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How do you stay passionate for art as an adult? The older I get the less enjoyment I get from looking at or drawing art just as much as I lose interest in cartoons or videogames.

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It's quite simple, really. Art just wasn't for you. Just stop while you're ahead, it is not for everyone.

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Just grind through it anyway, anon. Life is suffering, and challenge is one of the few things which keeps it interesting. More challenges in your life is a good thing. Think of this as something to overcome.

Don't listen to this.

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how old are ya?

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Don't listen to this. Grinding through something you have no interest in is the worst mistake you could make. There are good types of suffering and bad types of suffering and this is an example of bad. It's like saying you should voluntarily cut your arm off just to make life more challenging.

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Just take a break. I grinded art for 3 YEARS and then completely lost passion for it. After a year, I regained my passion back. Go do other stuff, try different sports, travel, drugs , make new friends, etc

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If you don't enjoy it, why the fuck would you do it? Getting good at, or even making, art takes a ton of time. Why would you waste that time on art if you can spend it on something you enjoy instead?

Now if you start doing something like wasting hours watching TV, then that's a different issue. But that still doesn't mean that you should be drawing... it just means that you should find something better to do with your life.

Just because something is a challenge doesn't automatically mean it's the right thing to do.

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>Getting good at, or even making, art takes a ton of time
Can you imagine believing this bullshit?

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I'm almost 30 and I never stopped enjoying playing videogames, watching anime or drawing. But I've seen plenty of people like you. I guess my case is more rare.

If you had fun once, then it means something has changed, right? Either something with the subject of your fun or within yourself. Try to remember when did you stop being enthusiastic about art and try to think of things you still enjoy.

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It's just you, most normal adults put away childish things like anime and videogames when they're older. I just don't see why someone would still like those things when they're mature adults.

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>most normal adults put away childish things like anime and videogames when they're older
Sounds like something a normalfag would say.

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Explain how I'm wrong

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Age has nothing to do with hobbies, unless they're made with a very specific age group in mind. You can play videogames, watch anime and draw whatever you want at any age. These activities don't require any particular state of health or physique either.
Besides, what "mature" hobbies and time consuming activities do you start doing when you grow older? Watching TV shows? Looking after your family and saving for a car?

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Ah yes the finer things in life. Sex and booze. Also watching ESPN and golfing with the bros. Cheers fellow mature adult!

While you're at it why don't you man up some more and marry a single mom with 4 kids. So what about her past just let it go and accept her baggage. Don't forget to work overtime for shienstiens new yhat.

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>when they're mature adults
Dumbest thing I read today. Are you underage?
And by that logic garbage american culture like super hero movies is "mature entertainment" then, right?

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> unless they're made with a very specific age group in mind.
All animation, videogames, and superhero movies are made with a very young audience in mind. You'll see that the majority of well-minded adults don't partake in these activities, and will move past these things once they're older.

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Sports, Cars, Reading

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bills and food

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f it really was your passion, I think you're burning out right now & should do a pause.

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if it was really his passion than he wouldn't burn out at all

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I remember being 12yo (2007-2008ish) and losing fun with videogames because single player games felt lonely. Completely changed when I discovered mmos, haven't played offline since then.

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Don't be a dumbass

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yes goy, be a manchild, watch cartoons and get a vasectomy

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>thinks he is mature
>"the jews xD"

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23 is not an adult

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this is why we have so many manchildren, everyone is told they can act a think like a child well into their 30s. Anyone who is old enough to fight in a war should take responsibility of their life and not waste time chasing their childhood.

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What are Mature Adults doing on a website for neckbeards who watch cartoons?

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i will beat you to death

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Men are adults when their father is dead and they turn 35. Until then you're an overgrown child with far too little experience.

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No, let him stop, fucking crybabys that want everything in a golden spoon, Art is not supossed to be always enjoyable, it supossed to be a sacrifice and a life goal, and if this brainlet with 23 years old hasnt realliced of this he doesnt deserve to be in the art communnity

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>>>/pol/ you won't be missed

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you have to go back

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>Art is not supossed to be always enjoyable
It is enjoyable for good artists. I've never seen a professional artist complain that he's drawing to much.

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Be as eclectic as possible. Give anything that piques your interest a chance. Different styles of music, film, literature, fashion, animation or comic books than what you're used to. Just be honest about what you like and dislike and you might be drawn into something completely new. It's possible you've grown out of your old interests, but you don't owe any commitment to your past self to keep liking the same things.

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>being a mature adult
>in 2019

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because that's their job

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Most normal adults don't draw or paint either, you normie.

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You arn't an adult.

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How the fuck 23 year old is not an adult.
Anyway op, I'm your age and can only enjoy games, anime or drinking in moderation BUT being productive is quite satisfying. I think when your mind matures you want to give back something meaningful to society and world. Maybe your taste for art didn't develop and you don't want to draw cartoony stuff anymore and should explore and find what you like. Maybe it's not for you and you'd be happier doing woodwork or working in garden. If everything you've liked seems bland maybe you're depressed to some extent and should try figuring it out with introspection.

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I am 30 next year (started 2 years ago) and I have never found a more constructive hobby until now, just draw things you wanted to draw, damn the fundamentals and do anything you need to keep the fire burning.

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My dudes, the process of making art isn't rly supposed to be anything, it just kind of is.

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I didn't enjoy snowboarding until I was good enough to bomb down the slopes and move fast and freely to music.

Is it possible that learning art could be the same? suffer through the fundies and skill development until you can draw whatever you want! This is what I'm holding out for, I feel like I will enjoy art when I can draw what I want

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This isn't to invalidate you guys btw, it's just that I don't like the matter of fact tone ppl use when they talk on this stuff. So, just remember there are different routes to the same destination, I guess.

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Yeah its true, but OP doesnt even get this.

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Most people at 23 years of age still haven't fully matured brains. So no, not adults yet.

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It's this. Pretty sure Dave Rapoza said he hated the grind but started to really love it after a while.

Once you start seeing legitimate returns on something your enjoyment and appreciation for it definitely goes up.

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hehe yes goy, surely the top 1% being nepotistic kikes holding all big media companies, newspapers, movies, etc is just a coincidence. Them being caught redhanded on numerous occasions and thrown out of nations for stirring shit up is also just a myth eheh, not to mention the jews always support left-sided opinions and are indirectly the cause of all these brown people making your nations poorer and more dangerous
*vigorous rubbing*

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Do some soul searching.

Do you dislike it because it's difficult/you're bad at it and that makes you uncomfortable? If so, it's worth it to persevere. People don't like being uncomfortable and people don't like being shit at things, but people DO like overcoming obstacles if the outcome is worthwhile.

Do you dislike it because it bores you, and you can't think of ways to make it more interesting? Then there's nothing wrong with moving on and finding a new hobby. If art doesn't bring you joy and the prospect of being good at something you don't even like doing isn't enticing, it's not worth doing. People get bored of things. People learn to like new things. You might even be able to find a new hobby that uses some of the skills you learned in art. Hell, in a few years time you might find a renewed passion for art.

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>So I guess you've got kids? These paints are for fingerpainting, right? Now c'mon, we're gonna be late for Hit a Ball into Hole with a Stick.

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