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Any good books on manga techniques? I'm not talking about some dumb fucking weabshit like drawing anime characters, i have no use for that, i mean like a book that discusses in detail creating manga, the comic book medium. Panel composition, flow, pacing, shit like that.

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Yes, Akira Toriyama's own book. He spill all the beans on how to create manga and at the end he criticizes a few stories from newcomers mangakas.. As a plus he shows how to draw Dr Slump chars.

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seconding toriyama,
hirohiko araki of jojo fame also has a manga book.

and i also recommend the marvel book on the same subject.

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Know where i can find the PDFs in english?

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Scott McCloud's books on comic theory are really good, even if you're a weeb wanting to make western manga. His first two books are great reads, but Making Comics is more detailed and practical in regards to making your own comics.
If you want something really good straight from the source, read Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga. It's mostly funny and satire, but there's some genuine wisdom drops that make the most complex topics seem simple and approachable.

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how many times are you gonna ask this? there aren't any in english

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What do you mean "how many times"? This is the first time i made a thread about this. The fuck are you talking about.

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What makes you think you'll be able to understand any of these books if you can't even spell? Fucking retard.

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Its a made up internet word you sperg, it doesnt matter how you spell it.

I mean the word is normally weaboo anyway so who the fuck cares. Weebshit, weabshit, you're shit.

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This is an excellent book that will teach you the fundamentals of how to draw good manga techniques. I also highly recommend looking at this guy's youtube channel, he's probably one of the best artists regularly uploading videos

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So is anyone actually gonna spoonfeed this idiot? there is a limit to rudeness, especially when you're the one asking for help

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You're the one being an asshole you dumb faggot.

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Are you trying to kill the competition anon? That books and all crilley materials are shit.

Loomis is the way

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That's shit. Loomis is unironically better,

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>the word is normally weaboo
I hate zoomers so fucking much.

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look up Framed Ink in the artbook thread. Not manga but it applies to comics and manga regardless.

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Aight. I was mostly just asking for books about manga because i want to read up on comic book composition storytelling techniques and i find that the manga industry typically has a good grasp on flow and pacing, anyway.

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Zoomer how?

Normally its that. The original version is Weeaboo, oops i didnt put in two e's on a made up internet meme word, my bad.

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Yes, exactly like that. Now go back to Instagram, you'll get more art buddies there.

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what the fuck are you talking about you spastic retard?

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Notice how almost every post you make start with (or consists of) a clickbait question and the few that don't have just insults in them?
It shows your means of "communication" is solely reliant on drawing a reaction from others. You either hook them through the need to answer some menial stupid shit and do all the work of talking, or you may just spout some lazy, inflammatory one liner so people can once again do all the work for you by replying with longer, more elaborate reactions.

I guess it really served you well through your life as a defensive mechanism and you always moderately got what you wanted; hell, you even got this rather analytical post from me.

Just remember: the squeaky wheel might get the oil, but it's the first one to be replaced.

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Legitimately what the fuck are you talking about?

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Any books can teach me how to create my own style?

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Holy shit you really are underage and/or a shizoid and your only point of reference to everything in the world is youtube videos.

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I could have called that many other semantically related things. Bait(-and-switch), passive-agressiveness, outrage culture, provocation, polemic, eye-catcher, pointless, bad faith, rhetorically empty.
In fact, I did call it other things, such as "one liner" and "inflammatory", alluding, respectively, to journalism and general speeches/debates.

But clickbait was my word of choice. Your mental association between this word and YouTube is not even unwelcome, as I am criticizing anon's behavior on the same vein I would YouTube's hostile culture towards everyone's brains.

With all this laid down, I believe you are bothered not by the lack of synonyms or related terms in my lexicon, but by the specific, single occurrence of that word. Which renders your claim of me having only one point of reference absurd. How many times does one have to restate the same idea before you consider enough points of view have been used? Wouldn't your fixation on a single word, conversely, imply YOU have only one point of reference when talking about my word choices?

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the guy that wrote jojo wrote a guide on how to draw manga, google that. the golden road or something like that

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See this shit is why i dont fucking come to this board, because its full of faggots like this.

