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The price went from a outrageous $2600 to a more reasonable $6500

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Who cares?

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furries are loaded, good on him for grabbing from that pile of cash

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he would get more if there were character slots

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Nice try cunt

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>Posted Dec 23rd and updated recently
So this means OP is a jealous furfag who posted is as soon as he saw this? https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9203254/

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Nah I just thought it was hilarious. Did a double take. I can't wait for the comments to explode like they did with the 5k YCH.

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There's more
All of these have sold within a day or two

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Does he have a system as to how he prices these? They look randomly priced.

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Do people really regularly pay this much?

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Furries, near I can tell, have infinite disposable income and no sense of money being worth anything OR aesthetics.

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Yeah, but you have to keep in mind that Miles is, I believe, the most viewed user on FA, which is the biggest online congregation of furries online. He's well-known, and very popular amongst people who like his aesthetic, so people might just be willing to pay that amount just for his name on the image.
Going through his YCHs idly, I've also noticed that there seem to be regular customers who come back. Some people just have a lot of disposable income and that's what they choose to spend it on. Trying to make it as a furry artist, myself, desu.

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these are't real. it's just money laundering. even furries have art standards.

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So he's Apple for furfags?

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Seeing this I’m considering doing furry art now. Maybe as a secret account...

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Good on him.

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home come though.. what do most furries do?

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>doesn't have porn account with a completely unrelated username to make ez money with
if miles isn't proof that you can overvalue your art with furries then idk what is

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Meh. I never see the actual finished comissions just claims about a friend buying it and fake people buying it.

It is a stunt.

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The huge group commissions are always posted on his page. I suspect the single-character ones that sell for huge amounts aren't posted in the interest of the commissioner's privacy, or at their request to be the only person with a copy of the image.

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lol no thats not how he runs his business
he creates merch out of the single character comissions, and retains all rights to the picture

the only rights you have are the rights to display a low res version of the pic on your page and of course the rights to your own characters design

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I love this image, and I mean literally this image with prices plastered all over
it's so fucking decadent

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I fucking hate this fandom

>> No.4011725

i love this fandom

it is realy just what you make of it

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on what say ppl pay money for this? Can do better for 10$

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Do it for free and prove you are better. Sketch would be enough.

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here is one, havent drew furry yet

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I fucking hate myself. I wish I had the balls to go furry but I just can't. And I need money so bad.

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It's shit taste central. Fetishists with no interest in art whatsoever despite loudly proclaiming oh how creative they are at every opportunity. Furry "art" is hedonistic, insincere and consumerist.
The furry fandom is a hellscape to get caught up in if you have actual artistic aspirations. Avoid it like plague if you have any integrity whatsoever.

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cute and soulpilled

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You did an anime girl standing there. This furry degenerate did a smiling fox thing in a dynamic pose on a motorcycle. You’re not better. Anime girl standing flat on to viewer is you dressing up your visual dolly. At least the furry tell some form of visual story telling.

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Ok, I give this one to you, this is nice.

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I did it in 10 mins and and yet I did it for free, so whats the site with free money from furry degenerates

>> No.4011794

You said you would do better and you did not. So.
Yes or no, you’re full of excuses?

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op is just the sketch, the finished product the client buys is a fully rendered, professional pic

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Oi Da vinci, 98% of this user base draws shitty anime so they aren't losing anything if they go full on furfag

>> No.4011834

I simply avoid people who are not like minded.
There are so many people with different aspirations and interests, anyone can find a place in the fandom.

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I get what you're saying but how would they trace your fur account to your real name?

>> No.4011879

Why don't you just suck cock? From a point of view of dignity, humanity and integrity it's exactly the same thing.

Based, 4chan hating on furfags is the pot calling the kettle black. You guys jerk it to dickgirls and loli, you're just as depraved as the furries

>> No.4011886

If you want easy money you can't expect to keep your morals either desu

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So that furry has a bunch of pictures, all figures in 3D interacting. 3d faces with different expressions. Mostly with backgrounds. They all look like ten minute sketches.

You have a glorified stick figure with broken hands, tits hanging off the neck, symbol face as generic as can be, chicken scratch lines and worse hair, impossible foreshortening on the arms.

You cant do better stfu. Post a finished piece that isn’t a generic deviantart anime girl standing there.

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He can't keep getting away with this

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Thats why I never hate people like Miles or Belle Delphine, they are based, I hate their beta orbiters that are buying literally farts from them for thousands of dollars

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it's not like it's a recent phenomenon as well, gotta thank hacks like Duchamp for paving the way

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I think it depends on how much of the character you can see, like in slot 11 you can only see a head so it's only 120

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If they can afford to pay thousands for a degenerate painting, they surely can afford to track your real identity. I assume some of they already do, for security or whatever paranoid reasons they may harbor.

