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hey how come no ones translated murutas how to draw manga manga yet? the things fully scanned online already. yeah i just wanna read this to be honest looks fun

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just learn the language

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Just learn to aggluntinate anon. It's easy

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Doubt it can beat loomis

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hey if i just pot on /a/ that togashis in this how many days would it take for hunterfags to translate it?

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I will translate one (1) page for you, post it.

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lol git gud

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Or use google translate camera

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Just downloaded and skimmed it, doesn't seem very educational desu. There is some info on the type of tools to use but other than that there isn't much else to be gained from it. A page or two on proportions, some very basic perspective stuff, some stuff on construction, line weight, etc but that's about it. Seems more like a fun comic about drawing manga with tips here and there then an actual instructional book. Loomis, Huston, Hampton, Bridgman, Hogarth, Vilppu, etc are all better for figure drawing. And you're better off with more focused books on stuff like perspective, rendering and whatnot. Seems like a fun book for fans or hobbyist but not really for people who actually want to reach a high level of mastery.

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Learning a language helps rewire your brain. Pointing a faggy camera to translate bucktooth ricemen tutorials is pathetic.

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Murata is better than loomis though

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Link to (poor quality) raws: https://mega.nz/#F!MSgHwKQB!sCqB3lE6YndZ8uc6-2o2Zg
Apparently someone already tried that two years ago when the raws were originally posted; no dice.

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Is this enough for learning japanese?

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just read genki

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