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Sure I could spend a lot of money trying to get her just to get a png image of her and only being able to fight some shitty npcs.

... or I could learn to draw her and have her have adventures, have her in funny comics, or have her have epic fights with enemies that aren't in this shitty phone game and dress her any way I want without having to pay for alts

Why spend money in a gatcha's png image of a waif when you can truly "own" her by drawing her?

Gatchas taught me that we as artist have more a lot more power to be creative. And it inspired me to git gud and draw more.

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Post your waifu drawings

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The fact an app designed to milk you of your time and money through exploitation of addictive tendencies lead you to make this post I give it til you encounter you very first road block before you quit.
Have fun with your game.

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Those are some extreme cope levels. Learn to draw if you'd like it, but it's not the same at all. You could have just saved her images from google and say she's yours but that's not how it works, the appeal of gacha is overcoming the rng and pulling your waifu out of a lottery and this won't fill that void.

But it's pretty fun once you make something decent and maybe you become a Pixiv artist and stop caring about gacha games

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Nah some asshole will draw her too to wave dick

I already draw jackass.

Projection is real here. Gatchas are huge time and money sinks. They don't fill "any void"

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