I wouldn't draw furry, but neither would I dare to cross any of them.

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damn only 120 bucks for a half drawn tail+head, what a deal

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>with different expressions
not him but all furry porn has literally this face

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I draw furry art to pay for college. I'm paranoid too, so I use a VPN and different artstyle to stay safe.

>> No.4012094

I posted a bunch of weird fetish stuff a year ago and didn't care at all about it not being traceable back to my main, I don't know if I should worry about it or not. It's harmless stuff, just weird. If you look for my main nothing comes up except my legit art and I don't use my real name anyway. I still see it as my art and I did it for fun but I grew uncomfortable posting it online for various reasons.
I would totally own up to it. Is it really possible that some crazy person will dig me up and try to smear me, and if I just say "yeah I drew that" will that end my life?

>> No.4012115

>I grew uncomfortable posting it online for various reasons
>I would totally own up to it
clearly that's not the case, besides why would anyone give a damn about some shitty inflation porn you drew years ago

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File: 1.67 MB, 200x200, 65c.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GET RICH QUICK : starving artist? We got you covered! Just learn in our program how you can lose all self respect to draw anthropomorphic animals fornicating!
Artists eyes see through alt accounts. You can't fool them unless you Completely change the way you draw.

>> No.4012144

>Is it really possible that some crazy person will dig me up and try to smear me, and if I just say "yeah I drew that" will that end my life?

yes, it is very possible, even if you used a different artstyle. But good on you if you can handle opening up to if if shit hits the fan. it prob wont end your life, btw, the art industry doesnt care, for instance :
1. Dr. Seuss Drew Nudes
2. the loud house guy drew furry porn!
3. the steven universe girl wrote weird ed edd and eddy porn fanfiction. worst of the 3 I mentioned.

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File: 1.83 MB, 2420x1179, shmorky alt investigation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yes. artist eyes can easily pierce through alt accounts. Here's a good example: https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/Shmorky

even with a completely different art style you will be found... if you're not clever like Shmorky

>> No.4012205

thankfully my case is not even close to that, also whoever this is he was already on kiwifarms

>> No.4012213

ye, as long as you aren't an insane pedo who has caught the eyes of the farm already, you should be good. they only put him under the microscope since he was such a lolcow from the start.

>thankfully my case is not even close to that,

so you do mostly vanilla then?

>> No.4012244

And drawing that face is 10 times more skill requiring than drawing a symbol styled anime face. Furfag is way ahead of anime anon, despite charging an arm and a leg.

>> No.4012253

You sound like the paranoid one. Maybe get some help, buddy

>> No.4012256

I wasn't implying any comparison with anime

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To be fair his finished works look clean as hell

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File: 1.25 MB, 1400x787, miles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is his finished work.

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Why do furries have the absolute worst character designs

I'm embarrassed that my boyfriend is a furry but at least his fursona or whatever isn't as atrocious as these

>> No.4012325

>imagin paying +1000$ for your character to be a sub to someone else's character and sharing them with 2 other OC characters who also payed $1000 dollars

>> No.4012328

>imagine paying 100-300 just to have your oc in the background

>> No.4012330

Utterly soulless.

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File: 326 KB, 960x1316, franko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they are not skilled character designers just some dudes who want their character to be unmistakeable

some of them have nicely designed characters who dont rely on crazy colors

>> No.4012335

I hate how it all looks like plastic and like nothing that isn't hair, ears or tails is actually made out of fur. Western furries are really bad at fluff.

>> No.4012337

it is a speciality of miles's style

>> No.4012338

I kind of prefer it when there isn't too much focus on the fur.

>> No.4012339

I thought furries were into fur, why the fuck does this look like they were made of rubber?

>> No.4012342

it's a speciality of practically everyone, it seems. do these people want to fuck anthropomorphic dogs or latex mutants?

>> No.4012360

Every thread like this there are always people claiming that they're going to get into furry art and make tons of cash but they never do. They don't have the drive and they can't fit in the community.

>> No.4012378

fur is hard to draw, also furries aren't into fur, they're into dog dicks, and wolf faces

you have to actually enjoy it to fit in, otherwise you will driven insane

latex mutants

i have a theory furries aren't sexually attracted to animals, just exotic humans. like aliens with our reproductive systems.

>> No.4012395

The black and red guy wolf has 4 fingers but the rest of them have 5. That bugs me.

