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You have been visited by Suckle Dickskin. He is the ultimate art teacher. Everytime you suck his dick, he downloads instant days of practice into your brain.

Each day = 3h of practice.
He has an average dick of 15 cm/5.9 inches.
he usually takes 10min to cum.

These are his rules:
>1st blowjob = 364 days
>2nd blowjob = 242 days (2/3 of the last)
>3rd blowjob = 161 days (2/3 of the last)
>4th blowjob = 80 days (1/2 of the last one)
>5th blowjob = 40 days (1/2 of the last one)
>6th blowjob = 10 days (1/4 of the last one)
>7th blowjob = No prize
>8th - 12th blowjob = 2 days (1/5 of the 6th one)

after the 12th, you get the "Dickskin's Apprentice" Status:
>Each blowjob: 40 days
>You have to swallow
>At each time you can choose a flavor for the semen, but only 1/3 of chance of it not being semen tasting.

"Apprentice Status" + Dubs (minus 33 and 66):
>All your promised orals are now anals
>Buttfuck = 100 days

"Apprentice Status" and/or Trips, 33, 66
>all your promised blowjobs are now handjobs
>minus 1/4 of total prize

With how many BJs do you sign the contract?
This is true GMI.

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My husband already gets it for free. Wants me to bring in money with my art. Would probably buy me industrial strength kneepads.

>> No.4011217

Kek. worth it.

easy 12 bjs

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15 Blowjobs

1027 days. Sounds like GMI and I'm guessing sucking dick is still more dignified than furry comissions
I'm going for mint taste on those last apprentice sucks.

>> No.4011230

Dude I suck dick for free you just made me the easiest offer possible. 5 minutes a day to be good at art.

>> No.4011234

10 minutes a day you mean.
Dickskin is a man of endurance.

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Seems like a pretty good deal desu. Does he have to recharge between nuts? I’m gonna assume he has infinite nutting capabilities and can cum multiple times per session. If it takes 10 minutes to make him cum I’d sign up for a 12 hour shift. That means he nuts 72 times in one 12 hour session. Once I hit apprentice level I can deduce the time it would take me to hit 10000 hours of art practice and by then I ought to be a master. 24 hours in a day, one nut = 960 hours of practice. That means I would really only have to give him ~11 blowjobs to become a master (I’d actually have over 10000 hours on account of the previous 12 blowjobs before I became an apprentice.) So even though I could make him but 72 times in 12 hours I would really only need to blow him for ~4 hours to become a god tier master artist. For the first day I would only do the minimum 4 hour nut milking session and see where my skills are at but then after that I’d see if the gains are significant or negligible past that 10000 hour mark. If I still make visible gains by slobbering on his knob then I milk him M-F (Saturday and Sunday off of course) for ~4 hours. It’ll really only take me a week at most to surpass Kim Jung Gi and Ruan. Maybe a month to catch up to the old masters. If the gains keep coming I’ll keep on suckling and become the greatest artist in all of history. No one will ever be able to deny my greatness and my name will be cemented amongst the greats through all of time, all thanks to this crudely drawn mans adequately sized penis.

>> No.4011246

Fuck it, I’ll sign up for five since I’m already pretty decent. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make someone cum from oral since my husband doesn’t like it. I’m almost doing it more for that then anything else.

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You're way more faggots than I'd imagine. I like to see the sacrifice.

Seems like it needs some nerf. Gonna come back next week with some new features but more demanding on those dick suckings.

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Okay what if I offer him my womb and let him impregnate me? Will I get a quadruple bonus? Also I'm a virgin.

If he doesn't want to breed an autismo and risk creating more autists, then can I surgically create an onahole based on my removed vag? Everytime he ejaculates in it, will the gains transfer to me?

>> No.4011271

Dickskin hates vags, you whore. He wants the sweety licky. If you replace your vag with a mouth fleshlight, you get half of the deal per use.

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His anatomy seems off, I don't trust his powers.

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thanks Suckle Dickskin but I prefer my dignity
dont think I could ever look at myself the same

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Would I? Are you serious?
I'd drain him dry for all the gains I can get. While the goose is golden I'm gonna get me some EGGS.
Being someone's cocksleeve for a few months and getting a lifetime of being a pro, easiest decision of my life.

>> No.4011337

3 hours per day? Suckle, please.

>> No.4011398

3 blowjobs. Too much diminishing returns after that.

>> No.4011499

Yes. I'd do it for free. I just really want a penis in my mouth.

>> No.4011506

dick too strong, pls nerf irelia

>> No.4011515

this guy already exist, but in the shape of a renown art critique, the more you suck him, the more he praise your abstract art

>> No.4011646

Does he have a manager? I'd like to book a whole day with him, please

>> No.4011656

Please send him my way

>> No.4011662

This is why none of you will ever make it. Instead of drawing, you write up a whole post about blowjobs. Fucking degenerate loser incels.

>> No.4011668

2 bjs then maybe extend contract

>> No.4011829

Congrats on trips, your mouth can rest.

>> No.4011830

Too bad now you got penis in your butt ^-^

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this this this this this this
fucking nonstop shitposting on 4chan instead of fucking drawing and actually getting good

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I am already exhausted from my drawing today, now I am procrastinating until sleep hour

>> No.4011908

/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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And y'all are being so productive bitching in this thread.

>> No.4011943

Why is everyone pretending like a day of practice has the same gains for everyone. Some of you could suck him dry all your life and would still never improve.

>> No.4011971

yeah no shit thats why different people will make a different dick sucking deal

>> No.4012261

I already like dick. I'd have no problem doing it once a week for a year or so.

>> No.4012832

I can't cum from blowjobs, what does that make me? God of endurance?

>> No.4013021

I wouldn't because I unironically enjoy practicing. Learning is the best part of having a hobby.

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