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how come the old masters never did anything like this, it would have been a gold mine for art historians to dissect their minds and how they approached art in general

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>dislikes modern slang
>"YASS *-*"

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how autistic/narcissistic do i need to be to create a "meet the artist"?

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Because people had much less exposure to media and it was their career. If somebody saw an embarrassing sketch, that might be all they saw from that artist and it'd tarnish their reputation.

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Art supplies was crazy expensive back then. Not just anyone afford to draw. And then no one really did give a shot about the artist, they only care how the artist can draw for them.

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because they valued their skills, they weren't all desperate to be some weird character creators. Art existed to express the artists views, and to document historical events in a visual media. All the weird art shit we see now is a result of photography nullifying the need for artistic renditions of history.

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the fuck?

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>how come the old masters never did anything like this
Because they weren't total faggots. Yes that includes the ones that literally sucked dick.

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Late millenial + rich parents + CALARTS wannabe

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Because there was no internet or social media? Lmao do you think Van Gogh would fucking glue his “meet the artist” on his door or around town?

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old masters came before market advertising, faggot fashion consumerism, and social media.

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- They wrote autobiographies, like Benvenuto Cellini, the worldfamous sculptor and goldsmith. He was also a bit of a naughty boy.
- They wrote letters, like Vincent van Gogh.
- They are mentiond in both books and letters of others.
- Artists are, like so many, a product of their time and culture. Learn about history and you learn about them.

I do admit this would be a fucking hilarious meme.

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No but it would me hilarious if he did. It would be a great way to teach basic art history with these though
>meet the artist: Degas
>YASS: ballet, horse races, ukiyo-e, voyerism, brothels
>no thank you: his sculptures, drawing women with actual erotic appeal

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>how come the old masters never did anything like this
Because back then, being an artist was just another job to put bread on the table. They knew their skills and paintings where nothing but services and commodities available for the upper class, and treated them as such.
It wasn't until the 19th and 20th century that the job began to be romanticized as a set of wonderful and mysterious skills only a select few chosen ones could learn. Artists became rockstars, innovators, avant-garde, "special people" within a society, which is more or less the current perception people have towards artists.
Couple this with a modern culture that promotes narcissism and you get nobodies describing themselves as if they where special.

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>drawing women with actual erotic appeal

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This is such a moronic Tumblr thing to say, but this made me cry from laughter, holy shit.

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Because back then attention whoring was not a thing. You were not a special snowflake, just a cog in the machine.

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They weren't fucking retarded. YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS

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