>> No.4012410

I fucking hate how Miles draws everyone a dog snout regardless of what species they are

>> No.4012417

furries are cartoonphiles first and foremost, they dont want to fuck dogs (in most cases) they just want to fuck non-human humanoids

>> No.4012418


I just want to take this opportunity to expand on something I've been thinking about. I don't know how much this makes sense to anyone else but it seem to me that a common thread among the really succesful NSFW artists (regardless if they're furry or not) is that they render the characters in a way that makes them seem kind of like... Action figures. There's a kind of simplicity and effectiveness to the characters that make it easy to imagine them as toys. It creates a sense of collectability.

>> No.4012424

It definitely an action figure look.
I dunno, it's not very appealing to me.

>> No.4012573


Thank you for expressing in words what I couldn't wrap my head around. That makes sense considering what styles they're into.

>they just want to fuck non-human humanoids

What happened to such a large group of people that made them attracted to disney styled anthros?

>they dont want to fuck dogs

it seems so, considering how human most of their drawings are.

>> No.4012590

>What happened to such a large group of people that made them attracted to disney styled anthros?
Childhood + the internet

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File: 107 KB, 1080x714, D6bMUymWAAEXSnP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I miss drawing furry stuff, I used to really like it. I didn't like it sexually but had fun drawing it.
But then I see stuff like this and remember why I stopped posting and drawing it.
Do sometimes want to get back into drawing it

>> No.4012808

I get real grossed out by furry art that is basically animal bodies on all fours complete with animal genitals, and maybe a slightly stylized head and face. The weird cartoony anthro furry style at least doesn’t give me a flight or fight response.

>> No.4012843

>I really miss doing this thing that I enjoy but I let the weird and inconsequential opinions of a very small minority in a group of hundreds of thousands of otherwise normal people who loosely share an interest in a style of art/characters affect me so strongly that I stopped engaging in my hobby

Damn, you must have no interests at all if you let a couple dumbasses dictate what you can and can't enjoy.

These are called "ferals."

>> No.4012858

Its called style, cletus. Its part of artistic expression.

>> No.4012860

I like furry art, once in a blue moon I fap to it, but are furries truly a more profitable niche than other porn niches?
Is this massive profitability an /ic/ meme?

Half of my income comes from freelancing, and I get commissions from fairly sizable companies. However I still have to work a day job... So I'm debating if creating a whole new art-style and furry alias could be worth it. SFW art just aint cutting it.

>> No.4012890

as someone who makes a living solely on furry porn, the profitability is no meme. since almost every furry has at least one OC and most of them aren't artists themselves, commissioning artists is a massive staple of the furry community. On top of that, most of them have absolutely no taste and therefore you don't even need to be a very good artist to get into it. Doubly so if you're willing to draw niche fetishes

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If anyone likes that plastic toy rendering they have no sense of aesthetics, much less style.

>> No.4012897



>> No.4012906

Nothing is more revolting than furfag art with finely and realistically rendered fur. Get some taste realismfag.

>> No.4012919


You know there are options between "Disney's The Lion King Remake" and "Literal freakish plastic doll monster" right?

>> No.4012932


Anon, you just don't have a sense of aesthetics or style. It's plain and simple. Stop trying to justify tthat by throwing out vague statements of what furfaggotry fur should be.

>> No.4012934


It's not even bait at this point it's just an entire Japanese industrial whaling fleet.

>> No.4012986

Looks pretty nice. I'd fap if they were humans.

>> No.4012988

>I hate how it all looks like plastic and like nothing that isn't hair, ears or tails is actually made out of fur. Western furries are really bad at fluff.
Pornfags never draw fur. Miles_DF and most furry pornfags draw cartoon people with animal flavor. But then again a lot of furry porn today is bestiality with realistic 3D models so I don't even know anymore.
I blame the gays. The moment LGBT started being accepted it was like opening a Pandora's Box of degeneracy, we should have paid attention to the futa red flag.

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File: 430 KB, 791x1338, anna_by_reykat_dborm4c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nothing is more revolting than furfag art with finely and realistically rendered fur.
I think it's cool as hell but I love freaky and uncanny stuff in the first place.

>> No.4013004

>a lot of furry porn today is bestiality with realistic 3D models
yeah, no, that's definitely not true

>> No.4013039

Is there market for female furry drawings? Most furries seem gay as fuck..?
I mean I believe I can make a female furry enjoyable to draw, but not males.

>> No.4013045

I've seen quite a few popular artists that draw mostly female furry pinups, so I guess there's a market.

