hand, and why the hell ir would take so long to use color properly?

>> No.4026139

colors don't matter if your values are right

>> No.4026146

Where do you got that stupid though? Of course they matter dude, explain why they DONT matter ir values are correct.

>> No.4026151

values read over everything else. values can exist without colors but colors can not exist without values. if your values are right, you can use any color you want. color temperature matters at that point, but if you already have the values down pat they are extremely secondary.

>> No.4026155

if your values are right, you can use any color you want

Thats not correct and you know ir, there must be at least a basic color armony and unity, otherwise no good value strcture will save your pic.

>> No.4026163

craig mullins is laughing right now dude

>> No.4026169

>Craig mullins doest use the fundie of color armony

Dude what? Are you blind?

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do they get put off if they find out youre only there for money?

>> No.4026310

if you like drawing then it can only really be win win, right? you get to practice new shit to an audience that actually wants the stuff you make.

>> No.4026312

Yes, because nobody likes liers, and furries treat the fandom as a space to meet people alike, not some liars who are they pretending being furries just to get money, to avoid that just present yourself as an artist, if someone ask you if you are a furry just Say the truth, if not theyll find out anyways and it Will be worse.

>> No.4026315

Fucking this, it's like people pays you to keep practicing, theres no better deal.

>> No.4027139

so are full time?
also do you hide the loli or idk feral from your clients

>> No.4027277

You can probably make just as much off vanilla furry art. You'll have to draw poorly designed OCs, but that's hardly as shameful as drawing furry porn.

>> No.4027682

finally. my despicable attraction to furries, and my massive furry porn collection can be put to good use.

what payment service do furries use? paypal doesn't allow it

>> No.4027722

i feel like i know who you are as i see some furry artists with huge amounts of porn on this board

anyway, im the anon youre replying to. i use paypal and specify the order as "ONE DIGITAL ARTWORK" alongside some terms that basically say no refunds bla bla bla. fuck paypals rules, its hard to use anything else with furries

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hehehe its not me since I don't post images on this board.

and thanks anon.
btw have any of your customers done something similar to the below email? Where they make an invoice that puts you in a bad light? It seems that if anyone wanted to troll a furry artist - all they would have to do is get their email.

>> No.4027939


just tell them to not write anything if they are given an option i guess. put it in your terms (and when addressing your terms/rules with clients, headline it as "how to keep us both safe!" instead of "THIS IS TO PROTECT ME." really heavy terms can scare a client). ive never worried about it. youre taking a risk with this but honestly commissions are always a crap shoot. i just have someone pay up front and i withdraw the money immediately. they usually get a sketch to review within the first day so my customers have nothing to complain about.

as a side note, dont put your paypal email out there. ask a commissioning client to give you their paypal email in a note. i know that sounds obvious but some people are dumb. and on a side side note, check your client's history first. if their account is fishy just tell them you fear being scammed.

>> No.4027960

Thanks anon!

>> No.4029889

bump to hear more stories, this is interesting

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Its not that easy. If you did make an account you would have seen the front page full of YCH begging. And every one you go to would be the same, no replies and this being their fourth try to get a fish.

The mad money lads also have mad followers. They also have a style that's not unlike brand to fashion. Having a Miles-df 6k ych is the same as owning a "supreme" brick. Pointless, and only to show off how gullible you are. And not everyone here is a Supreme fashion brand.

Its random who becomes the next wolfy nail or miles df. Some things just click more than others for seemingly no reason. And You? You'd be one in a million trying to be the next wolfy nail.

If you want money off your art fast with seemingly no following here's what you do.
>Learn to code (2 week course)
>start a porn game
>make a polished pre alpha build with one sex animation
>upload a promo video with a dl link in the description to e621
>watch your patreon hit 4 digits.
>drip feed content you make in a weekend to the patreon monthly
>become a paid neet and play video games the other 27 days of the month
this was Kincaid's strat. And it fucking works. All you need is the initial polish.
Fuck busting your ass doing art for faggot retards who don't even respect you.

>> No.4030019

Also this comes from lazy ass kazerad of prequel fame himself: invest in advertising to e621 and furaffinity. Furries when they see furry shit puts out the highest clickthrough rate than any other site you could advertise to.

>> No.4030112

Do you have a discord? I’m practicing stuff for commissions too and I’d love to have buddy

>> No.4030145

Furries mostly just want free shit in my experience.

>> No.4030293

>Being this stupid
Anon stop it and just go back to your pathetic anime bs

>> No.4030366

why does he render fur so shiny??
im not a furry so i dont get it

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>Hate my job
>Can't find a new job
>Heard furry porn pays good
>Bad at drawing anything but ugly ass monster shit

>> No.4030433

based pervert

>> No.4030956

i wonder what his family thinks he does

>> No.4032519

just make loli artss really :DD those upper echelons gotta have something for their eyes and pension to go with

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File: 313 KB, 1400x787, ych miles df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuckin furfags I swear

>> No.4032577

dude the mods on this board stopped caring about furry posting
look at this shit

we have talked about miles so many times on this board. if you think all furfags pay this much/charge this much for art you are bonkers. its a market oversaturated with kiddos making 5 dollar characters

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I'm a furry artist and that statement is only true in deviantart, don't come and speak like is the same everywhere, but anyways the business is only good if you are pretty good art, if you have enough demand you can raffle your slots instead of selling them at a fixed price, but if you only draw ugly ass stiff animesque shit then forget about the subject.

>> No.4032613

i do fur art for commission too you retard, my shit sells for 60-80 on average but im not a gutter trash kid. furaffinity is full of color swapping kids and poor russians, i worked among them

>> No.4032615

Like on every fucking site of the internet, you dumb fuck, that doesnt mean theres no demand, I sell my shit 300 dollaroonies the piece, si fuck off and come back once you have reached a level where you can stop whining like a fag.

>> No.4032630

calling bullshit, only person making that kind of money on this site is BBC chan and hes not even there i dont think. also, i never whined, just stated facts.

>> No.4032632

Calle of whatever you want, you jealous prick.

>> No.4032639

speak english pajeet, come back with paypal screenshots

>> No.4032651

Stay jealous, burguerhead.

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