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>mfw there are people on this board who don't draw girls
>instead they draw naked guys, dragon dildos, white knights and other dumb shit
It's like you hate fun and sold your soul to corporates hahaha

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but drawing naked men IS soul to me, anon

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>dragon dildos
Do you work for Bad Dragon?

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I like naked men more than I like naked women so I'm plenty happy to draw them.

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Soul: Drawing cute lewd boys
Soulless: Drawing generic anime girls

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this is now a cute boy thread

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I can get on board with that

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It's not mine, but this is the artist:

Please, I need more cute boy inspo and I want to meet more cute boy artists. I want to have a serious artistic discussion on how to achieve peak cute boy aesthetics in drawings.

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I paint naked computers. Jummy
(but still get naked women)

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All of them are clearly men dumbass.

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"Cute boys" are a meme.
Where are my barafags at?

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>Male has tits
Drawing a girl and calling it a boy is inferior to actually appreciating the male form

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Abstolfo best Astolfo

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>the male form
Nobody likes a disgusting manbody, by design there's nothing pleasant about it with the hard square cut corners and abrasive forms unlike the feminine benis. Don't talk to us about appreciating form when you post distasteful manass.

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Man people like you just make me want to post bara.

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>with the hard square cut corners and abrasive forms

thats exactly the good part

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People like you just makes others prefer traps

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If you think I don't also like traps you're dead wrong. Also sexuality isn't going to be changed that easy.

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Agreed. I usually prefer slimmer guys myself, but you have to have that delicious masculine base.

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dumb mods, browser is not furry

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fuck off rapeanon
These threads bring out the worst degenerates.

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>not drawing all of this and more
actually ngmi

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>'I prefer slimmer guys' is rape
Man I thought of all people shitters on 4chan wouldn't make a rape accusation lightly

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That anon I replied to is a tranny who has a "reverse rape" fetish. He fantasizes about being a woman who 'breaks' a guy and makes him suffer, when in reality he'd get his tranny ass dilated to the next dimension.

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Why do you care so much about what other people do?

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OP here.
I just have a lot of femdom in my folder. I think I nabbed some from that thread where people were posting about reverse rape so maybe you're confusing me with them. I just want to post about aesthetically appealing men with other artist anons.
Have a handsome boy in a romantic situation, if that will change your mind about me.

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>>the male form
>Nobody likes a disgusting manbody, by design there's nothing pleasant about it with the hard square cut corners and abrasive forms unlike the feminine benis
bruh do you only draw using the circle tool or some shit literally every design and figure drawing book out there mentions how curves and edges make the figure more appealing to the eye and energetic, when i see "draw a girl call it a boy" i just see a shitty moeblob with no actual sexual features besides the penis and being """cute""" in a retarded baby way

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My mistake. I just had a visceral reaction to that image, you seem pretty cool. Pardon my autism.

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dude pretty girl haha
If you only draw people you want to fuck or want to be you're creatively bankrupt.

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Real creativity is constantly drawing people you want to fuck, but still making it look fresh and new everytime.

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>he enjoys sucking other men dry

phew you do you lol

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thats hot
post more
femdom is fine too if the guy is cute

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I love drawing cute lewd girls! The thought of other men getting horny and masturbating to my work gets me hornier too. Sometimes they pay me to draw their fantasies!

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>hurr all erotic art has to be cheap porn
you have no clue about art

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Anime girls are soulless but cute boys are full of soul

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I don't find drawing girls fun, though.

Which is why I paint landscapes and horses, and taxidermy animals.

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