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Ancestor of Loomis

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>artist in 1500s
>high iq, educated in maths and science

>artist now
>lol i cant do no maths so ill just be "creative"

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have IQ of 160 and be very GAY! he liked his men young!

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he made a time machine to get a loomis book

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Idk just have talent and dissect corpses and shit lmao just draw bruh

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Renaissance Christianity.

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The reverse is also true.

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>ended up not being creative and having no technique

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how to gain 25 IQ points and turn very gay?

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>lol i cant do no maths so ill just be "creative"

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I doubt if DaVinci was anything like the Medici he rode in on.... He seems to have much more in common with Newton and others.

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How did they do it?

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this is like all those people who say they religious but break everything their religion stands for, these fuckers were smart and played society like dumb bitches

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>I know literally nothing of the men pictured, but project my own retarded atheist fantasies onto them
I see

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Keep seething fedorafag.

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Lobotomize your left brain

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Lived in a time that 1) was without a number of, if not msot, of the distractions we have in the modern day and 2) was born in an economic position at a time in which it was reasonable to make a very wealthy living by being an artists/scientist.

So basically he was someone with every incentive to, and all the time for, becoming good at art without also having any number of the distractions of the modern era. Da Vinci didn't have to waste time making dinner or washing his sheets.

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>be anti-religion
>conflate the church with the individuals
>wonder why nobody takes you seriously

>be pro-religion
>conflate the church with the individuals
>wonder why nobody takes you seriously

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>The body is a unit, though it is comprised of many parts. And although its parts are many, they all form one body. So it is with Christ.

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I bet you’ve tweeted at least three variants of “Republicans are pro-life until you’re out of the womb”

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The thing is that all those masters were in a time where paper was not as available as it is today and certainly not as cheap so even though some of them were sponsored they still must have had much less available paper (and other materials as well) to practice but still got better results much faster. They also did not have as much resources as we do today and still got from being ngmi to a level not a single one of us will achieve in our lifetimes in, again, a much shorter time. How come? What is the secret?

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Well I'm not trying to be on the same "level" as Da Vinci, but on the same as Kirchner and Matisse. It's something I really want to achieve during my lifetime and I know I can do it

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Apprenticeship and genius level IQ.

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they had more time because they trained to be artists as young apprentices throughout almost their whole life and no electric distractions.

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>They also did not have as much resources as we do today
They did actually. The vast majority of them became apprentices and worked under professional artists of their time from a young age. It was essentially their job to do the master's grunt work but also to be around art and soak in all this knowledge. They had the best resource of all, a knowledgeable mentor who would teach them everything they needed to know and critique their work to steer them in the right direction. The over abundance of resources is also kind of a hit or miss imo. The vast majority of them aren't helpful at all and you can tell the artist just wanted to make a few bucks so they made a "tutorial" or "guide" when really it's just clutter. Even some of the stuff on schoolism doesn't really teach you anything up to a high level. Getting an education like the old masters did is essentially impossible since no one has the time or patience to mentor inexperienced artists and even if they did they most likely couldn't afford to feed or house someone like that.

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Da Vinci is overrated, his art is mediocre at best, he's famous for being a jack of all trades, he was more scientist than artist

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You do realize the way we look at religion today isn't the same way it was viewed 400 years ago right?
The entire world has changed, numerous times since then, you're retarded if you think that.

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Both practice thorough observation and material manipulation.

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also there were few alternatives to being an artist, so if you lucked out and an apprenticeship at a master, you were less likely to give up someday down the path, and in turn that mean the master spend more time investing in you by teaching what he knows, because he knew you wouldnt leave because had nowhere to go

its hard to give somebody the time of the day, which you could be drawing instead, if they did not prove first they are already committed to drawing the rest of their life

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hard work and dedication

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Galileo had to negate his theory about the sun been the center of the system

This pic is bullshit

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Leonardo is a hack that can't finish anything

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Why don't we just take their DNA and mass clone them?

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Other way around.

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>coping le intellectual math kid who can only draw tumblr nu-art

math has nothing to do with art you absolute brainlet, as can be seen by countless actual pro illustrators. You're putting architecture and conceptual drawing (which are both heavily relying on strict measurements, 1:1 reference, or cutting corners) into the same category as art, which is bound by no rules or limitations.

One could argue that the only thing that sets the skill ceiling in art, is the amount of expertise and the difference in perception between artists, be it inept or by continuously crushing your limits in pursuit of deeper stimuli aka experience. The concept of creativity doesn't fall under the chains of logic nor reason thus those who rely on them are the least favorable to become actual artists, you boring boring individual.

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>a wagie that did portraits
>most artwork in oil like a true faggot
>glorified engineer
>most ”findings” pseudoscientific garbage
>sucked off the king of france

>focused in the chad arts of sculpting and frescos
>didn’t do portraits
>called oil painting ”womanly”
>refused to work for even the pope
>reluctantly created the greatest works of art in history
>painted his critics into hell

Chad Michelangelo vs. cuck Leonardo

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He had an IQ of 220+, champ. Good luck topping that.

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and yet his failures are far better than your successes

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I don't think so tim

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michaelangelo was boring af at least davinci had all the mysterious queer looking dude ladys which are fashionable today

and the mona lisa looks different whether you look at it directly or not which is literally brain magic

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check this out thye have chinese kids making repros for like 1-3k


would this be hard to get into lol?

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you're wrong, shutup

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>scenes like the creation and the final judgment are boring compared to gay portraits of ladybois

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>virgin bad
>Chad good
I hate this damn meme you fuckers have been misusing for fucking ever and i'll be damned if I let you ngmi fucks shit on ma boi

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it's the same way classical music is boring but technically impressive

art needs the "it factor" to be interesting... those lady bois are unique and capture something magical that not even the best AI could

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so how exactly does this optical illusion work?

her smirk changes depending on whether you are focusing on the eyes or the mouth.. almost like shes teasing you or someting

it's like he captured her smile right in the transition phase between two mouth positions so your brain tries to pic one and it goes back and forth?

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Maybe you're just hella gay dude.

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maybe youre trying too hard to be straight because youre clutching onto your fragile identity to protect your vulnerable compensating ego?`

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No Im extremely gay just not for men.

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