>> No.4013056

you fell way too hard for the old "furries = gay" meme, fact of the matter is that the far majority is still straight and that if you look at the most popular artists, they will be drawing female-focused stuff most of the time

>> No.4013069

miles_df himself does mostly females

>> No.4013128

yes there is, I follow a bunch of furry artists and some of them draw exclusively females and straight porn, some even draw humans fucking anthros and that is a completly different niche

>> No.4013135

>humans fucking anthros
MHFA is the best

>> No.4013203

If any of you faggots who plan on milking furries for money ever thought "But muh fur" while looking at this image then drop that plan now. You don't get the appeal and you won't find the easy money you're looking for.

>> No.4013206

desu i'm a furfag and i don't get the appeal of that image. there's no eroticism or lust, like that other anon said it's just action figures being posed to loosely resemble sexual activity

>> No.4013209

Cool. You don't but you're not the one paying thousands of dollars for these action figures.

>> No.4013224

>there's no eroticism or lust, like that other anon said it's just action figures being posed to loosely resemble sexual activity
this is what I think about 100% of drawn/3D pron not made by me

>> No.4013359

>since almost every furry has at least one OC and most of them aren't artists themselves, commissioning artists is a massive staple of the furry community.

that explains a lot! Thanks anon~!

>> No.4013427

There are people who can do decent furry designs. Most of them just don't do porn.

>> No.4013492

You can customize your furry character to the extreme within a certain art style, it can be half a fox half an eagle with neon colors, it's the same drive for uniqueness why people name their son Jayson. It's a donut steel playground and you use the fursona to represent yourself or do sexual roleplay with others hence the commissions / fursuits. In a way it's no different from people buying Gucci, it's just vanity. Same with the fetish shit, you can make a purple tiger dragon girl if you're bored with regular tigers and just commission an artist to see her in any sexual situation you fancy until you get bored. You never run out of material to commission because it's all in your head. Non-artists usually have horrible taste, you can see that if you look at people's D&D characters. Add symbiotic LGBT acceptance to this mix and you know why furries are degenerates.

>> No.4013553

gay as fuck

>> No.4013646

may I ask why did it go from $2500 to $6500? it's the "extras" that comes with it? also the way the $2500 price is crossed out makes it seem like they posted it first with that price and then thought "wait these are furries, I can get way more money than that"

I'm not really into furries but I follow some of them on furafinitty because a lot of them are really talented in anatomy and coloring but honestly if they're priced that way because this guy is the "most viewed user on FA" like it was said in a previous comment, then I'm really dissapointed. Their art look professional but not $6k+ per ych professional imo, when I looked at the price I thought the finished product would be more impressive but I've honestly seen way more impressive things on furafinity for just a fraction of those prices, or maybe I know nothing about what furries like so idk

>> No.4013659

most furries are just tasteless fucks there's nothing else to it, meanwhile this guy sells full illustrations for about the same price as this >>4011990

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File: 456 KB, 1280x1003, 1472502160.seyorrol_exposureofsubconscious2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.4013671

I'm not even a furry, but this is so good I feel like I'm obligated to start masturbating.

>> No.4013683

>people complaining furry porn lacking fur
fur is garbage, disgusting shit
smooth skin is the way to go

>> No.4013684

is this his newest project?

>> No.4013689

kek a hack trying to be reykat

>> No.4014394

Decent enough to make MilesDF money learn how to draw muzzles and add ears and a tail to that and you'll make it

>> No.4014401
File: 2.25 MB, 1362x1974, 952c6029f6735ec8cc264f6853b728e0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are wrong

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File: 146 KB, 1295x616, __detected_by_reykat-dciywic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good taste by why all Russian have the same style?

>> No.4014641
File: 69 KB, 368x429, 1561736491349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4014644

Jesus christ that's revolting

>> No.4014653
File: 42 KB, 480x480, 339da9c8c749288e1319aaed08574161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Super clean, I'd say on par with an artist like InCase, but holy fuck why is furry art so generic looking. It's almost as generic as the basic bitch anime style but it's made way worse by the absolutely disgusting amount of sparklefaggotry.

>> No.4014659

It'll hang in The Louvre in the 22nd century.

>> No.4014661

This, 3D porn is soulless and sucks ass. Compared to 2d animated, which is like 90% soulless and suckass, and live action or comics/manga which is about 80% soulless and suckass (unless it's amateur or homemade, or the occasional decent doujinshi).

Fuck porn desu. If I weren't such a self hating virgin I wouldn't even watch that shit, it's a total waste of time.

>> No.4015051

Imagine being this delusional.

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