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How do nips do it? How do they have a clean, simple but still finished looking coloring style?

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honestly if we knew we would be making waifus.

try to mimic their process as much as possible.

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draw more

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>Lineart drawn at a high resolution with a relatively thin brush
>body colors have a warm, inviting palette. Even the Black bikini top has pinkish hues in it. The blue of the background contrasts with the warm foreground, making it pop.
>Shading done with a round brush to give it a smooth look. Most of the shadows are large and simple, which adds to the aesthetic appeal (ex. the shadows on the stomachs). Additional shading details are donw with a soft brush with a color very similar to the base skin tone, and are done sparingly (ex. The shadow on the left girl's deltoid and her abdominals) a hard round brush is used to add a few subtle highlights (ex. the spots of light on the breasts, the shoulders, and the noses)
>Lineart is colored in with a slipping/masking layer to match the warm hues of the skin

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"anime was a mistake"

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Could you please post an example?

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That foreshortening is really fucked up.

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Shut the fuck up

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Hey, don't talk to my friend that way you stupid bitch.

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op asked how to do a certain style, not become a better artist.
your advice is as vague as practice more.

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hard round brush + soft eraser

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Only useful response here.

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only worthless post here

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I know your post is worthless already.

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I know your post is but what about mine?

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Less is more. Nips don't do that gross over-rendered thing that westerners do.

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lol have you seen pixiv lately
the most popular arts are the ones that are over-rendered and full of flashy background effects

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Flat colors over photos, using symbols everywhere to get rid of bothersome detail.

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so simple! where has this gif and the artist been all my life?

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Source of this gid? Any other alike from the same source? I really like it.

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Which would be the "hard round brush" in Clip Studio Paint?

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prob dense watercolor

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Default oil paint brush

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>spend hours shading
>looks like shit
>this faggot does it in 4 brush strokes
I hate my life.

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Download one off Assets. The Dense and Opaque Watercolor brushes don’t have the exact same function as a PS Hard round. I suppose you could also fashion one out of the Markers, with anti-aliasing turned on.

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>b-but muh construction!

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After a long enough time drawing, you can do it mostly in your head. Notice there's still construction lines on the face. That knowledge doesn't come out of nowhere, anon.

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there is construction though. you're just too brainlet to spot it.

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They also draw just enough of the body underneath to estimate the proportions of the rest of the body parts so they can just draw the clothes around where those would be.

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Here is a link to Mika Pikazo's videos from pixiv sensei: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L9u8Bek8hcMay1IaYXV4bGuBaeRomiX3
Uploading more later.

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I added Anmi and Amamitsuki's videos. I found them helpful when I watched them. but it is mostly just using the hard round brush.

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I posted this in another thread too, but anyone know what kind of brush is this? Is it a variation of the csp oil paint flat brush?

another video

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If you think Asians have a magical skill just because YOU cant do it, well then that’s just coping from a NGMI individual like yourself.

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Where did that magical skill bullshit come from? Obviously it's just a technique, retard.

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Maybe Asians draw better than you because they actually spend time drawing instead of crabbing on /ic/ all day

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Practice what you preach

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Copying from photographs

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>Just draw the owl bro!

Into the fucking trash

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I suppose you're joking so whatever.

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Post clean art.

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Holy shit, look at the clavicles on the right, the legs on the left. Why the fuck do you people with shit taste like to get in our way so much with your threads about how gigantic losers you are?

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>muh rendering

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Anything with actual lineart and colors inside it

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Read before you come here spouting shit like an idiot.

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You can't even draw something that looks real in black and white. If you could you wouldn't waste everyone's time with this stupid thread.

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Keep on topic or fuck off.

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You don't even know what values are you dumb shit. If you can't render something in grayscale you can't do it with color. OR ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HUE HERE? Stop lying to yourself and go learn the fundamentals. And please stop making threads with retarded questions about shit drawings.

THIS IS ACTUAL ADVICE. If you wanna render like that, learn to do it in grayscale first.

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Take your meds.

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Dont lose that love


they take hours. I just wish one of them would make a real time tutorial in english.

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simple 2-3 tone monochrome value layer, paint over, and blend tools. Then apply additional lighting details with paintover on top and apply quick dirty blending to sort of smush it all together.

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also like they understand form and stuff and if you don't you cant do it.

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Cheers anon.

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Thanks for the pointers anon.

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By being absolutely shit in everything else.

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Anime is the way Japan gets its revenge on the entire world after the burgers dropped two bombs on it.

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>Asians have thinner arms than I do.
>Girls have thinner arms than I do.
>That must mean they are more precise than I am.
>Put them together and that is the winning combination as opposed to my gorilla arms.
>This most definitely makes sense because handwriting.

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What's "everything else"?

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The shit that no one cares about

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Why do you keep saike dude.
You do have good taste but please stop making saike look bad.

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Mate... You do not know what illustrators are popular in Japan do you.

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>How do nips do it?
This fucking phrase again. If you'd look beyond your weeb echo-chamber for once, you'd realize that koreans are the true top artist.

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same thread every day. try sacrificing a village worth of ppl maybe you will get the art skills you're looking for, alternatively you can actually practice but we all know you dont want to do that

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I use this one, it's pretty close

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This has to be fake.

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Conservation of detail is real nice and draws your eyes to the place they are supposed to be drawn, the boobies I mean the face.

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Based as fuck.

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Why doesn't CSP have a hard round brush?
Is it possible to make one yourself?

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Closest thing is the Felt Pen.

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It’s good to know the webm I ripped is making waves

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they actually d r a w, instead of spending all day asking for advice that they'll end up ignoring anyway

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based furry thread art process anon
that thread is a art goldmine

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can you share that thread anon ?

