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Tell me why should I learn to draw

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Because it's fun

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drawing is just a meme created by /ic/ to give people arthritis

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so we can laugh at your failure

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Don't. People who uses memes like you are more likely to fail or create hipster trash.

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You shouldn't.

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What a worthless thread

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Being a freelance illustrator is a pretty comfy and well-paid job

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You don't even know why you want to draw. Clearly you shouldn't. Heartless NPCs like you don't deserve to draw.

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Society, much like our species, language and everything else, is a byproduct of the strongest (or most fortunate) surviving elements.

By learning to draw you get to express to society your own perception of the world, be it your taste, aesthetic sense, fetishes, desirable traits, storytelling, humor, visual ideas etc. That means you will fertilize people's minds with your own seed and have a better chance than people who don't draw in shaping the world's cultural course.

Just like a normal family, you may just inspire a dozen of people with your works and leave a fairly dim impression on the Earth, like a man having a normal son who will just be an average worker keeping the machine oiled.

On the other hand, by expressing your artistic intention to the world, you risk making a bigger impact. Like fathering Elvis, or the Nuclear Bomb, or the latestt blockbuster now on everyone's screens.

The reason why you should draw is the same reason why you should do anything.

Drawing is no different from writing, being a preacher, being a writer, being a globalist banker funding international wars. The only thing that changes is the medium through which you try to exert some control over our reality.

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It's objectively the best way to express yourself. It's cheap, you can do it alone, it doesn't take much time to create a nice picture, and your possibilities are limitless.

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A long time ago a young carpenter was visited by an aged painter. He was garbed in rags and could barely afford to pay for the carpenters services. Troubled by the weary expression on the painter’s face, the carpenter asked him if he was happy, for the painter had not amassed fame nor fortune and instead was struggling merely to survive in his old age. The painter replied no and stated that he was not happy. The carpenter then asked him if he would do things differently given another chance. Again the painter replied no. Puzzled, the carpenter questioned him further. The Painter said “Just draw and you will know it. I think not of bread or shelter but only of the next mark. The light is so beautiful and I must paint it. In fact I hear it calling to me now.” And thus the painter took his leave. Intrigued by the painter’s odd response, the carpenter decided to heed his advise. He grabbed a worn piece of parchment and readied his quill and began to draw. The lines flowed onto the paper with a life of their own, each settling snug against the other. But he stopped as soon as he began when he was interrupted by a new customer. He never drew again.

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To draw porn of obscure anime and vidya

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If you need convincing it isn't for you. I really don't understand people like you. Of course someone can explain the benefits and joy of drawing to you, but it comes with a cost that you're not willing to pay unless you're actually dedicated or really motivated.
Assuming you know nothing now it'll be at minimum a year of learning if not more to get anywhere that'll satisfy yourself.
It's a lot like learning an instrument, but generally it's easier to learn some starter pack guitar songs than it is to learn to draw a passing figure.
Go do something that interests you, don't ask others to convince you to do their hobby.

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Please don’t draw

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>convince me to take this years long, arguably life-long journey of learning to observe, develop introspection, and put out effort regularly that constantly challenges me and tests my understanding

you do not choose drawing, drawing chooses you

go away, come back when you are ready

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