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His name is David Huggins and here is his art. It tells the story of his unique life

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There are a lot more

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Say something nice about david

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Goin to venture a guess that he was probably raped/sexually abused in his youth and he’s coping by making it an alien abduction narrative. Kind of sad but very common.

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fuck this guy is kino

remind me to never leave /beg/ i want to make lux mental illness paintings like hm and that other broad

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Ya know...there's also the possibility that he did father hunderds of hybrid alien children with Crescent

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Just came from /x/ and my hands are still sweaty, this is the last thing we need to see right now.

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people write books about this because they know the believers will eat it up and shell out for them. maybe this is the same deal. not saying he shouldnt though.

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This, it's very common for abuse victims to cope so hard they geniunely start believing the story they've come up with to forget about the abuse

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>ayylmao doesn't have feminine penis
baka what's the point

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Fuck off with your Buzzfeed clickbait headlines, retard.

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it's always interesting how the aliens in these accounts have exactly the same anatomy as a human except for a huge head with bug eyes. The females even have long hair as in human females and fashionably cut! It's almost as if it's the preference of the "artist", gee.

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>going to /x/ to masturbate
Tell us about your fetishes.

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this one is genuinely an interesting piece

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no it isn't

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it actually is.

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I like this one too >>4011318

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Hopefully he'll have a museum in his home town.

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this one is deeply unnerving

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thats some mkultra ptsd stuff. He looks like he could have been part of the program as a child and then replaced cia dudes with aliens for cope

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