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It’s still up


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draw from deez nutz

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you can try it for yourself, but seeing as you're viewing this on ic/ you probably don't test things out.

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What the fuck happened between 0:11 and 0:16???

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Japanese witchcraft.

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colored it with gradient maps

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please source, anon

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King Crimson activated

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Pearl of wisdom.

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The 5-hour render Virgin vs the 2-stroke Chad

>> No.4018253

sorry i have no idea, i found it on russki 2ch

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Their arms don't look foreshortened, more like horrendously mishaped stumps

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Redline it

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I feel bad because I already knew this, except I'm unable to draw like that

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up, we must find source

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why would you even say that when you can see him do it you goofball

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i can see it too
a few things that stood out to me

1. on the left, the upper arm. judging by the length in the image, her arm should be coming out towards the viewer at a fairly shallow angle.
the depth cues (line overlap, shadows) on her breasts indicate that the breasts are in front of the arm instead, which just makes the upper arm just look short.

2. bracelet angle kinda looks mismatched to the arm it's placed on, also making it look short (im on the fence about this one)

3. probably something to do with the hand angle and connection to the forearm, but I can't really pinpoint the issue

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i wanna see sauce too

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Unironically mastering Loomis before simplifying/exaggerating the features.

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I just use Marker Pen with Opacity set to pen pressure.

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Just looks like an elliptical with opacity set to pressure.

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literally a brush with a round tip and opacity/density dynamics on or both
it's the easiest thing ever to make, also every brush in the watercolor section is technically a hard round. just disable border of watercolor option and mixing.

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it's literally the same process of sketching a rough pose then refining it, like everyone else does on this earth.

for one, they did construct the head.
also construction isn't something you have to do every single time. it's there to help you if you're struggling and to make you understand concepts. if you're experienced enough you don't need it all the time

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it's shit

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>guy literally picking a lighter color to paint over it
>also unironically thinking that's a hard round instead of a special nip blend-paint brush using a round tip specifically to fool begs

ic is literally a nuartist haven

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there is nothing hard about it. your problem is you start painting when you don't have a good drawing.
the hard part is drawing not the color. paint with soft brushes by masking the shapes with lasso tool so that the edges are clean. make sure to go warmer towards the shadows or it will look muddy. also when you make a color warmer you have to change the hue not just the saturation. other wise it will look muddy.
but even if you are a great colorist you still need good drawing for it to look good

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there is nothing hard about it. your problem is you start painting when you don't have a good drawing.
the hard part is drawing not the color. paint with soft brushes by masking the shapes with lasso tool so that the edges are clean. make sure to go warmer towards the shadow. when you make a color warmer you have to change the hue not just the saturation. other wise it will look muddy.
but even if you are a great colorist you still need good drawing for it to look good

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i want to cum on an atelier anime so bad!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHWOOOOOOOOO

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Yep. If you look close most Pixiv artists have minimal/sloppy colouring but the drawings and colour schemes are what pull them off.

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>make a sketch
>drop base colors on a layer below the sketch
>do really rough value work just to get some good colors to pick up
>make a layer on top of everything and refine the sketch by color picking and painting over the linework

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see of the artist has a patreon. if you are lucky, their process is well explained

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I unironically dont (not him btw)
tell me about them

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Another weebshit thread...please, no matter how hard you try you just can't mimic anime. Hands too.different, techniques too different. Try as you might, at the end of the day, your a self hating western faggot so desperate to be "supa kawai" you lose sight of having actual style.

The sooner you develop your own style the better you end up being unique.


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agree, same thing goes with the steven universe bullshit

>> No.4024687

is it worth the 10$

>> No.4024740

Great videos, really helps deconstruct everything

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Based as fuck.

>> No.4025063

The whole japanese industry is about imitating a certain trendy style. That's why they copy a lot. To learn it. Many of them don't have this mentality of "I need to be so original, I need to find my own style". Also, copying and studying a style does not exclude one from studying fundamentals. They're different practices.

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I'll rip your face off little faggot.

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>cleaning up the sketch instead of doing another layer

I knew it

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nice overpaint
but still weebs dont give a shit about mistakes like this they jsut wanna see big booby

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Thank you anon. Do you know any videos where artist shade boobs or some other round body shape, i'm having a hard time undrestanding how to do it. Similar to this webm. >>4015431

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Do you know how to shade a sphere

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Because they've spent thousands of hours drawing. Of course they are good at that. You, in comparison, spent thousands of hours shitposting. Unfortunately, your shitposting sucks.

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nice projection shitter

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>picking a lighter color to paint over it

this fucking ngmi doesnt even know how color realtions work. Go read some James Gurney and then come back.

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not really desu and it's only slightly worth it if you use procreate to get her brushes.

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What this anon said >>4015385
What the artist in that webm is most likely doing is looking at an IRL pose for reference and laying down the landmarks before slowly putting it together. After a while of doing this (since the artist is clearly experienced) they get used to the flow and can easily draw a face with little construction.
You can see they start really rough but then clean it up more and more as they go along.
If they aren't using a ref, then it's very possible to do this easy ass pose with enough practice. There's no perspective and it's just a standing anime girl with one arm raised. They just have a built up visual memory from studying real life.

>> No.4030935

Idk if this is any help but I saved it from the artist's twitter a while ago, filename is "473dLIogu2uGVj2L" saved on february 8, 2018 (most likely the day it was posted)
Is there a way to go far back on my twitter timeline without scrolling all the way? I might be able to find it.

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>from life
Jap women don't have tits.

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i know how to shade a sphere alone I have no idea how to do it when the sphere is a boob on the body, with soft transitions on top, and abrupt at the bottom. I guess i need a mask for a boob layer to shade it

>> No.4031340

it is not same color. wtf

>> No.4031444

Shading is 90% shape, 10% value. That's how the japs do it.

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