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Framed Ink and a storyboarding course (I took Kris Pearn at Schoolism, just the lessons) are the most valuable things I've come across.

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>Framed Ink
There a download link for that hanging around?

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Its no good. Its bunch of portfolio pieces and paragraphs of bullshit with no real technique or theory.


Theres a co thread with lots of info on comics.

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Thank you anon, i'll be sure to read through this.

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the jojo pdf should be somewhere, it definitely exists in english

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What’s the name of Toriyama’s book? I can read Japanese and live in Japan.

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> I'm not talking about some dumb fucking weabshit like drawing anime characters, i have no use for that
Why would you ask for help related to manga if you're going to disrespect its artstyle? You're a fucking asshole.

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That isnt what i mean you dumb fucking retard.

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>dumb fucking weabshit
I'm curious but are you genuinely autistic?

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No you fucking idiot i meant i didnt want any books or pointers on drawing anime, i wanted shit that discussed storytelling techniques.

Damn you faggots sure are aggressively defensive if i say "weabshit" on this board arent you. Maybe do more than just copy anime drawings if it gets you this mad.

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Also i wasnt even talking about what you think im tallking about you illiterate retard, i said "dumb fucking weabshit"


Not actual japanese shit. I wasnt disrespecting japanese artists, i said WEABshit. Like you. You butthurt fucking weab. I was phrasing it to make it clear i didnt want "how 2 draw animu #456".

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You're actually autistic. It doesn't matter what it is that you want. It's about how you asked for it. Coming in and saying "I'm not looking for this because it's dumb shit" is obviously insulting and you're actually retarded if you think people won't react to that. Maybe instead of getting manga artists to spoonfeed you their knowledge you should learn some social skills. It will help if you ever get big.

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Damn you're one angry butthurt weab faggot, i say one little thing and you lose your mind. Maybe draw more than just pointy chins and giant alien eyes and you wont get so mad at a dirty icky internet word and the "fuck" curse.

Bitch dont project your fucking tracing habits on me, i dont need to be spoonfed shit, i was just asking if anyone knew of good study material because study is an important aspect of learning and development of skill.

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Thank you anon.

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>Maybe do more than just copy anime drawings if it gets you this mad.
>Maybe draw more than just pointy chins and giant alien eyes
>dont project your fucking tracing habits
It's pretty obvious that you're the one projecting, anon.

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No i'm just theorizing why you'd be sperging out so hard because i said "weabshit" and considering you're still sperging out, i think im on the money.

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Nah, you wouldn't know why those are bad habits until you've done it before. That's what projecting means. It's okay anon, you can improve. Make sure you work on your social skills too though, I wasn't joking about that.

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>you wouldn't know why those are bad habits until you've done it before
What fucking retard logic is this?

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You don't learn unless you make mistakes, dumbass. On second thought, I take that back. I don't think you can improve.

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I dont need to trace to know how tracing can be a bad habit you fucking moron. Jesus you weabs are fucking stupid. If i knew saying weabshit was going to make you retards this mad i would have said it 6 or 7 more times.

>You don't learn unless you make mistakes,
Who told you this? Are you retarded?

You can learn through observation and criticial analysis, not just by forced brick trial and error. In fact, learning through only forced trial and error is never really going to get you anywhere unless you have observational critical analysis skills. Legitimately what are you even talking about.

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I don't think you know what making mistakes means.
>observation and criticial analysis
Just because you look at something and say it makes sense doesn't mean you know how to do it. You still have to practice, dumbfuck. And that means going at it until you get it right.
>forced brick trial and error
Pretty sure this is supposed to mean making the same mistake over and over again? Yeah no shit that doesn't work.

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What are even arguing about at this point, weabfag.

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What? I literally just refuted your previous post.

I'm sorry but I can't deal with responding to sub-80IQ retards anymore. Goodbye.

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>Bitchy boo boo bung unga unga bunga me am weab faggot mad he said the weab word me cry boo hoo cry cry bo unga unga

Maybe dont sperg the fuck out next time someone uses a naughty word, champ.

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Nobody cares!

Someone tell me the name Toriyama's book already?

