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Will holding my pencil this way make me a better artist?

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only if you understand why you would want to hold it that way

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If it feels comfortable sure. If you have to keep forcing it then no.

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it's easier to draw from the shoulder this way.

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I draw like this with my wacom

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Fucking how? Every time I try to do it it doesn't work????? Post a vid or I won't believe you

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Does it make sense to hold your hand like this when you're not drawing on a very tilted surface? It's extremely uncomfortable on a flat desk.

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If you want to draw inaccurate as fuck, sure. It's only viable for very loose sketches, shadings I'd say.

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No, this is one of the biggest memes on /ic/. Only the meme youtube art teachers hold the pencil this way. Look up any video of a pro comic artist or animator working, they all hold the pencil with a writing grip.

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comic is not real art faggot

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How do you hold your stylus?

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LMAO especially manga artists are often way more creative than other artists. They draw much more from imagination, while other artists just constantly use references.

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lol the fact that this is all you have for a response says it all.

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>thinks that manga "artists" dont trace poses

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What about holding your pen at 90 degrees like peter han says. I heard you should only do it for inking.

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honestly yes

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fucking liar son of a bitch post proof

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>Look up any video of a pro comic artist or animator working, they all hold the pencil with a writing grip.
Because they draw small, they draw lines, on a horizontal plane and their pencil lines are never final

Also that doesn't mean anything, with an overhand grip the line quality changes. You have objectively more expression and if you like the way it looks it's well worth the training, you can go along the volumes more easily and it's impossible to strain your hands. Just mindlessly taking decisions without considering the pros and cons is silly.

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man how do i achieve nice strokes like that on a tablet

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It's not so much about what grip you are using, but if you are using all points of your arm as an axis for different lengths of stroke. small to medium strokes just need your wrist and/or your elbow, while longer, more broad strokes require your shoulder without breaking the line. different grips work better for different types of line. when you work on something small, you're going to use a writing grip because it's more natural and you have more detail control, and that's ok. But when you work large, an overhand grip is more desirable since you need more control in your shoulder than your wrist. Of course you can always go back and add small details with your writing grip, but it's best to do as much as possible with an overhand grip when working large.

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Murata must be a noob

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>imagine wanting to draw cartoon

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You just have to sharpen your pen properly.

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so the camera can see the lines youre drawing.

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sharpen your Wacom pen properly?

are we in the same universe?

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>They draw much more from imagination
That's only creative if what they imagine is original.

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>imagine being at computers

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You should always try new ways of holding tools.

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No and you dont have to draw from your shoulder either.

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what the fuck

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This man living in 2093

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You don’t have to draw at all

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It's so you draw with your whole arm and shoulder more. Instead of using the muscles in your wrist and fingers.

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