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Where do you keep your art supplies?

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At work / in the junk drawer. I draw with shitty generic ballpoints and whatever paper is lying around. Occasionally I'll pull out a pilot g2 0.7mm for outlining if I really like a drawing.

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Are you in a mental ward?

I keep my art supplies at the foot/side of my bed and scattered around my room

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I like it. I know a woman who has a writing desk in her closet

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im my fat butthole lfmao got em

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>Where do you keep your art supplies?

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the depression nest on my bed.

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I've got a small plastic drawer under my drafting table where I keep the majority of my pencils, pens and brush pens. I've got a 0.7 mechanical pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a brush pen in my bag at all times. and a small cup of brushes near my desk as well. I like to keep myself organized and confined to my little corner.

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I bought plastic bins at Ikea to store my different supplies. One for pens, one for pencils, one for markers.

Shoulda done that years ago.

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