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Hetappi Manga Kenkyujo

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Hetappi Manga Kenkyūjo i think it is, from a quick google search.

I tried looking for it before in english when i first tried finding some manga study but couldnt find any.

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just read Otomo manga and realize you'll never be as good as him.

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Awesome, I'll see if I can find it in local bookstores.

>> No.4012704

Actually, nvm. It's up on Amazon for 10$


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Hirohiko Araki has a book about his experience as mangaka.

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga

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This is some next level retardation.

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Thank OP for not belonging.

>> No.4012818 [DELETED] 

Belonging to what? What does a google search matter?

Is this what this board is normally like? A few helpful people amidst a sea of retards sperging the fuck out for no reason?

>> No.4012823 [DELETED] 

Oh, you ARE still OP. Thought you had gone away, stop lying on the Internet.

Again with dumb questions and free >>4012807 insults to earn some replies. Getting old, pal.

>Is this what this board is normally like?
See? You don't even know /ic/, what makes you confused about me saying you don't belong?

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You're just a bunch of faggots on an anonymous yaksin sewing board dont give me this cringey "muh secret club" shit, you giant fucking loser.

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remember that you are part of the sea

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Not this sea. Everything everyone says about this board is true, just a bunch of fuckin faggots.

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talk shit get hit

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Talk what fucking shit you god damn weaboo faggot?

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Who let Jung on 4chan?

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>Damn you faggots sure are aggressively defensive if i say "weabshit" on this board
Well it is a Japanese influenced board with a very set culture, maybe Kiwi Farms is more to your liking.

>> No.4012914 [DELETED] 

Maybe stop being such an uptight little bitch who gets pissy when someone says "weabshit".

Why the fuck would i go to kiwi farms?

>> No.4012916 [DELETED] 

Cause their culture is on par with your edginess

>> No.4012917 [DELETED] 

What edginess? Legitimately what the fuck ae you talking about, how is "weabshit" edgy?

You take this "chan culture" bullshit too seriously. Leave your house once in awhile.

>> No.4012923 [DELETED] 

Every website has its own set culture, it's just sociology

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God you sound like a giant loser. Legitimately just awful. Listen to yourself.

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No u

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What book is this? I've been searching up and down for it but can't find shit. Pls spoonfeed

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Araki's book is garbage when it comes to learning the methods and techniques of actually crafting manga; please step recommending his self help nonsense.

>> No.4012943

Rules are the same as regular comics.

>> No.4012946

Okay. That has nothing to do with what i asked about.

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>what is good for manga
>the same as for any other comics
you will never achieve anything with that attitude, especially not a comic page

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No you illiterate moron i asked if theres any good books on manga creation because guess what you fucking retard, different people have different techniques and perspectives on these concepts that would give good insight.

Christ you're stupid. I KNOW what goes into a comic book, but what i WANT to know is how other people think when they do that, because fucking Watchmen isnt the same as One Punch Man unless you're cripplingly retarded.

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Also what the fuck is this shit? Yes of course i want the answer i expect when i ask a specific question.

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>Its no good. Its bunch of portfolio pieces and paragraphs of bullshit with no real technique or theory.
What the fuck are you talking about, it clearly shows you the why and how of every picture. It's one of the easiest to understand books on composition available.

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Ah. There are no books that explain flow that I know of. Your best bet is to read a bunch of good manga and try analyzing how paneling work.

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File: 237 KB, 800x1152, u2vdz2bcbtwK7hmBR9qlf3APNHKg6eFUOTd_R2YSL8bMEuj9XuopZ0RF4yxIs3opZTnyuXRLzD28W1UM7oPI7gAFUBT_wcbWiFk7TzGsZ2imxZXNrVI2TweO[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strip panel naked on youtube has some quality vids on this stuff. Sarah Horrocks post about how Hiroaki Samura does fights is also breddy gud.

>> No.4013129

Hes an overly pretentious cunt.
Just read Will Eisners books on storytelling and narrative, You can see ideas and tools he mentions being used in manga like Witchhat Atelier.

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PanelxPanel is nice tho

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Literally just copy other manga and pick up the techniques from what you see. That's how the pros learned in Japan.

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