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>try this on the folks

Oh Loomis, your cynical humor brings me to tears.

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I'm in this part! have been practicing for a month and half, I draw every single character he does, but I don't "copy", I interpret them in my way.
Last one I did that I'm really pride of. Now I'm currently struggling to get this circles/blocky thing

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I have never seen someone make these "folks" look good or even slightly appealing.
Maybe because Loomis tried to push stylization while teaching construction instead of doing it with a more neutral style. People (beginners, mostly) end up copying his style and ignoring the construcion lines/circles.

I think it [the fact that construction can be applied to sylized faces etc] could be added later in the book, but doing it right at the beginning is just a bad idea imho.

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>signature on practice sketch

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